friends or no friends?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is written in form of a poem...yet these are thoughts on friendships in the world right people differ and how sometimes we think our friends have our backs and in actual fact we end up being wrong....

I have my friends and need no more,
Yet it surprises me how my friends act so strange,
They think that they don’t hurt me in any way
But it hurts inside as bad as if someone punched me.
The things they say – the things they do,
Just leaves you there with no clue,
How to act and what to say?
The worst is that they want something back from me
A present, a gesture, a “hello”, they want me to be
There, for them when they are upset and when they are happy
They only come to share happiness and some take every opportunity to put you down
And then they leave you, and all you have left is a heavy frown.
When I am upset and need a friend,
It turns out that I have no one to go to,
And then I end up doing the thing I am best at
Go around and smile, hiding all my sorrow.
And some can see it in my eyes but they walk passed
Others walk by and don’t even care.
How can we survive in the world where everyone just cares about himself or herself?
How can we live in the place where friendship doesn’t exist?
It hurts so bad, and breaks my heart,
But no one cares and only on the paper can I express my feelings,
The paper can take no matter what I say
It won’t be jealous nor will it put me down.
How sad it is that people have to find an alternative to friends?
In the world full of people, you’d think there is someone like you who understands you
Yet here I am writing about this, because no one will listen to me…
And only paper and pen are always, always here for me….

Submitted: April 25, 2010

© Copyright 2021 rinas. All rights reserved.

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