Red Snow

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A woman loses hope when her husband leaves for the winter war.

Submitted: September 06, 2014

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Submitted: September 06, 2014



I looked at the dagger resting in my trembling hand. The scent of anticipation was hanging in the air, filling my lungs with doubt. I took a quick glance at the blood staining the white snow as I lifted the dandelion to my chest and quietly closed my eyes.

It all started a little less than a year ago, on a perfectly normal day in November. The snowy hills resounded with the laughter of children, dogs were barking and happy faces were to be seen at every corner. But in spite of all the genuine smiles and kindness, there was a bittersweet smell in the air.

I covered my face with my blue hands, trying to keep from crying. Not knowing whether I should scream at the top of my lungs or not.

It had snowed, that cold winter day when it all began. That cold winter day when the ice blue sky had turned red, that winter day when the fresh air had become so heavy to breathe.

"Do you really have to go?" my weak voice fought its way across the room. He just sipped the rest of his coffee and nodded into thin air. "What if you never..." I pulled myself together and took a deep breath. "Return. What if you never return."

He pointed his black eyes towards me and sneered, but I could still sense his uncertainty, I could see the nuance of fear behind those deep, dark eyes.

"I will be back when the next year's first dandelions begin to bloom." Antti grabbed his gun and I remained silent as I watched his silhouette leave the room.

I ran out in the dazzling snow with my bare feet. But he was gone. He had left without hesitation. Without fear. I fell down to the ground and wrapped my arms around my knees. If only the snow could melt. If only there could have been a tiny hint of spring.

"Haven't you heard?" Niina looked at me with a forced and strange expression. "The Russians are getting closer to the border, with more weapons and more soldiers. What we need is a miracle."

I looked at the dark red sky, and tried to breathe in the black and dusty air before I went inside. Holding onto the blanket, I crunched my body together and wiped the sweat off of my forehead with my trembling hands.

Even though months passed by, the snow stayed the same, the red sky remained unchanged.

Rocking in the chair, a sound pierced its way through my body. The sound reverberated in the soundless landscape and I grabbed a dagger as I moved towards the window. My heart beat faster and faster. My legs felt like jelly and my brain blacked out for a short period of time. Unable to cry, unable to grin, I ran as fast as I could out in the snow.

"Antti!" My voice vanished in the wind.

He smiled a forced and careful smile and moved slowly towards me.

My gaze froze at the red snow and I could feel my body aching more with every second. I could feel my head getting heavier with every breath. I looked into his eyes, but the hope they used to have was now swallowed by darkness beyond my wildest imagination.

"You're back" I whispered as I stretched out for him, but he stood still with his feet placed firmly in the snow. He panted for air as he took a stubborn step forward.

Passing me a dandelion he fell to the ground.

I took one last glance at the blood staining the white snow while lifting the dandelion to my chest. Looking at the white sky, I breathed in the fresh air before I fastened the grip around the dagger and closed my eyes.

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