Surprises Everywhere

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An ant tries to destroy the world and searches for weapons to do so, but will it succeed? Let's find out

Submitted: January 05, 2015

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Submitted: January 05, 2015



Surprises Everywhere !
By Abboudiegood

~~Once upon a time there was a huge ant and it was called Jawwal the ant.
Jawwal very badly wanted to destroy the world. He wanted permission first, of course. So he decided to ask his mother. He said, "Mom, could you please let me destroy the world just once in my life? I will always tidy my room every morning."

His mom said, "Ok, but don't be late you must come back before midnight or else I will tell the teachers at your school to put zeros everywhere instead of the ones and twos that you get in reality."

Of course, jawwal didn't care that much about his marks, so he went to the supermarket and asked "Do you have any bombs in here, or hand grenades, or a bazooka?"

The shop assistant was cleaning and responded weirdly, "I have some in my house but there is nothing other than food in this supermarket."

Jawwal didn't even think about why he would have those things in his room he just wanted the bazooka, so he followed the weird shop assistant to his very clean house!

It was very bright in there. They wore special glasses and entered. There was a huge lcd tv and gold medals everywhere (some of them were for the strongest man in the world, some others were about his very powerful abilities to use weapons and explosives and the last 4 medals were for his unbelievable acting skills). Jawwal was very surprised that a man like him works in the supermarket as a cleaning man. Then again, he just wanted to destroy the world... this ant wanted to destroy the world and the very kind man wanted to give the ant his wish. So he gave him the chemical 3000, the explosion sprayer 15000 and some junk that the man didn't want like a ray gun and a thunder gun. Jawwal was very happy, he was crying and about to die from happiness. The man quickly helped him with the "oxygen is healthy" liquid and jawwal woke up, took his guns and put them in his giant helicopter with an automatic driver called Henry. He sprayed his guns everywhere, he was the most evil ant in his entire family history. The man knew that this would happen. He took off his clothes and transformed into his real self, his name written on his forehead,  "Joude Abo Khamis- The Husband of Badi3a".

He jumped outside his house, through the window and flew. He wanted to kill the beast. Jawwal saw him coming and was preparing to test the chemical 3000 on him and he shot his first shot but Joude simply breathed in the chemicals. They made him stronger. Jawwal took his shot using the explosion sprayer on him. He shot like fifty shots but fortunately, Joude had explosive protection skin. Jawwal was very angry he took a normal knife and jumped outside the plane and said, "Goucha!" and the knife entered the body of Joude. It was his only fear.Joude was almost dead when Jawwal remembered how Joude helped with the oxygen -he felt bad because he couldn't help.

He said, "Goodbye world!" He stabbed himself right it the heart and held Joude's hand and they died together and everyone cried even the clouds!! Jawwal's mother was very upset, not because he died; but because she couldn't punish him before he died. Jawwal's dad no longer pays tons of money. That's why everyone cried but his dad. He lived happily ever after...


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