Little Reminders

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How far is too far, for love?

Submitted: January 15, 2008

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Submitted: January 15, 2008



Outside the small cabin, snow was falling at a rate of five inches per an hour, creating a blizzard effect that was taking over the entire atmosphere. One of two women, sits on the couch with her knees hugged to her chest, blonde hair shielding most of her face from view as she looks out the window. Her shoulders are drawn together, as she hugs herself to keep warm. The other, a brunette stands in the small kitchen, also looking out the window, but with a look of peace rather than anxiousness. Finally, the blonde removes her arms from around her legs, and stands, her gaze averted dangerously towards the kitchen. “Nicole?” Her voice asks in an almost pleading manner.

“What?” The response comes almost immediately, and her body emerges from the kitchen, into the small living room. Green eyes of the blonde lift from the wall she’d been burning a hole into, to meet the other’s eyes. “What are we doing?” She asks carefully, before taking a couple careful steps towards the other. Her thick, cream colored boots squeak against the darkly stained wooden floors, before the other shakes her head harshly. “Don’t start, Lauren.” She says darkly, before a dark shadow crosses her eyes, one that plummets them both into a rather bad mood.

Red, orange and yellow dances on the walls, as the fire engulfed wood behind them snaps and pops in the fire place, the hiss of the fire warming them, until Lauren couldn’t stand it anymore. “I love you, you know.” Nicole makes no movement, no hints that she heard the tall blonde. “You’re barely an adult.” She finally whispers, barely loud enough for the other to hear. “You couldn’t have cared too much, you’re here; We’re here, aren’t we?” - Immediately Nicole looks up, and after brushing her hair back to put it behind her ears, steps forward to place her arms onto Lauren’s shoulders. “I am, we are.. But we don’t know each other, not really.”

Anger, and torment rises to Lauren’s olive green eyes instantly, before shrugging harshly out of Nicole’s grip with a grunt. Towards the door she walks, before grabbing her jean jacket and leaving. Obviously, the coat is just too cold to wear on a night like that. “Leave then, see if I care.” Nicole mutters darkly under her breath, just before the bang of the door and the rattle of the windows.

Out in the dark navy blue of the snow, and the pitch black of the sky and tree’s, the young adult walks, until her jeans are soaked through to her skin, her boots are filled with snow and ice, and her nerve ending can barely transmit a signal back to her brain. The deathly chill begins to set in after almost two hours of steady walking,, and her footprints are filling up fast. A stumble, a fall and a low moan of obvious pain emerges from the darkness as she tumbles down an embankment, before coming to a stop with the aid of a large pine tree. “Damn.” She mutters bitterly, as the slow, easy pain of a heavy bruise nestles it’s way between two of her ribs.

Just as the harsh blackness of hypothermia begins to set in, she slowly feels an upwards pull on her body, and slides into a dreamless sleep.

Many hours later, on a cold couch, the green eyed girl finds herself awakening. “Nic?” She asks, before attempting to sit up - but the pain in her side won’t let her. “Hm?” A voice comes eventually, and she realizes that there’s somebody on the other side of her, the back of the couch. “I was in the snow-“ - “I know.” Nicole cuts in quietly, before pulling her close. “How?” - “I left about three minutes after you did, but you couldn’t hear me, and when you fell.. I thought you were dead.” Quiet tears run down both of their cheeks, as Lauren zips her jacket up closer to her chin. “I love you, Laur’.”

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