The Final Hope

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Vance takes notice that his science teacher has been acting a little strange lately.

- based on a dream i had.
highly rushed too T_T

Submitted: April 17, 2012

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Submitted: April 17, 2012



The day started out like any other school day for Vance. Wake up absurdly early for the school bus, fight to keep himself awake long enough to walk to his first period class, then work out a way to make it 8 hours without caving in and sleeping, resulting in a saturday school for the end of the week. Everything was painfully normal until Vance made it to his 3rd period science teacher, Professor Nolan. Vance and Professor Nolan had a close Teacher-Student relationship: Vance got the highest grades in class, Nolan doesnt bother him as much. They even talked and joked around like friends would. Vance walked through the doorway to his classroom and sat in his seat, but oddly enough, Professor Nolan wasnt at his desk. Strange, because he was ALWAYS at his desk before anybody got into the classroom. "Huh, thats weird. Maybe hes in the bathroom or something..." Vance commented aloud. The classroom started to fill with the other students. Vance kept his attention to the door in case Professor Nolan came in late.

Almost half an hour after the late bell rang through the school, Professor Nolan limped into the classroom, leaning against the wall as he was moving forward. His normally bright white labcoat was now discolored with brown and dark red stains. His face was rough and unshaven, weird considering he was perfectly clean cut yesterday. The frame of his glasses were bent and mishapen, and the lenses were partially cracked. Professor Nolan was known throughout the school to pull stunts to keep his students interested in his class, but something about this sight told Vance that this wasnt any kind of planned stunt.

"Good morning.....class...." Professor Nolan wheezed with labored breaths. People stood up to see if he was okay, but he raised his hand denying the assistance. "Don't worry.....I just.....Fell down the stairs earlier.....Anyway....Lets have fun today....Time fora....Field Trip!" Professor Nolan propped himself up on his desk and motioned his arms for the kids to move out the door. Without hesitation, everyone made their way out the door. Vance stayed behind to question Professor Nolan.

"What happened to you?" Vance asked concerned. Professor Nolan gave him a content look. "I found something major and I wanted to share it with my favorite class" He said calmly.

The students lined up to the bus door. Professor Nolan hobbled to the front of the line and opened the bus door. "Quick! We have to hurry before the time is up!" He leaned his body against the side of the bus. The students started to pile into the bus with Vance at the end of the line. It bothered him how eager they were to get out of school without even caring to ask about why their teacher looked so beaten. Vance reached out his hand to help Professor Nolan up the bus steps, but he shook his head and pushed Vance up the steps. Professor Nolan slumped into the seat and started the bus. "Hold on kids. I have to drive a bit fast." He gave out a short warning. As soon as the bus engine idled, Professor Nolan stomped on the gas pedal.

The bus jolted forward and everyone's bodies jerked ahead as well. Vance was beginning to worry. School buses weren't supposed to go this fast, and there would definitely be cops on their tails if Professor Nolan kept this up. He looked out the window, but already Vance couldnt figure out where they were. Professor Nolan must have taken the back roads, and the speed wasn't helping him either. It wasnt long before they arrived at the nearby mountain on the outskirts of the city.

The mountain? Vance thought. Why would he rush us to the mountain mid school day? What the hell is going on?!

Professor Nolan finally stopped the bus. He looked back at his class. "Alright guys and gals. We're doing a little treasure hunt!" He said with a forced cheerful tone. Some of the students were whispering amongst themselves in disagreement, and Professor Nolan quickly took notice. "What? You mean to tell me you'd rather be sitting bored in class all the way back at the school than being out here and enjoying yourselves?"

The whispering quickly stopped and turned into cheers. Vance kept his eyes on Professor Nolan, Trying to figure out what was really going on. "You have to work together to find the backpacks! We're gonna need them for the second part of the field trip lesson. Get searching!" The professor announced. He pointed up at the side of the mountain and the class slowly made their way in that direction. Vance grabbed Professor Nolan's shoulders and spun him around to look at him face to face.

"Professor! What the hell are we doing?! Seriously?!" Vance was becoming increasingly annoyed and worried at the situation. The professor grinned as if his student had just told him a joke. "Ahh Vance.....My favorite student....Tell me, What do you think about this class?" Vance loosened his grip on his professor as he tried to make sense of the question in his mind. "The class? I don't know, I don't care about anybody here."

"That's not so good. You don't have anybody you talk to in this class besides me? Not even a girl that you like?"

"No, professor. I dont deal with them and they dont bother me." Vance replied coldly.

"You should really try to grow out of that, Vance. Try to see the good in people more. Do you know why this is my favorite class? It's so much more diverse than anybody elses at school. There are kids from both ends of the social ladder, kids from all walks of life, and despite not interacting with eachoter for the majority of the time, they do mix quite well." Professor Nolan turned to look at the mountain where the rest of his students were scurrying across the land. "Come. Ill show you the true reason that we came here."

Vance followed behind Professor Nolan as he walked up the hills of the mountain at a steady pace. They reached a small landing which looked similar to the entrance to a cave. "Hey Kids! Vance found the backpacks! Come over here!" Professor Nolan suddenly yelled. All of the kids in the class collectively groaned and made their way to the duo at the smalls landing. Vance began to notice a familiar sound coming from the distance behind him. Cars. Jeeps. And they sounded pretty abnormal. Almost like...


In the opening to the side of the mountain was a doorway covered in shadows. "Go check it out for yourselves, kids. You'll be amazed at whats in there." Professor Nolan said as he pointed into the darkness. One of the braver kids walked into the darkness first. "Holy Crap!" The student exclaimed. The other students rushed in to check if the other student was okay. They, too, gave a verbal sign of surprise. "Vance, don't you want to see what's inside?" Professor Nolan said to his student with a smile. "Professor, Jeeps, Humvees...." Vance's voice was beginning to shake. "Damn. The army caught up to me again. You might want to hurry in there so we can hide." Professor Nolan's voice was suddenly dead serious. He grabbed Vance's arm and pulled him through the dark doorway.

Inside the doorway was nothing Vance has ever seen before. The entire room was incredible larger than what he had imagined. It was circular, and most notably, Blue with Green glowing circuits running all around the room. Various monitors were placed along the walls and foreign symbols were imprinted everywhere. In the middle of the room was a pedestal with a floating diamond shaped object in the center of it, and on the floor surrounding the pedestal were a multitude of backpacks. One of the students was already busy pulling out everything in the backpack and putting it to the ground: Water bottles, dried foods, towels, extra clothes, etc. The rest of the students were occupied with walking around the area in amazement and touching the walls.

Professor Nolan roughly shoved Vance forward towards the pedestal. "Listen up everybody! I am truly grateful for having a class like this. You are all wonderful kids. You all have bright futures ahead of you. I'm leaving you all with the fate of the human race. Good luck my pupils" Professor Vance spoke. He calmly walked through the doorway as his students angrily protested. He pressed a button on the wall and the door closed down behind him. Students ran to the door trying to break it down, others started crying on the floor, but Vance just laid on the floor helplessly. Gunshots started to ring outside of the door, making the students jump back. A loud beeping sound started to ring through the room, and the entire room started to shake. Everyone was forced to the ground as a large amount of pressure was coming from above. The room was moving upward.

Professor Nolan'svoice filled the room. It sounded like a recorded message.

If you are hearing this, then you are now the last surviving members of the Human Race. You are being sent to the planet Cydonia. The life there will be nothing you have ever experienced before. They are Kind. They are Gentle. They came to me. They wanted me to choose a group of people to send there.They warned me that the world needed to be "restarted", and they gave me the task of restarting it. You are being sent away for your safety. The weapon that they supplied me with will definitely destroy all life on earth, if not the entire world itself. The government has been eyeing me ever since theCydonians first arrived. They were after me, but after this, there wont be anything left to worry about. YOU ALL are nowour Final Hope. I believe in you all. Good luck and Godspeed.

Vance felt as if his stomach was doing backflips. The room finally stopped shaking. Everyone was throwing fits and crying, trying to make sense of what was going on. "Hey! the window!" one of the female students exclaimed. As Vance and the other students rushed to the window, they could see Earth with the Sun in the backround. All around the Earth were large black mushroom clouds, and a dark shadow was making its way from continent to continent.

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