What corporate has given to us

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Its a real story of my professional life.What I write, is the experiences that I have encountered during life.

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013




What corporate has given to us


She was crashed totally. What to do? Perhaps that’s worst moment of her life. Sometimes she cursed God, sometimes to Doctor. But nobody can do anything now. Even any girl will break after that incident.

Priyanka, a young professional girl, whom CSSian knew as a most intellectual, most talented and good looking girl. I saw her at A47- sector 58, Noida first time in 2010. She remained busy with work and remained serious about her work. Whenever she came to breakfast, she used to come with her teammates and same during the lunch time.

Even when time has changed, girl needs a boy to share her life, boy needs a girl to share his thoughts, but she didn’t have any boyfriend. She was a simple, descent and well cultured Indian girl. She talked less and dedicated to work. I also like to say, she was very punctual for office timing, came at 9 and leave at 6.30 pm.

After few months her team dissolved and she moved to new building- CSS Noida Campus Sector 62 for newer project (stuff).

This generally happens, when you are in Corporate, then shifting/moving is quite possible. If you are perfectionist in you work then you will be either move to newer and better team or loaded with ample amount of work. That’s we call as “I am getting good exposure”. Why I am deceiving myself, why I am disguising myself, Why I am hiding true from myself, Why????

If this is an exposure so might be we are Trained Tiger of a zoo who is jumping, playing, roaring and making public happy when his Master beat him with straight stick like our Kind hearted Manager(from outside- very cruel from internal heart) giving us task to complete till EOD. And if somebody from his team is in some trouble he even refused to give him a one day holiday.

But that’s corporate, that give us money to survive our family. Actually we are hiding our self, we are hiding our troubles and giving it name “Surviving my family”. That’s ridiculous.


Part 2- Noida Campus

I thought many times what to write in this section. Am I able to showcase her from here or am I able to write anything about Priyanka or will this be fair for Priyanka. It took 3 days to think over this. Perhaps everyone needs to withstand toughness of life since everyone has heart and God has given immense strength in our heart. It depends on us how to realize that power. All these things running in my mind and then I promised myself to continue writing about her. If I’ll be able to wake up a single person on this earth then definitely my life will be useful.

At least we can have another hope as we have in our whole life. I remember a sentence of a movie “Umeed par Duniya Kayam hai”  (means- World stands on a ray of hope)

Priyanka started her work from Campus. She lived a life as any other professional lady in this Corporate World.

As an Indian family wants to marry their daughter as soon as possible, at an early age. Perhaps, they consider daughter like their duty or burden to them that’s why they go for early marriage. At these age groups, boys consider themselves as they are independent then, Why not girls are independent or free to enjoy their life span. So Priyanka’s family also wanted to marry her as soon as possible.

One day a reputed family came to her Home and they were fully satisfy with the Priyanka. The boy named Karan was also very smart, good looking and working in HP New Delhi. He was Senior Software engineer in HP. Perhaps Priyanka got everything that a girl required. She was also very much impressed with Karan’s way of talking, behavior and smartness. Actually we cannot predict nature of the person who is standing in front of you in arrange marriage. So Priyanka can only make certain guesses for Karan. Everything was going fine. Their families were also ready and willing to marry them. They married after 3 months. This was during the April of year 2011.

They were both happy as any other couple after marriage. Marriages not only bond two families but also two great hearts who are waiting from last many years to meet and to share their thoughts, to withstand every phases of life with each other, to complete their individual life and to express your love with whom who is dedicated towards you.

So they were both happy as well with their marriage. Within next 8 months (during Dec,2012), another good news came to couple’s life. Karan and Priyanka were blessed with the baby girl. She was already on maternity leave from last 4 months. So she had already been utilized her all kinds of leaves (EL/CL and RL- Who made this hell. Even a girl on maternity has restricted (counted) no.  of leaves. Uhh)

Well we are in corporate. Not even in corporate, every section of employment in this world has this rule. Why only Girl faces situation like this. I am disappointed as I have also being part of this phase. I know what has happened to my Sister.

I am leaving here for a short span, perhaps after writing like above; I have not much strength to write something more. “Thode time baad likhunga”(will write after sometime). Let me take some rest for some moments. I am really very very sorry my lovely Sister- Sarika.




Part 3: Am I yours

Both couples were very happy and their daughter made her Papa a luckiest man on the earth. Priyanka and Karan had started attaching emotional feelings with her daughter. They named their daughter – Nirbhaya

  Nirbhaya was very cute and a small smile also brought smile on their parents’ face after their long hour of office works.  They were really very happy for this fortunate moment.

After 3 months on March 2013 unfortunately, that day arrived that suddenly shocked newer couple. Priyanka couldn’t able to react. What to do???.

Her little baby wasn’t feeling good from last few weeks. One day she was trying tried to call her with her little fingers. But she couldn’t. Priyanka, after seeing this drastic change, called Karan. As he was busy in office, he urges his Manager to leave early as her wife is facing some problems. His manager agreed and sends him to home soon.

He reached to office and met with Priyanka. On a very first instant, she told everything to Karan. They both decided to bring their 3 months old daughter to nearby Hospital – Fortis Sector 62, Noida (One of most expensive and most untrusted hospital in Noida). As we mostly go for nearest option and so they also went. But they were not expecting that their life will get change after this.

Doctor treated her like serious patient. Priyanka asked doctor is everything alright or something is wrong. Doctor told her that she’s having some problems in Legs and you should admit her in Fortis so that she could be cured easily.

Karan and Priyanka were very shocked after listening this. Doctor give them some relief by saying everything is fine, no need to worry. She will be alright soon within 2 weeks and your daughter will be same as early. After sometime they both decided to admit Nirbhaya in Fortis. She admitted soon and doctor demanded to submitRs50, 000 at cash counter for initial process. Karan submits the amount at the counter.

Now Nirbhaya was on patient bed. The 3 month girl who does not know about the Hospital and who doesn’t see the world fully, now was on bed with still having the smiling face and looking Priyanka with small eyes. Perhaps she wanted to ask from Priyanka  “ Mamma why are you crying, I am playing with a new toy”. Priyanka and Karan decided to stay one by one with their daughter. For some days Karan will take leave and for rest of the days Priyanka will be on leave as everything will be fine in 2 weeks.( As both have finished their leave and Managers were so great that they said both you have to deliver this task within their date of deliveries and then they will be allow to take leave. But somehow both manage to take leaves).


So the schedule started- Karan took leaves and Priyanka continued their work. After she returned from office she went to hospital and Karan returned back to room and did his office work as he had to deliver a issue within 3 days (What the hell is this type of issue?? Is it important than his daughter. But…but…but still we are working since we have responsibility to run our sweet home. We are deceiving ourselves).

One week went like this. Priyanka asked doctor about her daughter’s present status. He said they require more time and deposit around 1 lac rupees in counter for further processing. (We call Doctor as second God. If God is like this then I must say that I have no believe onto God).

But they were helpless. Again submit the stated amount. Now it was Priyanka’s turn for leave and she took one week leave. Now after Karan arrival she left the hospital and did her office work. On one side, her daughter’s condition was getting worsen day by day on other hand her boss was calling her regularly by saying that her daughter will be taken care by her Husband. This is what happens in a well known and highest rated projects.


After one week she returned to office and work as a regular employee. She said everything to her boss but her boss refused to grant her more leaves stating that she is critical resource to team, having dependencies and so it is impossible for him to give leave. Nothing was coming in her mind what to do next? She requested her Manager many times but she rejected her every appeal.


Then sooner she took a shocking decision of her life. She resigned the company. She only told a sentence which I couldn’t forget “Meri to bacchi hi life hai.. wohi sab kuch hai mere liye. Job ka kya karungi main agr meri bacchi hi……….”. ( My daughter is life for me. What will I do if my daughter is no……). She cried.

Manager scolded her why she resigned so early. 3 months before she was on maternity leave and not doing any work and now she has resigned soon. Why??? But she was speechless.  She only said a thing my daughter is in danger.

She asked her manager to reduce the Notice period. ( One thing must surely be noted for Corporate that once you are fruitful for your company then company will be fruitful towards you but if one instant somebody does a small mistake then company and managers behave like they don’t have any relation with you or they even don’t know you or they do not know Who is Priyanka??). After her continuous urge, he decided to reduce her notice period. He gave her a 3 week notice period and said her to deliver KT(Knowledge transfer) to newer joinee.

On other side her daughter’s conditions getting more worsen. Karan had deposited 1 lac more to Fortis and it marked the total of 2.5 lack for 4 month old girl and from last 3 weeks.

She started giving KTs and finishing her newer works assigned by that rude manager. She got frustrated and said again please lower down the work load as she is having less time. But manager underestimate her everytime.

Now her last days were approaching near. Her daughter could not be diagnosed by well specialized doctors. She was still overloaded with work load. She wanted to leave CSS soon before one week. She contacted her Manager. Her manager totally neglected her voice. She return to her cubicle and feel disappointed. As my friend Rajiv was in her team, so he asked about the matter. She told everything. Since in the critical project every resource dedicated to it will also be critical. So my friend was also a critical resource. He helped her to relieve the work load for next week and contacted to Manager that other guys are ready to complete her rest of the work. Manager finally agreed for this and she was freed before one week. She sooner reached to the hospital.


She looked her baby. She was still smiling but with little pain.  Doctors were seriously looking her. Extra one week reached. It has been 4 week, since Nirbhaya was on bed.

There was not even a minute difference in Nirbhaya’s condition. Priyanka asked doctor why she is not getting cure. Doctor finally decided resolution to problem. They told Priyanka that we need to do some urgent operation as Nirbhaya is not getting better and after operation everything will be fine and you need to deposit 2 lac more for this operation. Priyanka was stunned after seeing this. But she could do everything for her little doll- Nirbhaya.

They deposited the required amount for the operation. Then operation started soon and innocent Nirbhaya was under the big machines.

She operated for 2 hour. Doctor come out after the operation and what they say broke Priyanka totally. They said “Sorry” we cannot cure your daughter. She will have permanent defects in legs. We tried our best till now but its your fault that you came late. She is having this problem from 2 months before their arrival and it has been reached to that level where she could not cure properly.

I don’t know who is at the fault side.  So it was Doctor’s fault or that hell corporate Manager’s fault who does not give early leave to Priyanka. Doctor watching her rigorously from last 1 month and have already taken huge amount of money and still she could n’t cured properly. Manager was so rude about her, whose political mind ruined her totally.

Priyanka was speechless. She lost totally. She was crying continuously as nothing was in her hands. Sometimes she thought about greatest time spent with her daughter and after sometime thought for the worst incident happened in her life.

We generally read in religious books that whatever we are facing today its due to various sins/doer that we have done in our previous life. We are in trouble because of this. Then I just want to ask where is God now. If we are here to release our sin of previous birth then why God give us life, why he is not helping to move out if these troubles. Cann’t we live good, cann’t we spent our life with all good doer. Why he has made this chain. Why he doesn’t make every man a good natured. Why we are money minded, we are dependent, politician. Why not everything is perfect. Is God also bounded by some power? Why????


Priyanka was thinking what she has done. What will she do for her daughter. She thought that if she could resigned corporate then perhaps everything would be fine. She will be playing with her daughter. But time has passed, no one couldn’t do anything. She was cursing herself for this incident. Even she couldn’t blame the corporate manager as he release her before this, she couldn’t blame Doctors as they do their best.

That’s what a corporate has given to us. We are not having time for us, for family, for beloved ones. And we are running continuously. Where we have our last station of Journey, where we are always chasing someone, where we are going?? No one knows and still we are running and running along with chaos. We are like paper boat which is flowing with the stream of water with no end of journey.

Her daughter was looking her parents furiously like she was asking what they have done for her. Is she their daughter?. She was not smiling anymore and just crying and her unstoppable tears were asking a question to Priyanka “Am I yours- mamma”.

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