Born From Dusk

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Florence Adams was born a genius, and also a skeptic. but when a tragic even befalls her family, she is left alone on the street to fend for herself. now, on the verge of death, she decides to give up living. that is, until, a mysterious woman comes along to help her! but what is this woman's true motives?

Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Submitted: September 30, 2011



Flo’s stomach started to growl fiercely. She’s already lost count of the days she’s gone without food. Flo has been staggering in between back alleys looking for shelter for the night, or better yet, food for now. “How long….has it been…” she struggled to get the words out. She found a dumpster against the wall and flipped the lid open. It was empty. “Damn” Flo cursed, and she continued to walk to the other end of the alleyway where the main street was. As she walked forward, every step was felt under her sole, as her shoes were worn down to a thin layer of rubber. They were the shoes she’s been wearing since the day she had to leave. Her staggering started to worsen with each step closer to the main street. “How long did they say it takes to die from starvation?” Flo questioned as she swayed into a nearby wall. She impacted it with great force, but her body was too numb for her to take notice. Flo leaned herself against the wall to steady herself, but her legs were too weak to support her, and she fell to the ground on her back. The world was spinning around her. “So I’m just gonna die in a back alley?” she said weakly. She attempted to move her limbs, but they didn’t respond. Flo let out a sigh and stared up at the gray sky partially obscured by her hair. A bird flew through the alleyway and back into the sky. If only it was that easy… She thought. I guess this really is it… least its peaceful….that’s all I wanted…. Flo closed her eyes and thought about everything that lead up to this moment. She let out a final sigh as she accepted her fate.

“Hey! Wake up!”

There was a strange feminine voice coming from above her. Flo opened one eye and looked above her. A woman with long hair tied into a bun was standing over her. “Wake up already! You can’t sleep on important guests, you know!” The woman put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot on the ground. “Who……Who are you?” Flo asked weakly. “Me? Well……..stand up and I’ll tell you!” the woman jumped over Flo and landed at her feet. Flo tried to move her arms again and they responded, despite not having any feeling in them. She set herself up on her elbows and got a better look at the woman. She was wearing an outfit similar to Jasmine’s from Aladdin, and her left hand had a devious looking metal claw covering it. “It’s really spoiling the fun, but if you MUST know. I am Seyer. I’m a Succubus. And I came here for you!” she said with a smile. Flo stared at her with disbelief. “What? Why exactly?” Seyer put her left hand up in front of her face and let her metal claw glisten in the twilight. “Why? Because I’m going to kill you soon!” Seyer said with a grin. Her teeth, Flo noticed, were exceptionally sharp, and the width of her grin was too wide to be human.

Flo sighed. “Great. I didn’t know that you hallucinate when you’re starving” She said sarcastically. She slid her elbows forward and let her upper body drop back to the ground. “Nyaaah? This isn’t fake! I’m really going to kill you!” “Oh really? Then why aren’t you killing me right now?” “What fun would that be? Besides, I never said WHEN I would kill you! Anyway, you might want to get up. You’re missing out on the food over there.” Seyer was pointing to the last trash can at the end of the alleyway. Flo looked at the trashcan and then looked back at Seyer. “Well? It’s not gonna be there forever!”

Skeptical at first, Flo used the last of the strength she had to get up and walk to the trashcan. She flipped the lid, and the trashcan was full of loaves of bread. Without hesitation, she grabbed as many pieces of bread as she could and stuffed them in her mouth. “Careful now, you don’t want to end up with refeeding syndrome, Nyah?” Seyer said while she was hovering behind Flo. Flo spit out all of the bread that was in her mouth and turned around quickly. “How am I supposed to trust you? You said you were going to kill me.” Seyer rubbed the bridge of her nose and chuckled. “A little late for that, don’t you think? You’ve already swallowed the bread anyway. It’s not poisonous. And plus, if I wanted to kill you I would have done it anyway, right?” Flo looked away from Seyer, not wanting to admit that she was right. “Nyah. So, come on now. You’ve got to find some place to stay for tonight. It’s going to rain in about twenty minutes.” Seyer floated down the alleyway where Flo was laying previously. Flo took the shirt wrapped around her waist and filled it with bread before tying it up. So I’m supposed to believe that a demon, sent here to kill me, is going to help me survive being on the streets now? Flo looked over at Seyer who was now hovering at the windows of the buildings they were next to. She looked back down at the make-shift bag she made to hold the extra bread. Oh well. I’m gonna die anyway she thought apathetically.

*Note: Seyer's name is pronounced like "Say Air"*

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