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a short story based on a poem that my close friend and little sister Velma wrote =]

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



It was the day after Christmas, and Sydney was wiping the tears from her eyes. The door to her room was locked tight. She had just gotten home after a previous long night after all. She grabbed her phone and scrolled down the contacts until Jake's number shimmered on the screen. All Sydney could think about for the passing week was the chance to see her boyfriend once more. She pressed the talk button, putting all of her hope into him answering as she listened to the dial tone.

"ahh....hello?" a groggy voice said through a yawn. "Baby! Merry late Christmas! I missed you so much!" Sydney said cheerfully. "Oh! Hey babygirl! Merry Christmas to you too." "I'm mad at you jake......how could you leave me all alone for Christmas? I was so lonely....." Sydney trailed off in her best cutesy voice. "I'm sorry love, i went to go sleep over at my aunt's house this year. I promise i'll make it up to you!" "I know one way you can make it up to me....hehe.""Really? How?"
"Well....I have a 'special' christmas present waiting for you here....a little bit of 'private time' if you know what i mean....but lets make it special. How about we melt some of the snow outside?" Sydney said in a seductive tone. "Oh wow.....my baby is starting to get freaky on me huh? So when exactly am i gonna get my 'present' huh?" "Come to the woods behind my house. Don't keep me waiting..." Sydney smooched into the phone reciever. "Okay I'm on my way now!" Jake said enthusiastically.

Sydney hung up the phone and walked into the kitchen. Her and her stomach were on bad terms lately. It wasn't her fault. Yesterday's situation required immediate attention. She grabbed the Bread, Peanut butter, and a steak knife from the drawer. "I wonder how long he'll take to get here. He is at Her house after all." Sydney said aloud as she spread peanut butter on a loaf of bread. She reminienced about the relationship between her and Jake as she ate the snack she had just made. It may have only been 4 months, but they were the best months of her life. Not including this month, of course. This month was definitely never going to end.

"He should be getting here right about now. Time to go" Sydney said calmly. She replaced the peanut butter and bread, and walked through the back door to the forest overshadowed by their house. Despite the winter solstice weather, Sydney was dressed in her typical summer outfit. It made more sense since Jake was expecting her to take her clothes off, anyway. She wandered in between the trees, waiting for a sign that her beloved had arrived. A tall man in a letterman jacket wandered toward Sydney's direction. "Jakey baby! Over here!" Sydney called out to him. Jake run to Sydney and embraced her. Sydney looked up to Jake and kissed him passionately in return. Jake began to squeeze the back of Sydney's legs. "Calm down baby. Just help me find a clear spot so we can have some fun..." Sydney purred.

Jake lead Sydney deeper into the forest between the trees, firmly holding her hand. His palm was sweaty, no doubt anticipating what was coming next. Sydney was rubbing he left pants pocket. The time was getting close. They came closer to a clearing full of snow on the ground. Jake was squeezing her hand tightly and Sydney slipped her free hand inside her pocket. "Okay! We're her-" Jake's voice was abruptly silenced. Sydney had slashed the steak knife from her pocket right under Jake's throat. The blood was spraying all over the trees and tinted the fallen snow red. Jake twirled to the ground, his eyes wide with fear and desperation. Sydney kneeled down next to Jake's dying body and stared into his eyes.

"You think i didnt know? You think i was so naive to believe you really loved me? You were cheating the entire time. I even spent all of yesterday spying on you as you went to go screw that slut Megan. Why? I've been faithful to you havent I? What made you cheat on me? Well, it's not like it matters now. You're getting exactly what you deserve." Sydney said confidently. She spit directly into his eye and walked back in the direction to her house. Jake desperately tried to cover his wound with his hands in order to stop the bleeding, but it was useless. The last image he saw was of Sydney skipping away between the trees.

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