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A blind lady seeks her happiness in her son. When the son goes to a far city to study, things change. Will she be able to ever tell her son how much she loves him.

Submitted: February 23, 2011

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Submitted: February 23, 2011




In a small hut near the banks of a river, lived an lady with her son. The lady was blind, but she has measured her small hut in her footsteps and so she could do most of the household work effortlessly.

Her son she named Samuel, was the most helping to his mother. He would do what she said and never cheated on her.

The lady managed the household through making toys out of clay. Samuel would help color them. She would go with her son to the market to sell the toys to traders who in turn sold them in the market.

The years gone by and Samuel grew into a well-build lad. Samuel had gone to school in the village with the money his mother could afford. The lad was a genius and became so popular that the principal suggested his name to a university. And to his surprise his application was selected.

The happy and joyful Samuel was running back home to tell his mother, that suddenly it strikes how would her mother survive without him, he got so worried. So when he went home he was thinking a lot and the lady could know that her son is worried about something as he had never been so silent.

Son, says the lady, I am very worried can I share it with you. Sure mom says the lad, you can talk to me about anything that bothers you. Well says the lady, I am worried about you, I don't know whats wrong today. The lad tells her his worry. The lady forces him to leave and join the university and me ha she says, I can stay alone and as I was staying before you came into my life. You were A ray of happiness to me so how could I deny the same for you?

Sam goes to study in a far city and meets new people. He sees the world for the first time and he gets conscious about his image. Nobody knows about his mother in college. He came across a very beautiful girl with whom he settles down for the rest of his life. Sam visits his mother but he has little time to devote. The lady is alone now and nobody to take care of her. The lad is not ready to return and she is now a liability to him.

The lady wishes everyday for the health and wealth of her son before going to bed each day. She prays his life be of no trouble and god give him strength to face the challenges of life. One fine day the lady as usual goes to the well behind the hut to draw some water. When she tastes the water it seems very polluted. She calls in the neighbour next door who have lived in the neighbour for a long time. It happens to be an oil bed. The lady becomes very rich.

The son in the far city never came to visit the lady, one day his stocks investment crashes and he is broke. He is so worried as he now had two children to look after to. When he is going back to home from office, he sees a old newspaper telling him about the oil well with the blind lady. He is shocked and immediately books a ticket for his hometown.

He reaches his house mid afternoon and the doors are shut, he calls for his mother but no response, finally the boy in the neighbour comes and tells that I am sorry for you as you have lost your mother, I love my mother and I can never leave her for anything in this world. I am so sorry.

Sam is so ashamed, he decides to go back without even sitting for a while. When he decides to leave the boy comes running to him, brother he says here take this your mother wanted you to have it.

When he opens the letter he bends down his knees and bows to thank his mother and to give her the apology and cries to express how much the love of his mother meant to him, now that he could understand.

Sam makes a lot of money with the oil well which his mother gave to him in her will and everyday before going to bed he remembers his mother and thanks her for everything that she has done despite the fact he was never there to support her.

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