Domestic Violence Hurts

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Domestic Violence. It happens in every culture around the world. But we don't have to live like this!

Submitted: May 30, 2013

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Submitted: May 30, 2013




Domestic Violence Hurts


It will never happen again, he says, wiping your tear-streaked face...You smile through the rain, at the promise on his face.

The second time it happens, like magic, at the door, a dozen blood redroses "I'm Sorry" they implore.

When it happens yet again, your heart is turned to stone, but you can't do it by yourself, you hate to be alone...

Years you suffer, shamed to silence, you hide the bruises well. Retreating into solitude, your empty self-made hell. 

Pretending not notice how your children never smile, or how they never have their friends come visit for a while. 


You slowly start to realize,this hell your living in, is not what God has planned for you, but where do you begin?

Gathering your courage, you slowly make a plan, to take your children far away, and leave the monster man.

Your shaking hands pick up the phone, but fear fills up inside..He's told you once before that you can run but never hide. 

But the silence of your broken home is louder then your fear. Laughter doesn't live here only hatred, pain and fear. 

A stranger in the store last week, implored about her bruises, and handing her a buisness card, said, "When your ready, use this".  

With trembling hands you read the card, and tears roll down your face. For on the card is written words you thought that time erased.

Three little words opon that card could heal the years you've coped. Three little words empowered you, the words were "There Is Hope". 

 A joy you haven't felt so long, burst deeply from within. A power so enlightening,  your head begins to spin.

Hope will start the healing, dry the tears and clear the rain. Hope will bring the laughter back, and take away the pain.

It seems so many years have passed since you have laughed outloud. But hope has cleared up all the rain and moved away the clouds.

This true story is for those whose lives are bound by chains. To bring you hope, to set you free, to take away the pain.

Your worth is more then broken bones and bruises on your face. A child of God, your beautiful, a woman to embrace.

Abusers cannot be healed with love, they will not change their ways. So love yourself little more, have hope and leave today.  \"\"

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