Joyous Anger

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The Deadly Sin Anger is in therapy when her therapist who (after a close call) decides he can't deal with her rage anymore. The court has ordered she be cured through therapy or be sentenced to jail for her MULTIPLE assault charges. She is given one last chance with a wonder therapist named Joy.

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010



“I DO NOT HAVE ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES!” Anger screamed at her therapist, her red face matching the disheveled hair on her head. Mr. Plow cringed in his seat. He sat across the room from her, out of reach of Anger’s fists.

“M-M-Ms. Sin I b-b-believe you are disproving your statement with your tone…”

“WELL I THINK YOUR TONE IS DISPROVING OF YOU HAVING A BACK BONE!” Anger thundered, standing up. Her hand caught on the hand restraint that was tied to the seat she had been sitting on a moment ago. A precaution put in place after she had sent her previous therapist to the hospital for a month.

“Just because I choose n-n-not to let you out Anger d-d-does not m-mean I am missing any bone from my bo-”

“S-S-STOP ST-T-TUT-TUT-TERING!” Anger over exaggerated, managing to pull the couch with her a quarter of an inch. Mr. Plow yelped, pulling his legs up into him as he sat in crouched position in his seat.

“Anger you have t-t-to learn t-to control your r-rage or you will go t-t-to jail…”

“I never touched that damn cashier…” Anger’s voice was freezing and low, this scared Mr. Plow even more than her yelling.

“You hit him over the head with a raw chicken…after taking the time to rip off the plastic wrap…”

“I barely tapped him” she ground, green eyes blazing.

“He ended up getting some in his mouth and coming down with salmonella…”


“You d-didn’t work there!” Mr. Plow held his head, becoming frustrated himself. Anger had that kind of affect on people. This was the third time this session they had gone over the incident that had sent her here forcibly by the court. “You should be thankful he ended up being okay…” Anger moved forward again, forcing a whimper from Mr. Plow.

“Thankful? I’m stuck with a codfish supposed to talk about my feelings!”

“Actually I think you really only have one feeling” Mr. Plow whispered to himself in a momentary fit of courage. He lost this feeling almost instantly as Anger’s nostrils flared. Oh yeah, she had heard him.

With a burst of super human strength Anger pulled the couch the distance of the room with her so that she was nose to nose with Mr. Plow. He gulped, saying some unintelligible prayer. A faint ding was heard.

“Thank you God!” Mr. Plow muttered, jumping up and to the other side of the room, officially switching the positions the two had started in. “That’s it Anger, I can’t be your therapist anymore, I wanted to help people! But there is no helping you!”

Three men walked in, allowing poor Mr. Plow to escape out the door. The largest of the three grabbed Anger’s legs, the others each holding one arm, the one holding her left undoing her restraint.

“LET GO OF ME!” Anger screamed, causing a ringing in the ears of those surrounding her. They all let go, watching as she stormed out, hands balled into fists.

“Shouldn’t we do something?” the smallest man asked.

“Rather someone else than me, but if you want them pulling you out of the concrete sidewalk after she stomps you to death, be my guest” said the largest, pushing him forward. Needless to say Anger walked home uninterrupted as she smashed threw her door, splinters and wood falling in her wake.


“Welcome Ms. Sin” said the receptionist at her new therapists. This was her last chance to change her ways before she was sent to jail for her many counts of assault. Anger grimaced at the young, blond woman before her.

“I want to pull every hair out of your pale little head…” Anger threatened, surprised when the receptionist did not react but rather kept smiling. “Did you not here me, hm?”

“Oh, of course I heard you” giggle, “I love what you’ve done with your hair”.

“Yeah, uh huh. Maybe I’ll let you braid it before I THROW YOU IN A VAT OF BOILING OIL!”

“Oh goodie, that sounds like fun” she grinned, getting up from behind the desk and coming to stand in front of her.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? MOTHER THERESA?” Anger yelled, well, angrily. Another giggle sounded from the girl.

“Oh, you’re being silly, of course not. I’m Joy, one of the Seven Heavenly Gifts!” Anger gaped, suddenly at a loss for words. “Are you okay?”


“Happiness makes everyone look younger than they are, Anger! I’m older than you. So in a way I’m you’re older, better sister!” Joy cocked her head to the side, a grin plastered on her perfect, sweetheart lips. “You know how you were born, right?”

“Yeah, Eve bit the apple and tad a, you think I’m an idiot?!”

“Well we were made before that right? Back when the garden was young and untainted by sin” she still smiled but Joy’s tone turned slightly sour as she recounted the birth of the seven sins. Anger’s face went tomato red. “Ah ah ah, no angry face!” Joy pinched Anger’s cheek. “Not unless you want to go to jail”.

“No. I. Don’t.” Anger glared as Joy brought out her hand. Begrudgingly Anger took it, perhaps giving a rougher shake than needed.

“Wow, what a great handshake you got there! Maybe we can put it to some use! Welcome to your specially fitted therapy Anger, made especially for you!” Joy bopped Anger’s nose and pirouetted outside laughing her sing song giggle. Stomping, Anger followed the joyous woman, picturing her hand wringing the blonde’s neck.

Beside the building there was a highway littered with garbage. Joy pulled out gloves and two plastic bags out of her purse. Anger blinked.

“They already tried community service with me, I wouldn’t be here if it had worked” Anger huffed, feeling the need to scream. Calmly Joy put her hair in a ponytail before throwing the gloves at Anger’s face. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR YOU COW?”

“We are going to have some friendly competition. The person to collect the most garbage wins, okay? We’ll weigh it on my scale afterwards, alright?” Joy looked up at anger, her blue eyes meeting the angry green.

“FINE! I’LL BEAT YOU, NO DOUBT!” with that anger pulled on her gloves, only to see Joy’s garbage bag was already a quarter full from her head start. Anger’s screaming had put her behind. Madly, Anger picked up garbage left right and center to catch up until the grass was free of litter. When Anger looked up in triumph, her two bags full, she was greeted by the sight of five bags stuffed to the brim so that they barely closed. Joy beamed down at her, sitting in a tree and eating an apple.

“Delicious, how are you feeling Anger?” Joy called down from her branch. Her question was greeted by a chorus of swearing. She only smiled wider. “Tut tut, remember! Orange jump suits clash with red hair.”


“Alright, time for step number two!” Joy jumped down from her limb, falling on her feet with a series of apples showering around her. Joy was left unharmed but one managed to hit Anger head on, creating a red welt her forehead. Joy snickered, Anger going from red to a light shade of purple as she kept herself from exploding.

Anger, after a moment of quiet fuming, followed Joy into her van, loading the bags in the back. We’ll weigh them later, not that there’s really any doubt who won! Again that damned laugh filled Anger’s ears.

The van stopped in from of a gym. As they walked in Anger was hit by the stench of sweating bodies and spilled energy drinks. Joy walked over to the weights, pulling one up with one hand and asking Anger to lay down under it. Anger did as she was told, closing her eyes momentarily to get into the zone.

“How is this supposed to help?” Anger opened her eyes to glare up at Joy. Without answering the blond dropped the weight in Anger’s hand, pushing the breath out of her.

“Competition number deux! Let’s see who can push the weights up the most!” Joy grinned as Anger struggled to bring the weight away from herself once. In the end, after much grunting and with Joy spotting her, Anger managed to do twenty four.

With her breathing labored Anger sat up, Joy taking up the weight and putting it down on the ground.

“Great job! Here, you spot me now” Joy picked up her weight and lay down without letting Anger touch it. In five minutes Joy was done after getting to fifty. Anger’s face went from a light to dark purple.

“Looks like I won again!” Joy took Anger’s hand. “How you doing now?” Anger murmured a few complaints, embarrassed about being out done a second time.

“Just one more thing to do!” Joy exclaimed excitedly, bouncing out of the gym. Her shirt remained dry while Anger’s was wet after her work out.

“Can’t we just talk about feelings like other therapists and patients do?”

“We are not other therapists and patients, Anger. You’re problem is in the very root of you!” Joy pushed her into the van. Off they drove to a familiar building, Anger’s jaw dropped as she saw who awaited them.

“What is he doing here?” Anger demanded, pointing at her old therapist.

“John said he was willing to help us with our final contest, you know, among friends!” joy explained, her ponytail bobbing merrily side to side. Anger sighed as she got out to meet the man, his square glasses askew on his crooked nose. Mr. Plow’s brown eyes were wide as Anger stalked towards him, it was the first time they had met without her restraints.

“Hello Joy! G-g-good to see you ag-g-gain, Anger!” He winced when speaking the latter name, forcing a smile on his thin lips. Joy walked up and gave him a hug, giving a little jump as she did so. Mr. Plow blushed, Anger grinding her teeth as he did so.

“What is the competition?” Anger asked once the embrace was over, making Mr. Plow jump. Joy laughed, her blue eyes sparkling, as she answered.

“We are going to see who John has the most fun with!” Mr. Plow nodded. “We each get fifteen minutes, and the other will wait in my office while the other spends their time with him. In the end he will get to decide who was the funnest to hang out with!”

“Funnest isn’t a word” Anger corrected, trying to dampen the mood; she failed.

“Who first?” Mr. Plow asked, his gaze flickering from Joy to Anger nervously.

“Anger of course, you two have some catching up to do, no?” Joy bounced, skipping into Anger’s old therapist’s office. Mr. Plow watched after her, then to his clock.

“fifteen minutes starts now…” Mr. Plow announced, giving a sheepish smile. “So what are we going to do now?”

“How ‘bout I stuff your face in the snow?” Anger glared, but there was no fire behind her eyes. She sighed and dragged him to a park nearby, sitting on a bench. “You have five dollars? We could get food for the pigeons…”

“Pigeons scare me, they have beady eyes and pointy beaks and all kinds of d-diseases…” Anger rolled her eyes at the Mr. Plow’s concern.

“Are you serious? It sounds like you are the one who needs a therapist! Fine. Just tag along with me and I’ll figure something out for a guy without a back bone…Wheel chair?” Anger entertained the idea for a moment, Mr. Plow audibly gulping in anticipation for whatever horrors she chose to think up.

“You know what? I only have fifteen minutes…”

“Actually only t-ten now…”

“Shut up! Fine. Wanna, like, hear a joke or something?” Anger tried to make her voice soft, instead causing it to sound unnatural and cold. Mr. Plow shivered then shrugged. “Okay, um…Yo momma so dumb she got locked in a grocery store and starved!”

“My mother died of cancer last year…”

“You know what? I GIVE UP! WHAT DO YOU WANNA DO?” Anger demanded, grabbing Mr. Plow by the collar.

“Um…how about a knock knock joke? Since w-we’re short on t-time?” he suggested, hands up in surrender. Anger sighed, starting their walk back.

“Knock knock!”

“Wh-who’s there?’


“This isn’t going to be dirty, is it?” Mr. Plow worried. Anger rolled her eyes. “I mean, um, Les who?”

“Les hear another knock knock joke!” Anger explained, Mr. Plow looking at her in wonder. After a brief moment he laughed, eventually it growing into a loud guffaw.

“I don’t know any more knock knock jokes…” Mr. Plow admitted. “How long have you been working with Joy?”

“It’s my first day!” Anger wailed. “I’m already ready to murder her.”

“Hmmm” Mr. Plow said to himself smugly. “She’s pretty good…”



“Time’s up!” Joy bounded towards them, pointing to the office where Anger could go wait. As Mr. Plow followed Joy away Anger stomped inside the building, the three men from before drinking coffee. When they saw her each one froze.

“Anger!” the biggest one managed; the other two unable to move, let alone speak. “I thought you were going to see Joy for therapy…”

“I am in therapy right now….Joy is out with Mr. Plow, is that problem?” The larger man shook his head vigorously. They all waited in steaming silence until Joy returned. In she came like a source of light, smiling like today was the best day of her life.

“I won again! Right John?”

“Yes, I definitely enjoyed spending time with you the most Joy” he said confidently…hiding behind the blond woman trembling. Anger rose to her feet but rather than pull out his thinning brown hair she sighed.

“I’m too tired to be angry…” she said reluctantly, letting her shoulder’s sag at the amazement of everyone but Joy, who only beamed the brighter.

“So you feel tired and…?”


“Another emotion!” Joy exclaimed, hugging her. Anger frowned.

“Am I supposed to be ‘joyous’ right now or something?”

“Nope, but you will be. Anger, you won the first competition!” Joy admitted looking to the side innocently. “I stuffed all my bags with Styrofoam that I brought with me when you weren’t looking. Then the second was yours too! I have you fifty more pounds than me to lift, so technically I cheated and have officially lost. Plus with Mr. Plow…”

“He enjoyed my company more?” Anger said in astonishment, a foreign, light feeling coming over her. Joy shook her head.

“No…but I fixed it that way. Trust takes time to build up and Mr. Plow and I are dating so if he didn’t have more fun with me than the woman who threatened him I’d be really upset and surprised…So that challenge was unbeatable” Joy giggled, this time the sound was inviting to Anger.

“That’s amazing!” she copied Joy’s smile. “I won!”

“And now look at you Anger! You’re feeling the best emotion of them all!” Joy hugged her. “Joy!”

“Another success story” Mr. Plow stated shyly.

“Know what would make me feel even happier Joy?” Anger questioned, returning the hug.

“What’s that?”

“TO KILL YOU!” Anger exploded. “I’M SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY YOU TRICKED AND CHEATED ME ALL DAY! I’M GOING TO DESTROY YOU!” Joy yelped and ran away from Anger’s grasp, leaving the building with Mr. Plow in tow, the three men holding her back.

Now Anger has a second name; Prisoner 956725.

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