Who is the Bully?

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This poem is about the different sides of bullying and how they both suffer.

Submitted: June 20, 2014

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Submitted: June 20, 2014



School is not as bright as it seems

Full of fights and bullies crushing dreams

Students cry and teachers plead

For someone to help in this time of need


There are two sides to every coin

Both bad, both good, both looking for someone to join 

On either end both want the same hope

No more reason to hide or to mope


Who is the bully? I really can't say

Aren't both sad and looking for someone to pay?

To pay for the pain that they've been put through

So their hatred boils in one horriffic brew


So who is the victim? I really don't know

Is it the person who let their feelings first show?

To show in the light where everybody sees

Making the others pay for the fees


Who is the bully? Who is the victim? Who is the friend?

Aren't they all in need of something that can mend

the wounds that left so many scars

and dulled the twinkling of so many stars?



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