Chillig in the Vortex of my Mind

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When the fiction we make up in our mind is more real than reality

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012




I sat at the bar sipping on my drink, just chilling at the club on another lonely Friday night.  When across the bar I saw HER light. A celestial being with an aurora so bright, I nearly lost my sight. She smiled a dazzling smile and my whole world changed. I looked into sultry brown eyes, so mysterious, so new. What I saw in HER made all my dreams come true. I saw a world full of love, a place to find peace, where a brother could rest from the game. Our eyes met, held. In that split second through the vortex of my mind, I saw in HER my heaven, my love of a life eternal. The Source in those topaz jewels so bright it made my shit aw’ight.

Awww shit man.

  She woke-up things in me, things I didn’t know I could be. The heavens are in HER pleasing gentle arms, in HER pure undying love, in HER wide open heart. In that love, we became as gods. Running with the sun, we played on the moon and among the stars and made sweet love on soft white clouds.

Yeah, I put it down hard until our sweet nectar of passion rain down from above to replenish the planet. That shit was so good and we brought it right, I knew it was going to last all night.

 When you’re foolish with love, shit happens fast. I broke HER god spirit, brought HER down hard to crash HER loving soul to the earth like a comet. So I can’t blame it on the drugs, when I took HER light. Can’t, blame it on the alcohol, when I stole HER sight.  I siphoned HER energy with all my negative vibe and stole the beauty out of my baby’s eyes.  A new age vampire I had become craving HER beauty, HER love, HER truth and HER light. In exchange I gave HER my ugliness’, my lies, my fright.

 Awww man I fuck that shit up aw’ight.

 So I went back to my drink, the fifth one of night.”


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