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A quickie write...about evil little girls, monsters, and powers.

Submitted: July 28, 2010

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Submitted: July 28, 2010



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Nina gulped as she made her way across the playground. In her hand she held a bagged lunch with five dollars hidden underneath. Before her soon leaned the Petal sisters.Today they were in sun dresses.

Molly, the taller one, stepped forward and took the bag, a cigarette hanging from her mouth. Ever since the grown ups had disappeared she had been in charge.Molly had twisted blond hair and tawny eyes that made boys breath ragged and brought girl’s gazes to their feet. In short, she was their leader.

The younger sister, Wendy, had short blond hair and wide grey eyes that were not nearly as intimidating. Her powers were kinder, just used for evil purposes.

Nina watched Molly rummage threw the bag with snake-like fingers, grunting some unknown sister language that brought Wendy to her side.

“What is this?” Wendy chirped, looking at Nina with sympathy. The little girl sputtered, at the age of six she was still a child and not very articulate. Molly sneered, taking the five and squishing the bag under her foot.

“Peanut butter and jam” Wendy now held the sandwich in her sausage hands. She was chubby but no one dared say so, saying something like that towards either of the Petal sisters was heresy, a word Molly had learned from the dictionary. Nina was unsure what it meant but it was defiantly not a good thing and could mean a terrible punishment.

“Is this an attempt at assassination?” Molly, at the age of twelve, was the oldest of them all. At least, the oldest to stay after the bug appeared. It had chosen her, thus all children now obeyed her. “You know I’m allergic to nuts!”

“No…no I d-didn’t! I’m sorry…it’s what I eat everyday” Nina pleaded, Wendy’s brow creased in worry.

“She really didn’t, I believe her Molly” Wendy pleaded, touching her forehead as she saw so. A psychic. Many had been chosen by the bug to be blessed with powers, but they had been killed off by Molly, all but Wendy.

I will not kill my little sister! She had insisted on her judgment day, petting that horrid monster on the head. The thing that was even scarier than the death was the fact the creature loved her so much, purring into Molly’s touch.

“She must be an example Wendy; I can not let things like this happen…” Molly warned. Nina felt the ghost fingers on her throat, rhythmically tapping her jugular. With one quick movement she could tear it out. The cigarette fell out of Molly’s mouth as she approached, eyes narrowed.

“She doesn’t have to be it! Let her live Molly…”

“Would you rather take her place?” Molly cast a warning glance at her sister. The younger quieted, tears brimming in her eyes as Nina’s scream was cut short by a gurgling. Children gathered round at the bloody sight, the neck crushed at the middle.

A child’s laugh pierced the air. All eyes lay on Molly, wide and fearful as she twirled in Nina’s blood.

“Someone get me a cigarette, it is time to celebrate! Feed Bugs, time to feed Bugs Bunny!” she sang, half mad. Wendy hung her head, at the age of seven already understanding the ways of the world.

The playground shuddered, the ground shifting under the children’s feet. Out sprang the head of what looked like a worm with the colouring and face of a caterpillar. Its mouth, full of sharp teeth and pinkish saliva, opened in a dog-like greeting. It was eight feet long and four feet thick. Without a moment of hesitation Molly flung her arms around its neck and sung all the louder.

“Someone get me a cigarette, it is time to celebrate! Feed Bugs, time to feed Bugs Bunny!” the monster brought itself over the bleeding Nina, grabbing her thin legs with its oval mouth and slurping her body inside. Molly smiled all the wider, sun dress flowing around her with every step.

Wendy took a step forward and touched the beasts head. Everyone stilled, even the previously caroling Molly. Her grey eyes fluttered as she mouthed secret words.

“I knew it…after all this I knew it…” Wendy whispered, making everyone lean in to hear. “The parents didn’t leave because of you…She had the power all along…”

“What are you saying?” Molly glared, oxygen beginning to be slowly pulled from her sister’s lungs. Control of the air, including its pressure in specific areas, was her elder’s power. Wendy looked at her, eyes watery.

“Yes the beast mutated us…after you mutated it! You powers…How could Molly? Killing Mommy and Daddy? Letting their experiment loose? Just because they experimented on you…”

“Shut up!” Molly stomped her foot, sending her little sister flying back.

“You promised never to kill your little sister…not because you care…but because you can’t! They made a barrier! YOU CAN’T KILL ME!” Wendy screamed, surging forward. Her hands grasped around Molly’s throat, her hands truly squeezing out the light in those tawny eyes.

“They made...a barrier…in my mind…Scientists you know…I never meant…for you to…mutate as well…damn Bugs…” The monster turned at its name, making no attempt to save its child master. When Molly fell down to the ground, her face white and dead, the other scavenged children gathered up her remnants. Into the mouth of her own parent’s creation they fed her, Molly and her damned cigarette.

© Copyright 2018 Risely B Riddled. All rights reserved.

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