I Saw ( LOVE)

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Seating in a restaurant one day I saw LOVE

Submitted: March 14, 2012

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Submitted: March 14, 2012



I was sitting by myself when I saw them entered the restaurant

I saw they held hands with wide smiles full of happiness on their faces.

They took the table next to mine.

I saw while a chair was pulled out a soft kiss in exchanged.

I saw they sat close, touching whenever possible while looking at their menus.

I saw the waiter come over to take their orders

while they playfully rubbed feet under the table.

I saw they spoke in whispers eyes gazing.

I saw they held hands while playful soft laughs were heard.

I saw a hand raised to kiss, received with a pleasing smile.

I saw them shared their meals, feeding eachother happily, contently.

I saw that they were in their own world blissfully ignoring the room.

I got up to pay my bill and smiled at them. They smiled back.

I was thinking, I’ve got to get me some of what they got.

The casher said she was sorry for what I witness.

I said I wasn’t.

I paid my bill and walked out of that restaurant.

Wondering what she thought I saw.

I saw two people sharing their lives

I saw people who were no longer suffering from loneness

I saw acceptance

I saw vulnerability in a world that’s harsh

I saw affection openly displayed

I saw peace beyond understanding

What I didn’t see were two gay people

Love is Love, what I saw was LOVE.

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