The Fights of Life

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This is gonna be a story of a young man named Ricky who has a hard life, and one day at the grocery store will began to change his life, and he doesn't even know it! (it has some mature content)This will be the first chapter!

Submitted: July 06, 2013

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Submitted: July 06, 2013



It was a hot, and dry summer day in El Paso, Texas and young 21 year old Ricky Houston was dreading the day he decided to wear pants on a day where the temperature was 103 degrees fahrenheit. Ricky was headed off to the grocery store to buy his family some much needed food. Ricky was raised from the slums he didn’t get a great start in life considering his father beat his mother almost to death and left them with nothing, not even a house to live in. Ricky was only left with a very injured mother and two younger sisters to watch after, and Ricky was only 6 when his dad left them. That day had left Ricky broken in an emotional sense, and he made a promise to himself saying he will never let another man hurt the women in his life. Now that Ricky is 21 he is working as much as he can to work to support his family of his two younger sisters: Susan, and Mimi both at the age of 14 and his mother Lorisa, and she is still recovering from the horrific beatings her ex husband Thomas gave her. As Ricky was thinking back to his horrific past he had finally arrived at the grocery store and he gathered as much he could with only 30 dollars in his pocket, and as he approached the checkout, he heard an argument nearby between a man and a woman, and the tension between the two were quickly began to rise and you could feel it like a grenade about to set off.

“You’re always bitching about how I don’t support you, well dammit I am here helping you buy food with my own damn money!” Yelled the man.

“One day out of the rest of the 364 days you decide to get off your ass and do something with your life!” The woman screamed back.

The man looked furious as if he were to erupt and unleash all hell in that one store, and then the man with all his might slaps the woman on her face. The sound the slap made was like Thunder hitting an erupting volcano.

“You NEVER talk to me like that in public again! No you know what? You never talk to me again I am leaving you forever, you ungrateful bitch!” The man furiously scowled at the woman.

The woman began to sob and as she turned around you could see a giant red mark from where the man’s hand had struck her. Ricky witnessed the entire outbreak and he was having a flashback of his father beating his mom and leaving him, and Ricky was starting to crack and was about to have a breakdown, but instead he decided to find the man and have a few words with him.

“Hey you punk that just slapped this woman.” Ricky said out loud.

“Are you talking to me? Are YOU talking to me?!” The man began to shout once more.

“Yeah I’m talking to you, listen I don’t care what kind of heat you got between you and your woman, but that NEVER gives you the right to hit her, and call her names like that, especially not in public.” Ricky replied back with rage in his voice.

The man was boiling mad his face began to turn a bright red, his body shaking with rage flowing through his entire body, his veins started popping out as he began to erupt and then he began to say “You’ve made me VERY ANGRY and now I can’t control what I am going to do to you, you meddling good for nothing kid!”

Once the man finished his last word he charged straight for Ricky and began to attack, but Ricky was not going down without a fight and he began to defend himself. Ricky was fighting back like a champion by making all the right moves with hits and blocks and ended up knocking out the man. Ricky himself was amazed by how well he defended himself considering he has never been a true violent type, and has never been in an actual fight. The entire crowd at the grocery store just stood and stare in awe and in fear of Ricky, and the woman who was arguing with the man approached Ricky and said “Oh my gosh you really stood up to him for me?”

Ricky replied “I just couldn’t bare any man to hit or hurt any woman, are you okay?”

The woman smiled and answered “Yes thank you so much you’re my hero I am glad you were here, I wish more men could be just as nice and wonderful as you. I am sorry I am Nicole, and who are you if I may ask?”

Ricky responded with “Well I am Ricky, and who was that horrible guy? Why would he even think of hitting a beautiful girl like you?”

Nicole smiled and giggled and said “Why thank you for the compliment well at least I know you’re something he is not: a gentleman, and his name is Vlad, he was my boyfriend, but he never did treat me right, you treated better than he has in the past few months.”

Ricky showed a slight smile and then asked “Well if you don’t mind me asking how, and when did Vlad come into your life?”

Nicole sighed and answered “Well it was a few years back when I was just a student wanting to explore the world and I got an internship in photography over in Russia, and I was so happy, because I got the chance to leave the U.S and go travel the world a little bit. Once in Russia I started taking photos so quickly I ran outta film in just mere minutes, so once I was outta film I tried and to find a store that sold film, and while I was walking by I saw 3 ambulances pass by me so quick that I almost fell over. I rushed to see what had happen and I walked into a rather large gym and a cage with a man inside shirtless and a pair of boxing shorts on, he was a tall, muscular, tan, blonde hair man and he looked like he was ready for anything. I ran quickly inside and asked him: What happened? and he told me that those were sparring partners numbers two hundred and 45,6, and 7 of this month. I was shocked and then later asked him what was he doing, and he answered doing what I love.... to fight, and I been doing this for 14 years, since I was 10 I always loved to fight, and I guess I can’t find a partner strong enough to handle my fight, but maybe you could be my partner, and not have to handle my fight, but maybe my love instead. He was actually quite attractive and I fell for him, and we stuck tighter than Romeo and Juliet. Today when I saw you take down Vlad like that I was so shocked I mean he has been doing fighting for years, but you took him down like he was only a rookie. I just thought he would never turn like that, but maybe me and you could talk sometime, because I would really like to know the hero who saved me from that brute a little better.”

Ricky flirtatiously then said “Well I wouldn’t want to disappoint a lovely young lady like yourself now, I wanna show you how to smile again, so how about we discuss over dinner sometime?”

Nicole smiled greatly and replied “Well how sweet of you here me at my place and pick me up Friday at 6 okay?” as she wrote down her address on a piece of paper.  

Ricky smiled and answered “I’ll be there.” as he got the paper from Nicole.

After that they both went their separate ways home and as Ricky realized two things as he got home: he finally scored his first date ever in his life, and he forgot the groceries back at the store.


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