A few short "love" stories

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short anthology about five young people who fall in love for the first time. Warning: it is purely silly fluff.

One day a very lovely young woman named Mary Frances was walking down the street. Out of nowhere a very, extremely handsome man popped out from the near by topiary and began walking in step with Mary. Mary, who was understandibly surprised, did not say anything to the strange man. He, likewise, did not speak either. He was young, probably about the same age as mary give or take a few years. His eyes were a dazzling green with hints of blue that glittered in the sun. His hair was just a stunning as his eyes; it was a deep black with a shine that made it look silky-soft. His skin was tan and beautiful, free of any flaws. Tall and thin and with a perfect face and body no sane woman could ever turn him down if asked on a date.
Suddenly, the mysterious man turned to Mary and held out his hand. Surprised at this sudden gesture Mary gingerly shook his hand. "I'm Jonathan, I hope we can meet again" said the man with a thick, but understandable scottish accent.
"I-I'm mary" mary answered. And just as suddenly as he appeared from the topiary he returned to where ever he had come from through a small patch of trees.
Jenetta was at the grocery store looking for pizza rolls in the frozen food section when while scanning the freezers came a sudden shock. There was a man in the freezer!!!!!! Noticing that he was turning blue she quickly flung open the door and pulled him out from the freezer. Taking his pulse she was relieved to know that he was alive. Since it was the middle of summer all she had to do was carry him outside and let him thaw in the sun. When she got him into the warm air and he began to thaw she saw that he was very beautiful. His eyes were a stunning emerald green that sparked in the summer sun. His silky dark brown hair shimmerd with every ray of sun that hit it. Taking Jenetta's handhe said, "Thank you beautiful Lady. You saved me from on untimely death of frozen pizzas. I was trapped in there by a fellow prince that was jealous of my dazzling looks. I must get back to my palatial mansion, but how about coffee next tuesday?"
It was love at first sight for jenetta.
"I'd love that" she replied. And with that the prince dashed away into his limo.
"Wait!, " shouted Jenetta, "I didnt catch your name! I'm Jenetta!"
Leaning out the window he shouted back, " I'm called Mercutio!"
One day becca was wandering around the humane society looking for a kitten to adopt. They were all adorable but not the one for her. Slightly dismayed she left. The next week she returned in hope finding a new kitten that she could love unconditionally. While surveying the cages she spotted a small balck with piercing green eyes. Even though she had been hoping to adopt a kitten she knew that this was the right cat for her. Taking him home she was delighted to see him adjust easily to his new surroundings he would be named Edward. They quickly became friends. About a year lated Becca came home to find that Edward was gone. She looked and looked for him but she couldent find him anywhere. Deeply discouraged she felt so sad she couldent even cry. A week later Becca was sitting at home when a knock came on the door. She answered the door to see a tall boy about her age standing on the porch. He had soft black hair and piercing, yet kind green eyes.
"Edward! It's really you!" Becca exclaimed, her eyes filling up with tears, "but how?"
Smiling at becca he replied, "My real name is Jasper and I come from a very far away land called Andalasia. An evil sorceress turned me into a cat and your pure love broke the spell!"
And they live happily ever after.
One day Shannon was at the local music store browsing the CDs. She was heading towards the counter to make a purchase when she bumped into a stranger, causing her to drop all her CDs. beginging to gather her falled CDs the stranger leaned down to help. He was tall dark and handsome. Just as her had reached the last CD to pick up the strangers hand met hers.
"Oh, sorry" they said at the same time. Blushing, Shannon snatched up the CD and hurried away.
The next day at school Shannon was sitting in homeroom when one of the guys in her class came walking towards her. To her surprise it was the guy from the music store. Pretending not to see him she hunched over the desk trying to look as if she was concentrating very hard on some homework.
"Hey" he said, "I think this is yours"
Not able to ignore him anymore, she looked up. She was surprised to see that it was indeed her CD. She thought it had been lost forever and was planning to buy another that evening.
"Oh, thanks" she replied putting the CD into her purse.
I dont know where to go with this story. So its going to end awkwardly right her. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm sure the ending would have been very sweet and happy had it been written.
One day logan was out ice fishing with the guys at their favorite frozen tundra. It was a bad ice-fishing day and their were no catches, but they had fun anyway. But, they were looking foward to a delicious fish dinner that evening. Since they all sitll had a hunger for fish they decided to go out to eat a local resturaunt thats specialty was fish. unfortunately they had no money. They needed a quick way to make money. Noticing a bannerfor a sled race offering a laarge cash reward, logan signed up right away. He bought a small pack of huskeys and skillfully trained them in less than two hours to be champion sled pullers. At the line up for the race their was a beautiful girl stationed next to him. She was short light and beautiful and had the most beautiful blue eyes and blond shiny hair.
The race began and Logan wasnt racing for money anymore but to impress the girl. The dogs recognized the change in his attitude and ran a fast as they could. All of the sudden he heard a cry for help. A competing sled racer was in trouble! The sled was dangling from a cliff! Abanding his lead he used all of his strength to pull them to safty.
At the end of the race the girl approuched him. "that was really heroic of you" she said.
"thanks" replied logan, "it was nothing"
"You wanna get something to eat?" she asked.
"I'd love that" logan replied. and they road their sleds into the distance holding hands. the end

Submitted: November 20, 2009

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