Fly Free (One Shot)

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Inspired By Kaneda's Theme from the Akira Soundtrack

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



Karo raced through the forest at break-neck speed trying to escape his jailers. It was a lucky moment that he escaped the Institute when he did. Surely his tribe would scold him for killing a human when he returned to his land, but Karo had to do what needed to be done, and besides, they could not be considered humans if they could do those kinds of experiments to any living being. They were surely demons in disguise.

Karo desperately tried to remember the way back to his native land from the hidden Institute. It had already been a month since he had seen the outside world, and his body was weak from the torture they subjected him to. Despite this, his spirit was indominable, and his will to escape kept him moving forward. Behind him he could hear the shouts of men with dogs barking and the sounds of guns being reloaded. Perfect. 40 Guards armed with assault rifles and vicious attack dogs versus a single, half naked Cydonian with a rock in his hand. At the very least, Karo had one small advantage over the guards: Cydonians run faster than normal humans.

The forest seemed to span for forever, until Karo smelled the salty scent of the ocean in the air. He instantly got his bearings back at this point. His village wasnt more than 10 miles from the ocean, but Karo was sure that he must have been a long distance away from the original waypoint. Out of the corner of his eye Karo could see a figure dropping down from the trees directly in front of him. The figure hit the ground with a heavy impact, Then stood upright and pointed a pistol at Karo, stopping him in his tracks. "Stop!" The guard shouted. But this wasn't just any ordinary guard.....the tanned skin, the slender muscular build, the orange dot on the forehead, the golden irises.....No doubt about it. This guard was a Cydonian. Most horrifying of all, this particular Cydonian happened to be Ellios, Karo's twin brother.

Ellios aimed the guy at his brother's head, standing a few feet away from him. Karo stared at him fiercely, not letting any false signs of weakness show. His face was emotionless, but on the inside he was burning with rage. He remembered vividly the day that his brother left the native land without warning and was never seen again, until the day the Regiment raided the village and captured most of the males. Ellios was among the invaders, and has been labeled a traitor since then. Ellios inched closer toward Karo, but Karo refused to move. "Turn back before i have to kill you!" Ellios shouted.

Karo slowly crouched lower to the ground and raised his arms at precise angles above his head. He was entering the traditional Cydonian fighting stance, all the while keeping his eyes on Ellios. Ellios kept the gun pointing at Karo, watching for any sudden moves he might make. Inside, Ellios was having an internal conflict. He knew that he turned his back on his entire tribe, on his ancestors, and worse of all his entire family. It didn't bother him in the beginning, but now that he was pointing a gun at his own brother, who was challenging him to a fight to the death, it began to sink in. Ellios relaxed his stance and held the pistol to his side as he looked up into the sky and took a deep breath.He dropped the gun and began crouching low to the ground in the same manner as Karo had done previously. He renounced all of his Cydonian roots, but this would be the last time he would be reminded of where he came from, so he decided to just get it over with.

Karo leaped toward Ellios with an extended leg, but Ellios dodged gracefully and hit Karo with a powerful right. Even in their childhood, Ellios had always been a great deal stronger than Karo. Elliosstoodstillreminiscing aboutthedayshe spent fighting with his brother, when a sudden crash hit him in the chest. He fell to the ground with Karo standing over him triumphantly. Ellios sweeped Karo's leg and stood back upright with the sound of dogs barking and footsteps behind them. Karo got back up to his feet, realizing that his time was about to run out. He looked up at the smirk on Ellios' face as he attempted a kick at Karo. Summoning all of his strength, Karo caught Ellios' leg and slammed him into a nearby tree with a sickening thud. Ellios howled in pain as Karo continued to run through the forest towards the ocean.

The guards were starting to catch up with Karo, and the dogs were hot on his trail behind him. The fatigue of all the experiments they ran on him and the energy wasted from fighting his twin brother were taking their toll on him, and Karo could almost feel his life force slipping away from him. Luckily for him, the cliff became visible to him through the trees. The dogs were beginning to run next to Karo at this point. One dog in particular jumped and sunk its teeth into Karo's arm, but he shook off the wild dog and continued to run despite the pain. The shouts from the guards behind him were becoming more audible, and Karo could hear the guns clicking once again. No doubt they were getting ready to fire at him. Another dog leaped at Karo mid-stride but he evaded it and kept running. The cliff was finally a few steps away, and Karo could feel the salt in the air. Karo suddenly became alarmed. The air was too cool to be as close to the ground as he thought. He came to the conclusion that wherever he was, Karo was pretty high up, high enough to not survive a direct fall. He hesitated for a moment, but suddenly remembered everything he had been through up until this moment, all the torture, his brother's betrayal, the separation of his family, and the rest of the tribes that could very well be the Regiment's next targets. Karo took one last look behind him. There was a wall of guards running after him pointing their rifles at him and shouting words he couldn't understand. He took a deep breath as he reached the last step of the cliff and jumped with his eyes closed, hoping that the water of the ocean would cushion his fall on the way down.

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