The Kingdom Deer

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The Lizard-men was in war with the kingdom Deer and as the stronger ones Deer fell under the Lizard-mens rule. The humans freedom had been sighed by the Lizard-men but there were still One more hope. A legendary man, known as the chosen, was said to live at the peek of the peak of the mountain Derkukin.
A young woman, Lan, from the family Geroth who bore the legend. Went out to climb the mountain to ask the chosen for help to free the kingdom Deer from the grip of the Lizard-men.

Submitted: December 13, 2010

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Submitted: December 13, 2010



In the small human kingdom Deer a war raged through against the invading Lizard men. The war was brutal but short. The outcome was obvious, the humans lost utterly. Changes flowed through the kingdom. In compare to the lizard men the human had the same value as sand, just something that could be killed by fun without any effects, just something that drove in money and riches, just mindless slaves. But there was still one small town that still was unaware of that a war had raged, unaware of the changes that was brought by it. A small town which was living isolated from the rest of the kingdom, hidden in the deep forest at the foot of the great mountain Derkukin. The town’s name was Der Thert. It was a small town with barley one hundred citizen. It is in this town that the young woman that made the wheel of fate spin lived. She was a part of the family the most famous and richest family of the town, the family Geroth. Within the Geroth family, a legend was passed on own the generations, the legend about the one that were chosen that lives in the great forest of life that grew at the Derkukin’s peak. It was said that the one that were chosen hold a strength greater than any other, techniques that no human eyes had been able to catch and the possibility of mastering any holy, cursed, magical or living weapon that exist or were to exist. It was this legend that the young woman from Geroth, Lan, turned all of her faith to as what they were unaware of finally reached them. They entered the small town as a storm that left several citizens with great wound and unbearable pain. With the devil’s or god’s luck, the Geroth family succeeded to make a contract with the Lizard men without a single death occurring. The deal were that if the town could give something with a value beyond gold or a weapon that would loss to no other within two weeks, the town would be left untouched. The Geroth family thought for three days in a way to get something greater than gold or a weapon like no other but no solution were found. They gave up upon hope and begun to wait until the promised day, the day that the village would disappear. Lan, who hadn’t given up and turned to the legend, packed on the fourth day for the journey up Derkukin and the great forest of life. Many had tried to reach the peak of Derkukin through time but no one succeeded and ended up back in the small town which they could never leave again. On the fifth day she left the town and started to climb the mountain. The journey bore her over fierce rivers that could tear a great bear apart, over ravines witch the bottom the eye could not see, through caves that were like labyrinths. Three days had passed since she parted from the town. She had lost everything she had brought with her after she barely escaped a fierce red eyed bear. Traveled through the woods for hours while hunger and her energy left her little by little the evening finally arrived. Her eyes sighted smoke in the red evening sky and quickly she thought through the forest and reached a small glade. In the middle of the green glade a small wooden cabin stood and smoke come up from its stone chimney. The one that were chosen, which were a old boy that were just a few years away from adulthood, opened the door as respond to the woman’s gentle knocks. He praised the woman for reaching his home and offered her to stay in his cabin but he turned down the asking for help. The days passed and every day the woman asked and the boy turned down every time. The woman lost track of the flow of time and suddenly it was the day before the promised day. It was still early and the one that were chosen was asleep. She took the clear blue amulet that the one that were chosen was wearing at the left side of the chest. A great power flowed into her and she rushed down the mountain with a speed greater than any human. Jumped down high cliffs, over great rivers and out ran wild animals. As the night fell the woman had already reached the small town and made herself comfortable in her soft bed. The morning of the promised day rose and the lizard men arrived. Drowned in the taste of the inhuman powers she had achieved, she stood up against the lizard men but was quickly taken down after breaking a crocodile jaw of a lizard man. Even after the uproar the deal wasn’t broken but a small changed applied. As a extra beside the amulet the young woman would follow to the palace and be the king’s personal wine server. The lizard man king was sitting on the great stone throne in the throne room. Along the great carpet lizard men soldiers were standing. The young woman was standing at the bottom of the starts that leaded up to the throne’s right side. Chains between arms and legs and clothed in a white simple dress. The king was screaming and laughing loudly. The right hand man was standing by his side and gave the king disgusting looks time to time. Without a sound or percents a messenger come up to the right hand man and told him something with haste in a fearful tune. The right hand man kicked the messenger after saying something with a hateful voice and the messenger was gone. The king had grown quiet and looked at the right hand man with a asking look the was received by a head shaking. The king broke out in a laugh the echoed through the room. The door was thrown open and the laughter completely lost to the sound of the door. In the door opening the one that were chosen stood with red eyes of anger. “Give it back. Give me my amulet now” He shouted in anger. The king stayed quiet for a second before breaking out in laughter again. “I don’t know how you come in here but I won’t give this beauty back” The king said and looked on the amulet with his thin black pupils and threw out with his hand. The soldiers rushed towards the one that were chosen with weapon and fangs ready. The one that were chosen, ripped apart jaws with his hand, his fist broke everything in the way and grips that made skulls easily shatter and the young woman could not see any of the movements. The king pierced his eyes of anger onto the boy, his hands griped the armrests and the claws cracked the stone and the tail flew in fierce through the air and shattered the throne’s back into stone pieces. Every lizard solider was lying in the sea of blood on the floor and the one that were chosen hadn’t got a single drop on him. The king stood up and jumped out into the air and prepared a punch. The one that were chosen catches the punch with his right hand and glide backwards by the force and jumped backwards while he swung his right arm. The king smirked and engaged the one that were chosen with a storm of punches. Every punch was blocked and a shockwave that cracked everything in their wave flew out at the clashes. The woman stood at the same place paralyzed with fear as everything cracked around her except a small area around her and behind her, like if a shield was protecting her. The storm of punches started to die down and grew visible for the woman’s eyes and the king jumped backwards breathing heavily. He took forth the amulet with a smirk on his face and placed it on the left side of his chest. The clear blue stone turned blood red at once and the king’s muscles started to grow. He bends forward while shaking uncontrollable. In a heart breaking roar the king stretched on him. His pupils had grown large with the look of drowning in power. Without a warning the king rushed forward and hit the one that were chosen in the stomach and send him flying into the stone wall, which gave in. The king once again broke out in laughter and turned around towards the throne completely drowned in the great sea of power that flowed into him. The king stopped stiffly as he heard rubble move and turned slowly around. The one that were chosen stood up in the stone ruble. Something moved under the skin of the broken right shoulder and with a few cracking sounds the shoulder was back to normal. Blood had started to flow down the eyes. The king blinked and the one that were chosen were gone from his sight and the next thing he knew was a hand piercing his chest and heart and grabbed the amulet. The one that were chosen pulled out his arm and pressed the blood red stone so it turned clear blue again and placed it over his left chest. The red eyes turned back to normal and all of the anger disappeared. He started to walk towards the young woman and pulled out a hair pin from her hair witch surprised the woman since she had no memory of anyone put it in her hair. “Now let’s go back” Said the one that were chosen and grabbed her hand and started towards the open door. This may be the end of the young woman’s story but this is just the first steppingstone of the great story of the one that were chosen.

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