The beauty of a miracle

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A boy writes a page on how the sun influences his life and what he thinks about it.....

Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012



A certain feeling arouses in me when I see the sundown. Let me say this, that in real I am not poetic, but this thing is natural to me, I guess. With the light reddish color spreading in the sky, signifying the time for the migrating birds to return home, the beautiful sun sets upon the horizon of the ocean- gradually and serenely, as if the dark blue line marks the end of the vast earth. Night is on its way- which is yet to bring all the horror and eerie memories and sometimes, an imaginary dream based on our desires and the things we love to cherish.

A certain part of me feels that our life is just like the dawn and dusk. Everyday there is a new commencement, new hope and also a conclusion of some of our false belief. Let he sunrise fetch all the joy to me and take away all the evil when it goes away!

I wonder sometimes, how must be the world of the sun, below the water. He must be dead, or does he lose his fire? Or does he entertain the aquatic beauties? The creatures must be considering it as a stage light, shining upon them, so that they can dance along. The night is pretty enjoyable to them

What a God’s creation, isn’t it? They live in water. We survive on land. The idea sometimes occurs to my mind, which world is better- theirs or ours? Of course, we have two legs to walk, two strong hands to work, two eyes to observe, and a mouth to speak- all the requirements for living on the land.

And what do the fishes have? Two eyes, two fins to breathe, and probably a colorful body. They just don’t have the feature to speak or to work. Undoubtedly, they will lose pathetically in the most unusual battle against humans and fishes.

Life after sunset is boring to me. A night just hides away all the natural beauties. It takes away every color that we see. The water, the trees, and the flowers- every object appears to be nothing but black. I don’t term it as scenery. The only thing that is displaying minimum light above, as the stopper of the dark- The moon. To me the sun is more qualified than the later; no matter they are on the same side of a job.

My mother once said, that the sun is the symbol of being utmost confident and expressive. I feel this, the time when the rays hits my face, and then slowly crawling over my body, I feel like bathing in fine gold.

I think the worst fear of the night is the night itself. That’s why we got to stay under artificial light. Light is just like an oxygen to me, or maybe to all of us, if we carefully think about it.

Remember the lines -

‘’The sun at bay with splendid thrusts still keeps the sullen fold;
And momently at distance sets, as a cupola of gold’’

I think I have to rush now. The sun is about to set again. I never miss this miracle. I shall wait for tomorrow to arrive. I shall await for the new beginning in my life. Till then, au revoir.



He closes his diary and leaves away.......

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