Hibernation's End

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Wrote this a few years ago the first time I took my motorcycle for a ride that spring after a long, cold and lonely winter.

After many a moons the beast is unveiled.

As it awakens from its deep slumber,

she purrs with a low rumbling sound.

Like a growling timber wolf before an attack.

As I sit on her back chills run up my spine,

standing the hairs across my skin.

The beast shivers with anticipation beneath me.

I extend my arms slowly as i grab her mystical horns.

My grip becomes white knuckled as the beast roars to the likes of Thor's hammer.

Like a bolt of lightning were gone!

She carries me across the land faster and faster,

surges of energy creep through my arms and spread through my body.

Reaching my now racing heart last.

A sudden warmth rushes through me.

Every thing grows quite and all I hear is music,

A sweet soothing music growing louder in the back of my mind.

It is at this point of witch my soul has finally returned to me.

The beast and I have become one.

I awaken within myself stronger more fearless then ever.

I have become me once more.

Submitted: October 17, 2015

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Jason Crager

I like it. The Thor's Hammer reference, the tale of the beast. Truly captures the intimacy between man and his machine. Sadly, I fear that I will be having to put mine away for the season soon. She will be missed.

Sun, October 18th, 2015 3:24am

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