Things I Have Decided

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the things i have decided about life

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011



Things I have decided

1.I would rather be looked down on for liking myself rather than hating myself

2.I’m as awesome as I can be and that's enough for anyone

3.Damn straight I opened my mouth and told you my opinion, I will not sit around and just listen

4.The world is a crazy place for a reason, it keeps us on our toes and interested in living

5.That kid that no one likes will be the one who does something great in life while the rest of us are still worrying about who does/doesn't like us

6.That one boy/girl that doesn't like you back obviously isn't worth your time, so stop wasting it on them

7.There will always be tomorrow if you can push through another today

8.Anyone can get through one more day

9.Living life for anyone but yourself isn't living YOUR life

10.Things happen, and when they do you have nothing to do but turn them around and make the best of it

11.No one is perfect, others are just better at accepting their flaws

12.No one can make rules for life because everyone lives differently

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