Caffè Del Sogno

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Some dream can be created in everywhere, even in a place that you didn't expect before

Submitted: June 14, 2017

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Submitted: June 13, 2017



Wednesday, 4th May


Today was a very tough day. First from my university, my homework is pilling up like crazy. After that, my part time job as cashier in supermarket is also steal a lot of my time. Lastly, a group homework after my part time job make me become a car with empty fuel. Right now, the time is 03.00 AM. In my mind, all i have to do is just make my way to my home and lay down in my bed.

I walk to my home using the road that i always walked to my university. The road is almost empty. The only thing that still in the road is street vendor on the side of the road, people waiting for a bus, a shop, and a cafè. 

But, the vibe of the street is really somewhat aesthetic for me. I took a few picture before i continue my way to the home. The bag that i carry is feel heavy for me even the contain of the bag is just 4 note, 2 books, pencil case, handphone, powerbank, and bottle of water. The drowsiness is almost eat me and my eyes almost close their windows.

When i walked halfway to my home, i noticed a new cafè opened just now, like right now. The bright light make me forget my drowsiness. I didn't know there will be a new cafe here. "So, there will be 2 cafè around this area, huh?", i thought. Because it steal my attention , i tried to go inside the cafè. 

When i step in, a bell above the door make a classic enterance sound inside cafè. The table is also well organized. The vibe also really soothing and the area is also not to small, but also not too large. Then, an old man appear from a door in bartender area. "Ahh....i see. Welcome to grand opening of this cafè son". He speak friendly to me. He look like a man around 50 - 60 years old, but his spirit is still like a 20 - 30 years old and he didn't look tired like people around his age. 

"Uh....thank you.....but, it's 03.00 AM, right?" "Yes, i know that. Why do you ask that?" "It's still early in the morning to grand opening the cafè. Like, people around this area is still sleeping when it still 03.00 AM", i replied. Then, he just laugh and talked to me, "Hahahaha. It dosen't matter. Beside, i have a customer come here around this time, right? Hahahaha" 

Well......technically, his statement is right, I'AM the customer. But, like, the purpose of the cafè is a gathering place for a lot of people to relax and chill right, not just for 1 or few people. So, what's his purpose to open his cafè so early? My mind then start play negatively. Maybe, he's part of a gang or mafia. Or maybe, he trying to murder or poison me! 

"Uuuuhhh...maybe i need to go home right now, sir. I..uh...have somthing to do....", trying to escape from the place, the old man grab my hand, "Wait a minute, young man". I started to sweat. My feeling is shaking right now, tremble in fear. Scared to life. Maybe, this is my the end for me. Am i going to die early? Is this my game over? 

But then, the old man start speak to me, "Sorry, son.....i'm, uh...i need someone to help me to decore and tidy up this cafè. Will you help me, young man?". I opened my eyes and confused me, "Huh?!" "Did you think something or else, young man?" "Ahhh...nothing! Nothing...sorry, i was spaced out there" "Ah, so, can you help me, young man?" "What do you want, sir?" "Tidy up this cafè". I was scared to help, and thinking if this is a criminal thing or just ordinary cafè. I scared if this is a criminal thing, my info, my face, everything will be appeared in all across of media!

"Don't worry, young man. I didn't do harm to anyone else, trust me". What he said to me make me confused should i help him or not. "...Sorry to ask this, sir. But can i trust you?" "Yeah, young man. I'm not lying to you. Old man cannot make a better liar, right?".

After he said that, all i can say is, "'re right. Yeah, i can help you" "Thank you, young man. Shall we start the clean now?" "Ok, sure"

Then, we start to tidy up the place. Mop the floor, wiping the tables and the windows, set the tablecloth, tidy up the bartender area, and a lot of cleaning and tidy up. We finished the task at 05:00 AM and i feel very, like VERY exhausted. "Thank you, young man" "'s...okay...." "As my gratitude, i will make you coffee". Then, he start to brew coffee. The smell of coffee emits in the air. The rich aroma of the coffee is really calm me up. "Here, young man. This is my token of gratitude, Caffé macchiato. Spero che ti piaccia"

He give the coffee in front of me in the table. I grab the cup and drank the coffee. Not lie, his coffee is really good. The taste is really tasteful in my mouth. The feeling of the coffee is also calm me. But then, my head feel heavy. I cannot think anything,


Suddenly, i woke up in my house, in the bed. I feel like last time i was in some cafè and then my vision is blurred and black out. What happened? I tried to gather the memory fragment in my mind. Then i shocked, "HUH?! Maybe i was robbed!", then i strated to check my bag to find my stuff. After i seach everything in my house, and also my bag, strangely, i didn't lost anything. I also panicked because i almost late for university. But then, i feel something in my pocket. When i grab it, it was a note. 


"Young man, thank you for your help to tidy up my cafè. It mean a lot for me. About the little incident, you suddenly fall asleep after taste my coffee. Don't worry, everyone has different effect when they taste coffee for the first time, it didn't do anything harm to you. Oh and by the way, i'm your teacher, specifically, your new university teacher. I teach Italian language, i hope i can see you in my class. Also, i give you permission for today to rest at your home. Don't worry, i will take care of it. Once again, thank you

PS : Can i know your name? I need to name my cafè with your name. Also, you can permanently work here. Let's have fun work together, ok? We'll also will open recruitment for the cafè in the university. I wrote this after i take you to the home

Richard Perron"


After reading that, a big relief came out. My joy is overwhelmed. Happiness still cannot describe what i'm feeling right now. It was such a experience for me. Now, i think this is gonna be a new fresh start. All start with that Dream Coffee


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