Moon in the Bamboo

Poem by: Riovocci


An overwhelmed young lady realizes she is in love.


Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



Nighttime obscures the truth embedded in earth with shades of profound mystery that carry the secrets of the universe;

When the provision of stars are liberated by clear skies, stars reveal glows of clarity down to a world in darkness;

He spied the lost feeling in her eyes when he peeled back the layers she used to barricade her problems from the world;

The weight of her life collapsed on her, she disliked living with her parents and desired the escape that autonomy offered;

Stresses of the busy, tiring life she lived poured into her mind—she was tired of surviving on no money, over-studying;

Her friends were successful—they had jobs and husbands and were well-respected for their accomplishments so quickly;

And yet, her hard work and effort had gone unacknowledged by her friends, parents, and she wished for happiness;

But the moon was full on that night, and so, the brightness tugged away her worries, and her mind cleared like the sky;

He stood silent, trying desperately to understand the complexities of her suffering, wishing in every way to be helpful;

She stared at a clump of tall bamboo that rose higher than him, she was embarrassed and preferred not to look at him;

To make eye contact with him might bring her to tears, for she was unprepared to meet him, so she apologized;

He asked her what was wrong and she, politelyturning away,shyly said nothing was wrong and not to worry about her;

And hearing this, he felt sad and lonely for he longed to know who she was and eager to listen to her, and her problems;

She turned to walk away from him, and he noticed streaks of water streaming down her cheeks and hanging on her chin;

Tears bothered him, and to see her tears reflect their ghostly translucency in the moonlight filled him with utter sorrow;

She walked and followed a stone path into a tunnel of overgrown bamboo and plants that met the edge of a slow river;

Her hands were tucked into her long-sleeve shirt to endure the cool mist rising from the water, she cried with her face hid;

He was steps behind her and approached slowly to where she stood; he could hear her sobs echoing along the riverbanks;

Please she said, I am fine, please just let me be I need some time alone, sorry for having you see me like this, she cried;

Sweet heart, you are so sad, he said, then he walked over to where she was and stood closely beside her, she hid her cries;

She had nowhere to go, she thought more and considered diving into the murky river water and drowning in her sadness;

Or, she thought, he was there, but she felt vulnerable and irrational and she barely knew him and she questioned herself;

Then, a hand gripped her shoulder, his hand did, and she could feel his grip pulling her towards him, she broke away;

She uncovered her face and looked angrily at him, and he looked back at her with pitied eyes and sympathy in his face;

I don’t know you, she said, and you are so strange, you are not like the normal guys, why are you interested in me?

Yes I am, he said, you are different, you are not like the other girls who think so narrow mindedly, who don’t know love;

She stared at him and listened and he told her that she was special beyond words and that her uniqueness inspired him;

He strolled over to a tree with many twigs, tore one off and held it up to the moon and said to her, here is a chandelier, for you;

He told her that the sparkles in her eyes lit up like a million stars revealing glimpses at the secrets of the universe;

More tears came to her eyes and she could not cover her face this time, she did not feel ashamed to cry in front of him;

She cried because he knew why she cried, and he cared to know why, and she looked at his eyes which were watery, too;

Unable to resist the temptation of falling into his arms as she had thought of falling freely into the river below that was so bright;

She spoke of love, realizing love was irrational and love did not build in time but by strength of feeling, caring for others;

Succumbing to his compassion for her, she rushed to him and wrapped her arms as tightly as she could around his torso;

She rested her head on his shoulder and spilled more hot tears all over his shirt and sniffled many times but smiled;

He froze as she hugged him; his body was overtaken by a sudden burst of energy that he had never experienced before, of love;

They sat down on a nearby bench, with their hands interlocked and their noses touching and eyes fixed, listening to wakes hit;

Scouting the park, they laid on a grassy plot by the river and spent the night counting silver ripples reflecting the moon.

© Copyright 2017 Riovocci. All rights reserved.

Moon in the Bamboo

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



An overwhelmed young lady realizes she is in love.
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