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My poetry is about a short love story of my life.It made me teach all the emotions of love,anger,happiness etc.It will describe about a new life in college where two couples fall in love and finished with unsuccessful ending.............

In the month of october or november;

I saw a beautiful girl whom i  will always remember !!

Her face was cute and eyes were bold;

She was glowing as shiny as gold !!

And the time came when we finally became friend;

We enjoyed a lot and followed different trends !!

As "her" parents had given her a sweet name;

To complete their wishes was her aim !!

She loves to laugh and dancing was her passion;

I couidn't see another girl in such energetic action !!

She was like an open book which could be read easily;

After reading,anyone can say that she's is really silly !!

When ever i was tensed and highly dipressed;

She use to open her hands and asks me to rest !!

She was the one who was really indespensable for me;

Because i was really attached to her and even she !!

Gradually things changed..............and..............:(:(


Later as time passed  and things changed;

I found each and everything out of my range !!

The closeness and affection got shattered;

After enough tries,things never got better !!

I dont know about the dreams which i have seen will be filled ever;

But i know i dont want to go far away from her,ever never and never !!



Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Annette Francis

That is pretty good. Sweet, and rather intense. :)

Sat, July 21st, 2012 11:21am

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