The appalause - chapter 6

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learning is always quick, it just has to be understood .. a snippet of a typical classroom.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



As the teacher came into the 2nd standard, there was silence and utter discipline never observed before..Before stepping in through the door she had a quick observation of the room moving only her eyes and keeping the eyebrow high.Reassuring herself yes, she said  I can handle this.


We will study chapter 6 today “hand signs”. And now when we clap this shows we are appreciating the person for whom we clap. U must have people clap at the end of a dance show? That is called applause. Now tell me would you applause for anybody around you? If yes, tell us your story.


Miss one day a big snake was coming my way from behind my house, then my childhood friend akshay threw stones and made it run away, I want to applause for him. That’s a good story Jai .. come lets all clap for akshay ..


Anybody else .. come on .. its time to break the ice too,


Mam said vinay, we all want to applaud for you .. Oh that is so sweet vinay thank you.

So tell me vinay why did you applaud for me thank you , after all u taught us to applaud ..

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