The Rock that Could Roll (Rough Draft)

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Just a short diaglouge piece about a hillbilly boy and his newfound friend.

Submitted: July 08, 2014

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Submitted: July 08, 2014



It was a warm summer’s night, the kind of night that would be perfect to begin a story or tale on. My brother, Josh and my father, James, sat with me on the back porch just drinking the night away. My brother, sporting a botchy buzz cut and stained wife-beater, while my father was clearly kept warm enough by the hair above his bear belly, because he chose the shirtless look. I guess you could say we were white trash, sitting in the mix-matched lawn chairs on the run down porch, but how in the hell were we supposed to know any better.

As I took another sip of beer my father said “Well it’s time for me to hit the sack”,

“Ya, I’m gonna’ do the same”. My brother replied as he downed the last of his can.

I decided to stay out a bit longer however. As they walked inside, I could smell the grease from the pan that was still on the stove from the dinner of fried chicken we had earlier.  I slouched down in my chair, relaxing my neck and pointing my face to the stars; I let the aroma and the taste of beer envelope me. Relaxed as I ever should be, I began to think of the day and the days to come. I watched the stars and the tips of the trees, as they swayed back and forth in the warm summer breeze when suddenly I thought I had heard a small “Pssss”, as if someone was trying to get my attention. Not bothering to move from my comfortable position, I blamed the sound on too much beer and proceeded to chuck the glass bottle in my hand towards the bushes on my right. Just as I thought I may drift off into coma-like slumber, I heard the sound again “Pppsssssss”. This time it was a bit louder so I decided to take a look around, hoping it was not another gas leak. As I looked back and forth from my chair, I could not see a single animal or other reason for the sound.

It was just then, as I was about to blame the sound on the trees, I heard something I couldn’t ignore, “PPPSSS, hey down here!” Startled by this unknown voice I nearly fell out of my chair. After regaining balance, I began swinging my head back and forth trying to look at the ground around my chair. The only thing I could see below me was a tiny little pebble. As I sat there, hunched over with my head between my knees staring at this little pebble beneath me, I couldn’t help but laugh at how funny I must look.

As I chuckled, I heard a loud, “Hey! What are you laughing at?”

Bewildered, I could only let a short, “…Uhhh…”

“What, you’ve never seen a rock before?” the pebble blurted out.

Partly annoyed by his remark, I said “Well ya, but I would hardly call you a rock.”

The pebble let out a short annoyed sigh and said, “And I would hardly call you a man with that long hair, but you don’t hear me bluntly insulting you.”

“Look, I’m sorry, I guess I just never thought I could hurt a pebb… uhhhh, rock’s feelings. Why were you trying to get my attention in the first place, anyways?” I asked

“Well it turns out that I’ve gotten myself into a jam, and not just figuratively.” It said “I was rolling along this pile of rotting wood you are sitting on, and I happened to get stuck underneath this protruding nail. Would you be so kind as to give me a hand?”

Maybe a little to willing from the beer, I replied, ‘Sure, why not”, as I grabbed the pebble between my thumb and index finger, and began trying to wiggle him free. It wasn’t too long before I had the little rock off of the porch and in the center of my palm. He was slightly cold to the touch, the kind of cold that may have you worried if it was any other kind of living thing. Surprisingly enough, as I held my palm up to my face, the little pebble began to roll around my hand, as if he was a runner, warming up his legs. “Woah” I said, “You can roll?”

“Really, that’s what threw you off; the rolling?” he blurted.

As I dismissed his remark, I realized that I couldn’t really tell if he was ever looking at me or even looking at all, as he did not have any distinguishing characteristics for a front or back.  “So why were you rolling across my porch anyways?” I asked.

“I was headed towards that mountain ridge you see in the distance. I plan on calling it home pretty soon.” He replied.

“That’s quite a journey for someone of your stature.” I added.

“Well, when you need a change of scenery, all you need to do is star rolling.” He said. “Actually, would you mind giving me a boost? All it would take is a short toss.”

Not seeing any reason to deny his request I simply said,” Sure, where should I throw you?”

“Thanks” he replied, “just towards the ridge is fine.”

Before I threw him I said, “Well it was nice meeting you, i geuss. I hope you get where you are headed.”

“Same to you” He answered, “oh, nd thanks for getting me out of that bind.”

With that our short meeting was over. I took a deep breath and I threw my new little friend; threw him into the night to be swallowed by the darkness, evermore out of my grasp.  As I stood there, now still and alone, I gazed into the stars, and realized the sheer determination of my short lived friend. A pebble that was conquered by a rusty nail may soon be perched on top of his own mountain peak, and simply because he had the will.

With that thought I heard the boards creek behind me and my brother, who had lost his stained wife-beater and stood only in his boxers, say “What you doing still standing out here alone, ain’t you ever heard of hypothermia?”

Now realizing just how cold it was, I took one long last look into the great beyond, and said, “Just though I heard somethin’, that’s all.”

“Well everyone else is asleep, you look funny out here all alone, go get some sleep”,  he said.

“Ya I think I need just that” I replied.



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