Edgar Takes The City (Prelude)

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The Backround story for Edgar Sinclair, a character created for the novel Secret Of The Sineater by Joshalynn

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Edgar couldn't understand what the big deal was about turning 16. He woke up normally, got dressed just the same way as yesterday, and walked over to Allen's house like any other saturday morning. The only difference between today and any other past saturday was that his medium length blackhair wascombed to the left side of his face today.

Before Edgar could knock on the front door, Allen was already walking out to the front lawn to greet him. "Eddy mah man! Happy birthday!" Allen walked toward him with his arms outstretched signalling for Edgar to hug him. Thats kind of strange... Edgar thought, but nonetheless he walked toward his best friend reaching to hug him. In a sudden twist of events, Allen pulled his arms back and unleashed a volley of fists into Edgar's exposed chest. Edgar noticed he wasn't punching particularly hard, but still stumbled backwards from the blows. "Birthday licks, asshole!" Allen shouted jokingly.

The two of them walked into Allen's house, and took their usual seats in his living room: Allen on the loveseat and Edgar sitting on the floor directly in front of the television. Nine times out of ten, they would definitely spend the day playing a shooting game on Allen's Xbox, and if they weren't doing that then they would simply watch a movie. Not expecting anything to change at this point, Edgar turned on the t.v. and picked up one of the controllers, waiting for Allen to start up the game.

"Nah, dude......I got a better idea than just playing bulletstorm all day. It's your birthday after all, man! We gotta party!"Allen exclaimed. Edgar dropped the controller and turned to Allen. "Party? party like what?"

"Party like a celebration for turning sixteen, dude!"

"And how are we supposed to do that?"

"Well Jakobs' coming over in a couple of minutes, you'll see when he gets here."

Edgar looked at Allen confused, but decided not to question it any further.


An hour had past, and the two of them were heavily focused on the match they were playing, when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"What the hell?! This is NOT the time, whoever you are!! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! DAMMIT! Screw you, Edgar! You got lucky!" Allen shouted scornfully. Edgar dropped his controller, his fingers practically steaming from that rapid excercise. "Yeah, Yeah......now go get the door, bitch!" Edgar said jokingly. Allen put up his middle finger toward Edgar while sticking his tongue out and walked to the door. He opened it, and Jakobs walked through the door with a large backpack on his back. Edgar noticed that Jakobs had cut his hair. His long black dreads had disappeared and were now replaced with a thin layer of hair.

"How's it goin', guys? Sup, Allen? Sup, Edgar. Happy Birthdayby the way..." Jakobs said as he quickly walked in and placed his backpack carefully on the loveseat. "Holy crap Jakobs!! What the hell happened to your hair?!" Allen shrieked. "My Mop-Top? Cut it off dude. Felt time for a new look. But that's not important right now. We gotta entertain the birthday boy right now!" Jakobs declared.

He began unzipping his backpack that he brought, with Edgar and Allen standing behind him eagerly waiting to see what the contents of his bag were. Jakobs pulled out two large glass bottles filled to the top with brown liquid. "Two full bottles of the highest grade whiskey i could find. Thank me later, chumps." Jakobs said with pride.

Allen cheered, but Edgar slowly backed away from them. "Dude?! What the hell! We're not supposed to drink! Put that crap away before his mom walks in!" Edgar shouted. Allen and Jakobs looked at him with bewildered faces. "Never thought i'd be hearing this from a birthday boy. You dont want to drink? Not even once?" Jakobs asked. "Come on, stop being a puss Edgar!" Allen shouted back at him.

The peer pressure was getting to Edgar as he thought about what the consequences would be if he actually dank that alcohol. Jakobs was swinging the bottle around to mix the drink as Allen went to the kitchen to get cups. "Come on, Edgar buddy! We wont even make you drink a whole cup. Just try a lil' bit of it. You only turn 16 once, man." Jakobs held a bottle outstretched to him. Allen wrapped his arms around the back of Edgars neck with cups in both hands. "I already got the cups! Come on, pour it! Pour it!" Edgar jumped forward to get Allen off of his back as he stood there grinning.

Jakobs took the two cups and filled them with the whiskey. He picked up one cup for himself and handed the other cup to a visibly worried Edgar. "Awww! What the hell, man?!" Allen protested. "Ah ah ah. You know the birthday boy always goes first." Jakobs replied calmly. Edgar took the cup and brought it to his nose. The smell was so strong that he almost sneezed and dropped the glass. "Whoa, easy now. Go ahead, just try it." Jakobs goaded him. Well, why not.....its my birthday, and it'll be just once.... Edgar thought. He brought the cup up to his lips and took a sip.

The drink stung Edgar's entire mouth, and he tried quickly to swallow it, which sent a burning sensation down his throat. Edgar stumbled backwards with the cup still in his hand gagging. Both Jakobs and Allen stared at him laughing. "Oh, come on lightweight. It wasnt even that bad! Youll get used to it. Here, have a bottle to yourself. we'll split this one." Jakobs sat the bottle next to Edgar and walked to the kitchen with Allen. Edgar sat back on the loveseat and stared at the bottle on the coffee table in front of him. Ahh....that was....nasty! my stomach feels like its on fire! agh....why....what....ow... Edgar was leaning over holding his stomach. His vision was beginning to become distorted. Everything started to move subtly. despite all the negative side effects, Edgar had the urge to pour himself another cup. He sat there and thought for a minute, then picked up the bottle and filled his glass once again. Whoa....maybe if i eat...something....it'll be better.... Edgar was struggling to organize his thoughts. He picked up his cup and wobbled to the kitchen, spilling some of the whiskey in the process.

As hecame around the corner, Edgar saw Allen and Jakobs sitting with their heads down on the kitchen table, with the bottle of whiskey that Jakobs kept almost half empty. "Guys.....Guys i feel...hungry." Edgar slurred his words. Allen raised his head from the table to look at him, but quickly lowered it again. Edgar opened the top cabinet and pulled out the bread. "I has an idea dudes...."Edgar said drowsily.He ate a piece of bread and quickly drank the full cup he was holding. He noted that the taste wasn't as bad now, probably because he already knew what to expect. "We should go drive somewhere!" Edgar blurted out. Both Allen and Jakobs looked at him in disbelief.Edgar wasnodding his head, but careful not to shake it to fast or else he would throw up. "Come on Jakobs! You only had a little bit of it. You're still good! Lets go to the french quarter!! We can takeAllen'smom's car!" Edgar said excitedly.Allen jumped up and went upstairs to grab the keys. Jakobs leaned backward and grabbed his head. "Yeah....you got a point....i think i can make it there if we play it cool...."

Edgar was pondering what to say to the both of them to discourage them from driving while having had a few drinks, but instead thought about getting another cup for himself. He poured another cup and finished it right as Allen came down the stairs with the keys. "Calm down there, birthday boy! We dont want you blowing chunks all over the place." Jakobs blurted out. The trio began walking to the garage, but halfway there Edgar fell to the ground, so Jakobs and Allen had to support him as he walked. Inside the garage sat a Jeep with a small T-shirt cannon and a gasoline tankin the backseat. "Come on lets git before my mom comes!" Allen shouted. Jakobs jumped into the driving seat and cranked the car on. Allen pushed a giggling Edgar into the middle seat holding a bottle of whiskey and jumped into the passenger seat. Jakobs backed out of the garage and sped down the street at 40 miles per hour.

Edgar lifted the bottle to his lips and took another big sip. "Hey, hogger! Pass the bottle!" Allen said as he snatched the bottle out of Edgar's hands. Edgar started mumbling. Neither Jakobs or Allen could understand him. "Hes just drunk babbling now. Shhhh dude! im trying to concentrate on driving." Jakobs said. Allen drank until the bottle was almost finished, then passed it back to Edgar. Jakobs swerved left and right on the road trying to stabilize the car. "Hey, you guys wanna make a molotov cocktail out of the bottle?"Edgar slurred. Allen's face lit up at the idea andJakobswas gripping the steering wheel with both hands trying to concentrate on driving. "We need to put the gas from the back in the bottle and some cloth in it." Edgar instructed.Allen grabbed the gas can and poured the gasoline into the whiskey bottle and took a cloth from the glove compartment and stuck it in the bottle neck. "So, what we just light it now?"Edgar took the lighter from the glove compartment and lit the cloth. The entire bottle ignited inAllen's hand. "Whoa holy shit!!" Jakobs screamed as he swerved again and almost hit some pedestrians walking the street, running a red light in the process. Allen screamed and tossed the flaming bottle out the passenger window where it collided with the side of a building and exploded into a fireball. "Holy fuck dude, what the hell is wrong with you?!" Allen yelled at Edgar. "Why the hell did you light it now!! Jesus dude, you coulda-Aw Shit........" Jakobs voice suddenly dropped. Blue and red lights were flashing behind him.

"Shit shit shit shit shit dude! What are we gonna do now?! W'e're about to go straight to jail! Shit!!" Allen was screaming his lungs out. Edgar was passed out between the two of them. His body was slumping forward to under the steering wheel. "Shut up!! Allen, pick Edgar up and put him back in the seat. We're gonna shake this pig." Jakob's tone turned intensely serious. Allen picked up Edgar and put him in the middle seat as Jakobs sped up. More cops started to chase behind Jakobs. The road they were racing down soon became a dirt road with tall grass on both sides of them. "Well we have a better advantage right now with the road." Jakobs commented.

Allen frantically looked back at the cops and then towards Jakobs and the road. "Where does this road even lead to? What are we gonna do dude?!" Allen was losing his nerve at this point. "Keep cool dude, we can lose them in th grass. you just have to jump when i tell you to." Jakobs said calmly. A bright light shined down on them from above. It was the search light from a police helicopter. "Oh fuck......" Jakobs said calmly. "Shoot the light!" Edgar suddenly yelled.He grabbed the T-shirt cannon from the backseat and leaned out the window to aim at the helicopter. "Edgar what the fuck are you doing?!" Jakobs yelled. Before he could reach over and grabhim back into the car,Edgar shot the T-shirt at the helicopter. The T-shirt got caught in the rotor of the blades and made the Helicopter stall in mid air. It quickly fell and collided with the police cars below, Exploding on impact.

"What the fuck is wrong with you two?! How are we supposed to get out of this now?!" Jakobs punchedEdgar in the face. "I'm sorry! I thought it would just hit the search light and stop it for a while! How was i supposed to know it would bring down the entire helicopter!! Is that even possible in real life?!" "Well it just happened didnt it?! Shit!" Jakobs slammed the steering wheel as hard as he could. Allen sat against the passenger side door holding his head. "And this kid Didnt even try to stop him. Just fucking great." Jakobs said sarcastically. There was one last cop that was chasing behind the group, most likely calling for backup. "Well, at least we only have to worry about one last cop car..." Allen said depressed. There was a loud bang sounding behind them. Suddenly, the carstarted swerving out of control. "Oh, Shit!!" Jakobs yelled. The car careened off the road into the tall grass, flipping over multiple times. Edgar flew out of the car and landed along way from the tumbling car. Jakobs and Allen weren't as lucky as they were wearing their seatbelts.

The car tumbled a long distance away from the road, and the cop car sped behind it to catch up to the wreckage, narrowly missing Edgar's body hidden in the grass. The jeep came to a halt, and the cop car stopped a short distance behind it. All was silent excluding the cop siren. The cop exited out the car with his gun drawn examining the tire that he shot. As he got closer to the wreckage, The cop noticed that the gas was leaking out of the gasoline tank, and the air around the wrecked car was heating up. He frantically ran in the opposite direction as the car soon exploded, spreading fiery debris everywhere.


Edgar had both of his eyes closed as he laid on the ground. He could hear the sound of a fire crackling, but noted that his skin felt cold and clammy. He tried to move his arms but there was no response. He tried again with his legs, but they would not move either. He finally tried to open his eyes, but the right side of his face was washed with an intense wave of pain that made Edgar whimper. "Hey, Young one. Open your left eye. i want you to know who made sure you didn't die." Edgar heard a smooth voice talking above him. Edgar opened his left eye slowly, careful not to move the right side, and saw a tall dark skinned man wearing a black and red outfit as if he just walked off of a stage show. He was carrying a black trumpet that had a silver spiral going all the way from the bell to the mouthpiece. the most outstanding feature about the man was that his eyes. His eyes were golden, as if someone melted all the world's gold and pour it into his pupils. Edgar had never seen someone with eyes like that, and he was completely mesmerized by them.

"Hey, buddy. you might wanna get up and go. If the cops find you you'll be on death row. Stopping them is not up to me. The gas station near is where you can flee." The Tall man pointed behind Edgar. Edgar tried to turn around to run but his body still wouldnt respond. "Your limbs are too broke to move. Some Unholy Influence might improve." The tall man rhymed. He pointed at Edgar, and a black cloud of smoke surrounded him. Suddenly, Edgar was lifted off the ground and floating towards the gas station down the road. Blood was dripping from his face to the ground below, and soon he vomited. Edgar tried to look behind him to see what the tall man was doing, but he couldn't turn his head far enough to view him. He came to a halt in mid air, and the tall man reappeared in front of him at the gas station.

"The cops are coming, dont make a sound. If you do, you're coming with me underground." The tall man said in a calm voice. He motioned his hand behind him and Edgar was swiftly tossed through the doorway and into the back of the store. A squadron of cop cars pulled up to the wreck scene with their sirens blaring. Edgar looked on in horror as his memory was beginning to come back to him. Sirens....cops.....Jakobs and Allen......my eye....what happened?! Edgar was becoming distraught. The tall man casually walked back to Edgar and spun the trumpet in his hand.

"My name's Buné. You should remember that. You caught my eye with that lil' adventure spat. You can thank meagain for being alive. But unfortunately, Your friends had to die." The tall man said with his smooth voice.

What the hell is up with this guy and his damn rhyming?! The feeling was slowly coming back to his limbs, and Edgar tried desperately to move away. Buné tapped an old television set he was standing next to and it turned on by itself. "If you don't believe me then thats fine. But lets recap what you caused in the meantime...." The local news station was on, with a spotlight on the wreckage that Edgar and Buné were at minutes before.

"We are here at the final scene of a horrific car chase, ending with 14 cops dead. The two suspects that were also directly linked to theblaze in downtown new orleans that burned down four buildings with at least 20 casualties and over 100 missing, have been found in the twisted metal of this crash site you can see behind me. 17 year old Jakobs Wilson and 16 year old Allen Willams have been found dead. City officals say that these two teens have caused over 7.5 million dollars...."

Edgar was deeply disturbed by the news reporter on the television. All of the memories came pouring back to him in sickeningly specific detail. The whiskey. The car. The molotov. The T-shirt cannon. All of it came back to him. It was all Edgar's fault. And nobody knew except for him and Buné. The reporter said Two teens. TWO!! He was there! If it wasnt for him being there, none of this would have happened! None of this would have happened if he didnt drink at all. Edgar felt like crying, but the pain on the right side of his face stopped him.

"Now you see how lucky you are? This was the best show ive seen so far!I like you, Kid, you've got style. Looks like ill be sticking with you for a while." Buné said with a slight upturn in his voice. Edgar could do nothing but look on as the cops surrounded the wreckage where his best friends had died because of him....

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