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I continue to smile for you , Ignoring every problem that comes my way.

Short!But I like it

Submitted: January 23, 2010

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Submitted: January 23, 2010



At the beginning of our walk to a paved road after our birth , The two of us were smiling together.From time to time , I see you frown.But I still continue to smile , Ignoring the problems that would hurt me and letting you leave me behind so that you wouldn't see me cry.Then the tears turned into sorrow and the sorrow turned into anger.

I then catch up with you on the way to that Golden town , Smiling once again so that your sorrow may not worsen.Out of ignorance , you neglect the feelings of others and now you complain of how weak your stature has been.I would have loved to tell you that you were already weak from the very beginning our paths has crossed.But refused , Since it would weigh your problems , Though was the only solution to get that burden off your back.

And the people around , Don't know what to do......It's been happening ever since, And I'm atleast glad that you've realized it now.But I can only guess that you're already too late.....I'm sorry.

"It's's not your fault" That irritating voice is back again...! What the hell do you want?

"Can't you see I'm comforting you!" It's far from comforting , When a person is in disspointment like this , You should give some space. I growled at the voice , My throat also pained from the vibration in my neck.

"Dissapointed in what?"The voice asks, Her agenda already revealed.Don't change the subject! ....I don't know!Alright! not being able to comfort that child.I felt a sense of a doll being put away , A useless aura in my soul.I found my culprit for the unwanted dissapoinment.

I sigh unable to do anything , again.I look up in the sky , Hoping to lose myself at it's beauty."You may be weak , But I'm useless.When we cross paths again , I wish to make you smile.Hoping that it'll be true"

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