All an Illusion

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A poem I wrote with a prompt

Submitted: April 09, 2012

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Submitted: April 09, 2012




The illusion of a tender heart
The lie of one who has fallen
Beating drums sound within the silence
Marking the beginning of the hunt
There are little girls 
Running about with mangy dogs,
Whose tongues loll out of their mouths
And drip with frothy blood
There are men,
Strong trees,
Growing quickly up,
Stretching to the sky,
They feast on raindrops of good memories 
And loud laughs over beer
The women here are cold
They become succubae in the night
Leeching love from men 
With long, pink proboscis, 
Sucking sweetness from dreams
The babies cry
Hungry and cold
Pulling at baby blue blankets, 
They scream at the top of their lungs
Mothers enter
And women flee
From the glass shattering cries
Of a little gift from heaven 
And alone I sit,
Pen and paper in hand
Recording the chaos,
Making it seem more
I am scared of the little girls,
The succubae, the tree men, the little gifts from heaven
But I stand my ground

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