Missing Tears

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Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



Stone-hearted ever since

Empty feeling haunt my dreams

As my numbness overflow

Ignoring all the world I knew


No matter what I do

I always failed

Always stop in the middle

Stop at nothing


Lost track of my life

Hanging self between failure

What I always missing

That I cannot reach for


Losing melody in my life

What I lose cannot be returned

As I truly tell to myself

I was untrue to the truth


Hoping for miracle come

The darkest day I always pass

Tortured my own self

Behind this wall I cannot break


Staring into the mirror 

That I always see

Portrayed back to my past self

How far I have gone


What do I do?

Why I'm still here?

Living life with endless torment

Ignoring all the reality


Yearning all my loved

Beyond these forgotten time

Broken ties that I never look

Behind all trauma I walked


Single drop of eye fall

The feeling I miss ever since

Coming back to me

Flown through these fragile skin


That feeling still didn't back

I cried with real tears

As what I all passed

Corrupted behind these empty vessel

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