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Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012




Dear Karina,


Hope this letter finds you well.


I am writing to you, because I believe this is in my interest too, that you are aware of a certain couple of things that you deny and do not see very clearly. Sometimes, most of the times, you think that you are not good enough of a friend, daughter and simply a person. The thing is that there is no certain definition of being good enough and people who do not see your friendliness and try and shape you into their idea of “a good friend” are perhaps not the right people to be around. Sometimes as well, people take you for granted and once you leave their lives they realize what happened and as a self defense they blame the whole situation on you. Truly this is sad if this is really true in more than one case. As my advice to you, be more confident and sure of your own actions. At the end of the day any decision or action you make for yourself or others is the right one - because there is no other way to know if you are wrong or right unless you undertake any action.


This leads me to one other thing that you constantly too which holds you back on many things. Truth be told, you are scared of making any mistakes and sometimes taking the risks. Oh, I can imagine what you are saying right now whilst reading this line. You are probably rolling your eyes and saying that it is always easier to give someone an advice than actually do it. You are right advising people is easier, but you also should take a moment to yourself and listen to the advice. Experience tells that there is truth in every advice being given.


Make it clear for yourself that you are beautiful and deserve to be happy. You keep denying that fact and keep referring to yourself as a “working robot with no feelings” - which we both know is not true. You more than anyone have feelings and emotions and since we are having an honest conversation, you should know that these feelings have to be shown. There is someone out there for you but they will never be able to get to your heart through that defensive wall you have built in years. Believe in yourself and believe in happiness that you deserve - things will change for you as soon as you accept your beauty and accept the fact that it is absolutely normal to have feelings, fall in love and let someone in. They might be a stranger at first but open your mind and let them in - they may become a dear friend and maybe even more in the future. There is nothing better in life than having good friends around you.


Friendship, however, is a relative subject and is seen and interpreted differently by people. 


As for the professional advice or thoughts, you do not any. Your head is clear and you know exactly what you want so just go for it and get it! God, I wish you were as good in personal life as you are in your professional one.


I hope you take this letter in consideration and won’t tear it up at your first opportunity. Think of what has been mentioned and just be yourself, remember every one else is already taken.


Take Care,


Lots of Love,





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