Saving For A Rainy Day excerpt

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An Except from my upcoming Book.

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012



Sheeny was almost completely naked when she spotted me standing just beyond the window. At first she thought I was her lover, calling me by his name in a seductive tone that had my shit hard. It didn’t take her long to realize that the man standing in the shadows was not her lover, Chris but me. She was so surprised that she didn’t at first see the gun.

 “What the hell are you doing here, Jonathan,” she asks indignant.

 Like I was the one who ruined her life. Like I was the one having an affair with her best friend. “ You’re suppose to be at work, and what’s with that gun, eh,” she added going back to recover her clothes?

 I stood there with the gun in my hand, ready to end my nightmare, ready to end six years of marriage. Seemingly in control, but my hand was shaking like I had the palsy, because in some small way I still loved Sheeny. I said nothing watched her put on her clothes while her smart mouth was going a mile a minute.

“ So this is what you do, eh? You spy on me, is that it. You trying to see if you can catch me cheating so you can take everything? You’re that insecure little man that you have to try and trap me in something, Jonathan? You are a pathetic little worm, Jonathan. You’re useless as a man, useless as a husband  always thinking the world is during you wrong.”

 No, I wasn’t going to let her play her mind games on me, her Jamaican voodoo, not tonight I told myself.

 “ I know you’re cheating Sheeny and I know with whom and for how long.”

Surprised again, she took a step back like she had been smacked.

“ You couldn’t possibility know that?”

 “ Oh, but I do, wife. Chris told me.” I spat bitterly, finally with the upper hand.

She frowned unbelieving.  “ He wouldn’t,” she hissed.

 I shrugged.

I turned on the lights and went over to the closet to show her.

I opened the door and he fell out.

 “ CHRIS!” She shouted running over to her dead lover.


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