Soon to be the King

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Kings son is scared to be the heir.Oneday he changes his attitude completely. Now how was that possible? Read to find out !!

Submitted: February 23, 2011

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Submitted: February 23, 2011




Once upon a time there lived a prince named Charlie. He was 20 years old now so the king decides in marrying his son and making him the new King of Aftan. This news spread like a fire in a jungle. Soon the young girls were preparing to groom themselves and buy new dresses. Some going on a diet to become lean and attractive.

Charlie was flattered to see so many girls giving him glances whenever his horse rode through Aftan.

He started receiving gifts from all over the kingdom and alliances. Charlie was scraed, how could he take charge of the kingdom all by himself? This scare made him to reject offers from the people of Aftan.

The King truly disappointed and worried and took a very crucial step. He announced he and not the prince would choose the bride. There were rumors spread in Aftan. Some said the prince would remain under the command of his father and hence this was the first step taken by the King. Others thought king of low morale to dictate his son's life.

Charlie was aggressive, after listening to what the people of Aftan thought. Charlie said it was against his image. But on the other hand he had always been submissive to his father.He just could not say “No”. But the fire inside was strenthening.

The King gives Charlie three choices to select the brides that were shortlisted by the king. On Day One, The King arranges for a ball in the central hall.All the beautiful girls were there and it was like a perfect setup for Charlie. Charlie thought what a fool I had been to be thinking about my father in such a way, look he has got the most beautiful girls in the ball.

Charlie selects Mary. She danced very gracefully and was most beautiful of all the girls. Next the king organizes a program of sword fight. Charlie was amazed by seeing all the beautiful girls fight and yes ofcourse they were not as beautiful as the previous crowd but Charlie thought he would be saved by her .

The third slot was of girls who were both athletic and very beautyful. Chalie was most convinced and said to his father I will marry Rosie. He had instantly fallen in love with her.

The King organised a meeting of Rosie with the prince. Rosie rejected prince Charlie. She said she did her husband to bold and independent. She was not sure if the prince fit into this definition. Carlie was so hurt. First time he was facing rejection. He looked back at the thing his father used to say and he had always ignored them. He felt shame and promised himself to become a prince not to just live like a son of the King.

Charlie learns from his father.He becomes a good student. Finally he is a very suitable bridgegroom.The King again organises for a ball and many beautiful girls come but the prince's eyes are seeking for Rosie only. Then he thought she must have married a prince more sutible than I and tells his father that he would marry the girl whom the father selects.

On the wedding day when Charlie gets to see the face of the bride, Gosh!! he says Rosie !!.

Rosie said he liked him but did not want her husband to be a coward. Charlie , the prince says I promise to my soul that you would never have to worry about that again.

They lived happily ever after, well most of the times playing the parts of husband and wife.

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