Yes, It Hurt When I Fell

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I drew a picture, based on that pick up line. Something like, did it hurt when you fell from Heaven because you look like an angel. Or whatever, I dunno. Anyway. A picture. And now a poem.

Submitted: November 07, 2012

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Submitted: November 07, 2012



The fall was painfully long,

In my ear the wind played a frantic song,

My wings twisted and sapped,

I closed my eyes as the thunder clapped,

White fabric of my dress whipped in the rush,

My screams died long ago and now there is a hush,

Tears streak and fly up instead of down,

I’m going to die again I think as I frown,

A fallen angel heading for earth,

My heart has lost all mirth,

Panic and pain,

My once white wings now a big blood stain,

I close I eyes and sigh,

There is nothing I can do if I die,

There is a clam in letting go,

As the earth seems to grow,

Closer and closer I descend,

The days have long ago started to blend,

Smash crunch crack,

I hit the ground with a loud smack,

Bloodied feathers litter the ground,

Other than my heart and breath there is no sound,

My eyes snap open as I am hit with hurt,

My dress and wings are burnt,

I fell so fast,

Yet so much time has past,

My body feels wrong,

My legs should be twice as long,

I look around and see myself scattered around,

Yet my only thought is “why didn't I die when I hit the ground?”

I patch myself together,

Mourn the loss of many a feather,

My hair was burnt away,

As I stand I sway,

My eyes and mind are dull with pain,

I am on earth once again,

I put on my halo,

Then I decide it's time to go,

I walk and walk,

But never do I talk,

I stay silent and walk on by choice,

Too afraid to hear even my own voice.


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