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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A classic love story with a MAJOR twist.

Submitted: August 20, 2010

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Submitted: August 20, 2010



“Alex?” I turn, long blue hair whipping back behind me in a whirlwind over my bottle cap glasses. In front of me is Trevor Neilson, the boy I have been staring at threw the spaces in between books like a stalker in the library all summer. I never dared to talk to him, not with all that goes on in my life. He flashes a smile and my knees waver like they have turned to jelly fish tentacles, unable to support my weight outside of water. I grab the book rack and send books smashing to the ground, a particularly large one landing on his foot. Trevor winces.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry” I blubber, falling to my knees instantly as I try fervently to gather them in my arms. A second later he is crouched beside me and picking them up two at a time. He shakes his head laughing as the librarian shushes us. Ms. Reely gives me the evil eye. I am the assistant here, it is not customary to trash the place you work I guess.

“Old witch, her nose is so long she doesn’t need the broom stick” he whispers when Ms. Reely is out of ear shot. My ears heat up as we put away the books together, our hands occasionally brushing.

“Does that even make sense?”

“It must have, you laughed” Trevor points out, looking at his shoes. About a month before school went out I transferred. Even then I liked him, we had grade eleven math together. I am still glad I did not have to do phys ed, that would have been a disaster.

“So, Trevor, what’s up?” I put lamely, making sure my bangs fall in front of my face so he can not see me blush.

“Oh, I guess I did call out your name…”


“Yeah, Alex. I like boy’s names on girls, it’s se…sweet” Trevor saves himself as I stiffen. I force myself to look up at him and give my best ‘razzle dazzle’ smile.

“Thanks. Do you need helping finding a book? I’m guessing this isn’t the section you were looking at” I gesture to the section of books we stand before. Kidney Failure at 40 reads the last of the spilled books I put back. He nods, looking intently on a book labelled Strokes for Older Folks.

“Yeah, I’m just looking for something…good I guess. What would you suggest?” I freeze, once again taking in his smooth spiked black hair and liquid sky eyes. Trevor’s tan skin only makes the muscles in his arms more dominant as I check out his body under the tight fitted tank and baggy jeans.

“Oh yeah, um, you like any kind of topics in particular? There’s the teen section but, ah…that’s varied” I choke out, ripping my eyes off the perfect being standing before me. He coughs in his hand, as if rethinking what he was about to say.

The only topic I want to study is you I hear him saying in my head. The thought makes my head swim. When I blink back at him his expression is expectant.

“Wait, what?”

“I said the only topic I’ve ever studied is Doctor Who” I giggle idiotically before I lead him to the teen section. I grab at random violent books with guns and beautiful, scantily clad girls on the cover. He flips threw the pages as the pile grows, rejecting each one. Finally I sigh and plant my hand on my right hip, tilting my head in my practiced adorable/annoyed way.

“You’re a boy, aren’t you supposed to like this stuff?” I grouch, an odd expression flashing along Trevor’s face as he bites his tongue.

“Yeah, dig it, just not as much as you” I wait to hear him repeat himself and quell my irrational thoughts. Instead he says the following. “So are you free tonight for dinner?”

“I don’t…”

“I won’t take no for an answer. I’ll pick you up after work at…?”



“No!” I say quickly, my cheeks flushing madly. “I mean, I don’t want to go on a date in uniform so why don’t you pick me up at my house at eight?”

“Sure, call me” he hands me a slip of paper he must have had prepared before he even talked to me. I feel like I can walk on air as he rushes out, not bothering to take out a single book.

What the fuck just happened?


“Alex honey why are you rushing, don’t you want dinner?” my dad calls as I slam open the door and dash up the stairs. I hold my cheeks, still red hours later at the thought of Trevor.

“Nah, I’m going out” I call, slinking away into my bedroom. To put it simply my room is a massive rainbow splashed over my furniture and belongings as if to scream my lifestyle.  I grab a few dozen outfits from my closet and throw them on the bed.

First thing’s first. I take off my work bra and put on my white one with intricate lace. Carefully I stuff the tissue inside, making sure my breasts do not look lumpy after I am done. Next I put on a plain grey t-shirt and a tight, shining silver vest to create curves. I have never had to do anything to my long, slim legs however; hair does not even grow there. I guess I destined to be this way.

I pull up dark stocking and wiggle into a plaid brown miniskirt to go with my patent black pumps. Next I tie my blue hair in a high pony tail, careful to twirl my fingers just so that no stray hairs remain. I look at the clock. It is seven thirty.

I pick up my hello kitty phone and punch in the numbers, Trevor’s cell already committed to memory. On the second ring Trevor answers.


“Hi, it’s Alex” I blush at the sound of his voice, even alone it is embarrassing. His tone instantly lightens.

“Alex! Hey, I was just wondering about your address…”

“Yeah, Pinewood 4457, the house with Christmas lights still up” I add, rolling my eyes. With mom gone dad has never good at keeping up with low priority chores. I can hear Trevor chuckle.

“It’s summer, isn’t it a bit late for that?”

“Eh, no one really has the time. Whatever…makes me easy to find!”

“Well I’m all for that. See ya soon” he hangs up without waiting for my reply. The wonderful fluttering in my stomach dies. What am I doing, I have done this before. He will leave me when he finds out, so why would I put myself through this again?

The image of Trevor flashes behind my eyes. My shoulders relax. Maybe, even if we are only together for a night, it will be worth it.


“So where are we going?”

“You didn’t eat did you?” Trevor looks me over, letting his eyes linger a second before whipping back to the road as the lights change.

“No, I figured we were going to eat” I say, tugging at my hair nervously. My mother used to have the same nervous habit. Every time I made the two ken dolls kiss or took out my easy bake oven her hands would fly to those beautiful brown tendrils. Even after all that happened I still miss her, I am just glad Dad doesn’t blame me.

“You figured right” Trevor grins, his perfect white teeth flashing. I dare to swallow as I look at his eyebrow piercing. Heat rushes to all parts of me and I have to think of my grandmother in her bikini to calm down.

“So where are we going?” My voice comes out a bit hoarse but if Trevor notices he doesn’t let on.

“Pizza Hut, I know I know not the best way to impress a girl but…you know, maybe you’ll like it? I chose the spot ‘cause there’s something nearby I want to show you” with a turn of the wheel we’re in the parking lot. Trevor pulls the car in right at the Pizza Hut entrance, I think I might puke. Not the best way to impress a girl. If only he knew.

We both jump out simultaneously. In an instant he’s at my side of the car. With an unsure half grin he offers his hand. I’m already standing so this can only mean one thing. Shyly I take it, my face pink once again, as I slam the car door shut. We walk in, hand in hand, as we go to order our pizza.

Trevor orders our Caesar salad, two Pepsi’s, and two slices of pepperoni to go. I cock one brow and he gives a smirk.

“I told you I wanted to show you something, just trust me okay?”

“I trust you” I just don’t trust myself I finish silently, sipping my Pepsi one handed as he still clutches my left.

We leave and I shiver when a cool summer breeze runs by me, fluttering my skirt. I watch Trevor’s eyes flash down for a second and look away, it is his turn to have his cheeks redden. I giggle as he leads me down a walk way towards a park.

“Here one of the street lamps is out so you can have a little privacy while sitting on the bench. Plus, the stars look so gorgeous from there, better than T.V. by a long shot.”

“And what precisely do we need privacy for?” I grin suggestively, raising my brows, my best not-so-innocent look. This doesn’t faze Trevor a bit.

“Well I’m sure you have some ideas after all that spying you’ve been doing in the library” Oh God he saw me. Trevor chuckles at my shocked expression. “No worries, I had ulterior motives for being there in the first place.”

“Like what?”

“To see you” The words stab a bitter sweet sting to my chest. I’m caught between smiling and crying. “There, now you can sit.”

Trevor frees my hand as he sits down to open up the baggy. He passes me my salad but doesn’t reach for his pizza. I sit beside him, close enough so our hips just barely touch. Suddenly I’m not so hungry.

“Everything okay? You’re not eating” he comments.

“You haven’t even taken out your pizza.”

“I guess I’m not as hungry as I thought.”


“Later then” he concludes, taking my meal and replacing it in the baggy that he promptly sets by his feet. Trevor turns to me and leans in slightly. For a scary second I think he is going to kiss me but instead he talks.


“Y-yes” I squeak. His breath smells like peppermint gum. I can almost taste it.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” My stomach lurches sideways. His hands are suddenly around me and his lips pressed against mine. He requests entrance and I let him in with a surprised sigh. When he pulls away I give a lusting moan.

Oh God oh God oh God, think about the bikini, rolls spilling.

“What?” I finally manage. It’s not working, I shift so he can’t see. I need to leave now, but where do I know him?

“Your old school…”

“No, that’s impossible; you’ve confused me with…”

“Alex, I’m gay.”

My world turns sideways. Trevor sets his hand on my lap, letting his palm just brush the problem under my skirt so I gasp. My eyes brim with tears, dammit I’m going to smear my mascara.

“You followed…me?”

“I moved schools earlier than you did but yeah, I figured if you were going to transfer it would be here…after everyone…”

“Found out I was a boy?” I grimace. I can see my mother’s face twisted up. I have no son, or daughter for that matter! You’re not a child, you’re a monster!

I’m so glad my father didn’t share her sentiments.

I fully start crying now as Trevor wraps me in his arms. I remember him faintly now, only without the piercing and spiked hair. It used to be black not brown, he wore heavy eye make up. The emo child of the class, I stayed away from him like the plague, I thought he might feel my ‘gay’ vibe or something. Only when my dad let me move did I start cross dressing, it was easier and I felt more comfortable in girl clothes.

Trevor kisses my forehead, holding me tight against his body.

“I love you” he says softly, and I realize that I will fall in love him too.

© Copyright 2020 Risely B Riddled. All rights reserved.

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