The Princess And The Dragon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A rebellious Princess gets more then she bargains for in this lovely little fairy tale.

The Princess And The Dragon  1 little-girls-fantasy.jpg

 Little Princess Loralei was bored. She had no one to play with. "Why don't you learn to be a Princess," her mother, Queen Merribell said. " It won't be long before YOU will sitting in the Queens throne, you know..

Loralei turned up her pretty little nose at the thought. Learning to be a princess meant wearing silly little dresses, playing silly little instruments, and telling people what to do...She stamped her tiny foot, turned her smile upside down, and yelled, "I don't WANT to be a princess!" 

"Loralei! Go up to your chamber right this very second! Princesses do NOT throw temper tantrums!" Merribell said to her daughter in a voice that left no room for argument. 

For good measure, Loralei stomped up each step, and slammed her chamber door loudly. "I want to PLAY with someone!" she screamed. "I want to go outside and get dirty!"  She went to the tower window and looked out over the kingdom. She watched with envy as the peasant children laughed and played, wishing more then anything that she was there with them.

Suddenly, she had an idea...she rang for her servant girl, Emily, who came immediately to do her ladys' bidding.  "Emily, I want to go outside. Out there. Beyond the castle walls." she pointed out the window. "I want to play with the children, and I want YOU to help me." 

"OH No, miss, you are not allowed to leave the castle! What would your mother say? She will have me skinned alive! Oh, Miss, please don't make me do this..." Emily begged her charge.

3f5d86dbffe74300cdc31248b6eca7e3.jpg"Oh, but you must!" Loralei exclaimed. "It's the only way I'll be able to trick mother and get outside the walls! I want you to switch clothes with me, Emily. That way, I can just walk out like I'm YOU, and YOU can stay here and pretend your ME!" 

"Miss, your mother will skin me alive and throw me to the dogs! Please just think about how much trouble we'll be in!"

"I have an idea! Let's just switch clothes and no one will ever know the difference. Hurry, Emily, strip down and change clothes with me!" said Emily bossing her around. She could be a very headstrong little girl when she wanted something.

Emily sighed, knowing from past experiences that there was no arguing once Loralei got a notion in her pretty little head. She stripped down to her undergarments, and Loralei did the same. She took the dress from her, and her eyes grew big as she felt the silken satin and lace. She had never had a new dress before, much less one so finely made.

Loralei, on the other hand, wrinkled her small nose up in disgust at the odor coming from the Emily's worn, patched and dirty dress. But when she put it on, she could not believe how comfortable it was compared to her stiff, tight dress. She twirled around and could even sit down without being short of breath from her tight, confining dress of lace and silk. She turned to look at Emily and gasped. 

"Why, Emily!" she said to her servant. "You look just like a little Princess!"

Emily looked at herself in the looking glass and couldn't believe her eyes. She DID look like a princess! She curtesied to Loralei, laughing with glee. "I DO, don't I!" she agreed. "Maybe we should STAY this way!"


Loralei peeked out of her chamber door, looking left and then right. "The coast is clear Em, now remember, keep your back to the door, and don't look if mother comes in, just pretend your busy..can you do that for me?"

"Yes, I'll try. But please, Loralei, don't be too long...ok?" Emily pleaded. 

Loralei tiptoed past the library where her mother was sitting and doing her daily reading. The shoes from Emily,made from soft, supple lambskin, were so much more comfortable then her own shoes, and she was able to make it all the way to the servants entrance door and out into the garden unnoticed. She ran all the way down the path to the door that let the house servants in, and ended up in the small village where she heard the children playing. But disappointlingly, there were no children to be found anywhere. Where did they go? She walked to edge of the village, looking this way and that, but no one was around anywhere. She walked through some tall grass, only to find the forest in front of her. The forest where all types of dark legends were born. Dragons lived here, she was told, and children were never to go into the forest for fear of being eaten.


As she stared into the forest, marveling at the feeling of peace that stole over her, she wanted to go further. A path was in front of her, like it was placed there on purpose just for her. Looking back over her shoulder to see if anyone was looking, she stepped onto the path and started forward. How beautiful it was! 

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTIRDOfiL9s4mSwHzR-ymfAs she walked, sounds from the forest filled her ears. The sounds of all manner of bird and beast echoed through the thick boughs of the tree's like music. Entranced, she giggled at the joy she felt bubbling up inside of her. "Halloooo!" she yelled. "It's me, Loralei! I am your future queen! I am brave and strong and walking where little girls shouldn't be!"

She stopped to pick some berries, popping the sweet, juicy red berries in her mouth. "Mmmm! So good!" she said to no one. Not watching where she was going, the forest drew her deeper. It's enchantment had her lost in her own thoughts and looking back, a feeling of dread came opon her. The path was gone. "Oh noooo!" she cried. Looking all around, she could no longer see the path the she had been following. Now how would she ever find her way back?

She sat on a fallen log to think about what she would do...Her mother, surely would send Horatio, the guard, out to find her. She would just sit right here till he came. So much for playing with other children, she thought. The sounds of the forest didn't seem so friendly anymore...and just about a as she was getting ready to cry, a sound of a snapping branch made her stand up quickly and look in the direction it came from. There, by the streams edge, was something so unbelievable, she had to blink and rub her eyes. It was real, after all. Not a myth or a story, but real. A unicorn stood by the water, pure white and looking cautiously this way and that...


"ohhhh," she breathed softly..."Oh my.." The Unicorn pawed the ground for small, new shoots of green grass and then as quickly as it appeared, it vanished into the deep of the forest..leaving a breathless Loralei trembling at the encounter. 

Loralei took breath, after realizing she had been holding it. No one would believe her, she thought. No one. Suddenly, she heard such a commotion that her heart froze.  She hid behind a tree, as shouts of men shattered the stillness of the forest. There, 5 of the castle guards were after something! A dragon, as big as a elephant, came crashing through the forest not more then 50 feet away from her hiding place. She almost screamed out, so great was her fear! Her eyes, as big as saucers, took in the scene before her in shock. The guards, fearless as they were, were almost no match for the beast. His roar shook the forest and the men were nearly scorched alive by the great burst of flame that seared everything in it's path. 

 Slaying+a+Dragon.jpgPeeking out from behind a tree, Loralei watched in horror as the men, some burned alive, all fought for their lives. Suddenly, one brave guard let an arrow fly and it hit it's mark. The Dragons heart. Letting out a great roar, it crashed to ground, shaking the forest around her. Great whisps of smoke curled up and out of it's nose and it lay still, defeated by the well placed arrow. The guards shouted with victory, for they knew that Loralei's father, the King, would pay them handsomely for ridding the kingdom of the great beast. Loralei was so frightened at being discovered, she crouched down and watched as the guards took the dragons teeth and many of it's scales. The king would be so pleased at this victory, they knew, but they needed to bring back proof.  

Then, as quickly as it all began, it was over. The forest was still again, and Loralei felt she could finally come out from her hiding spot behind the great oak. She cautiously approached the fallen dragon, feeling a pang of sympathy for the great beast. She was amazed at the size of it, and as she walked around it, a noise in the nearby brush caught her attention. stopping to listen, she heard the faintest of sounds, like a baby crying. Cocking her head in the direction of the sound, she heard it again...


Part -2   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvlzXfK3aUH7TPiqLCMGB


Loralei walked towards the sound in the brush, and crouching down, she parted the leaves. Before her very eyes, was a very strange sight indeed. A tiny, baby dragon. It looked at her with big blue eyes, startling in it's baby dragon face, and it let out a frightened squeal. 

Loralei was so astonished at what she had found, she fell back on her hind end, bruising herself in the process. "Oh!" she cried. The baby crawled out and Loralei crawled backwards. It sat there looking at her curiously, cocking it's head from side to side. "Oh, your so cute!" she exclaimed when she got over her fear. "oh you poor, poor little baby, was that your mother? Are you all alone now?" she asked the baby dragon. 

In response, the little dragon crawled up on her lap, made little baby dragon sounds, and a small puff of smoke curled out of it's nostrils. She gathered the baby in her arms, and gently rocked it, humming a tune her mother always sang to her at bedtime. She sang: 

"Rock a bye, oh rock a bye, the sun is gone, the moon is nigh...

All little ones are in their beds, with teddies close, they rest their heads.

Sleep tight, dear child, and dream you may, till next the sun brings up the day..."

Her heart melted at this tiny, motherless creature, and she knew she had to bring it home. It was HER dragon, finders keepers. 

She placed the baby in a pocket that was in Emilies dress, and went in the direction that the guards had gone. The forest seemed pleased at her decision, and it seemed as though the trees let through the suns rays to point out the path which she found quickly. She walked slowly, afraid to harm the little dragon, now curled rather cutely into a dragon ball in her pocket.  At last the cool shade of the forest gave way to the sunlit edge of her fathers little kingdom, and looking this way and that, she made her way to servants entrance in the castle. Bromehilde, the cook, was busy in the great kitchen, and didn't even bother to look up. "There you are, Emily!" she called out.."Bring me some potatoes from the root cellar and be quick about it, girl!"  Loralei smothered her giggles with her hand and ran to the stairs that led to her chamber. Her mother was no where in sight. 

When she opened her door, Emily jumped in fright, thinking it was the Queen. "Oh, miss! I was so worried!" she exclaimed, jumping up to her feet when she saw it was her charge. 

"Emily! The most wonderful, amazing, thing has happened!" Loralei said, excitement coloring her cheeks rosy. "Look at what I rescued!". She proceeded to pull the sleeping dragon baby out of her pocket. 

 images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQr4F_5rwuOmcpQVw4mbYm Emily stumbled back in shock, eyes wide open. "Is that a dragon? A real dragon, Miss? Oh, you've gone and done it this time, what will the Queen say or worse yet, your father?"

Loralei got that stubborn look on her pretty face. "I don't CARE what they say! It's mine! I found it! I already love him and he's going to be mine forever!" 

The little dragon looked up at her voice, hearing something in it that he did not like, and he hissed at Emily, causing her to scream. Loralei looked towards the door quickly. Did her mother hear that? 

"Quickly, Em, we have to change back to our own clothes before she comes!" she said nervously. As quick as a flash the two girls changed back into their own clothes, just as Queen Maribelle yelled up the stairs. "Loralei! Is everything alright, dear? I thought I heard you scream."

"Yes, mother! I saw a spider is all!" she yelled back. Emily and Loralei giggled behind their hands and they both stared down at the little dragon who stared up adoringly at Loralei.5+stars+phistars+fantasy+baby_Dragon_2d_ 

"I think you found a friend, miss." Emily said softly. "But whatever will you feed him?"

"Gosh, I'm not sure..what do baby dragons eat?" Loralei pondered. "Maybe some fresh fruit? Veggies? Meat? I just don't know!"

The dragon, fully awake now, was curious about his surroundings and wiggled around in Loralei's hand to get down. They watched in awe as the little guy walked around the chamber room, sniffing this and snuffling that. It tried to stand on it's hind legs to see what was on her night stand, but still unsteady, it rolled over onto it's back and snorted indignantly, a little puff of smoke curling out from his tiny nostrils. The girls fell on the floor, overcome with laughter at the babys antics. Finally, his exploration of her room done, he yawned and crawled up onto Loralei's lap, curled up in his dragon ball, and fell promptly asleep. 

"He thinks your his mum." said Emily. Overcome with love for the precious little thing, Loralei vowed that she would protect the dragon forever.

She grasped hold of Emilys hands, and looked her right in the eyes and said, "You have to promise, the most special promise you could ever think of, that you will never tell, Emily. Your the only one I will share him with if you do. Ok?"

Emily crossed her heart and held up her hand. "I promise I will never tell, or may I be dipped in hot oil, and fed to the hounds." she vowed solemnly. 

"Ok, good. Now you better get down to the kitchen, I almost forgot..Cook needs potatoes from the root cellar. You better hurry, you know how she gets when it's dinner time." Loralei warned her.  

Alone now, Loralei felt her eyes start to close. She was so tired from her adventure. Cradling the dragon baby, she made her way to her bed, and before her head even hit the pillow, she was fast asleep...

Loralei awoke to a strange sensation on her cheek. Like the whispery wings of a butterfly. She opened one sleepy eye, and staring back at her was her new friend. She sat up, stretched her arms lazily, and scooped up the baby dragon in her arms. "Well, hello, little friend," she greeted him. "I think you need a name, dear one. Something brave and strong."

The dragon, as if understanding her every word, made a chirring, chirping sound like a small bird, and flapped it's tiny wings in agreement. 

"Hmmm, what can we call you...Loralei pondered. "I know! How about Fluffy!If dragons could give dirty looks, she could have sworn this one just did "I'm just kidding!" she chuckled. "I think I'm going to call you Ashur, after the Assyrian warrior God that Teacher told me about." The dragon seemed to understand her, because it puffed out it's little chest with a baby roar and a snort of smoke. "I thought you'd like that one, little one." she cooed to him, scooping him up. Ashur melted into an adoring pile of baby dragon in her arms. Just as she was about to set him on her pillow, her mother the Queen walked. Loralei froze, the baby dragon still in her arms. 

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVTheNTJfnmtvGaeEk34K The glass of milk and saucer of cookies Queen Maribelle promptly slipped out of her hand and smashed on the floor. "Loralei!!" the Queen gasped. "Is that what I think it is? A baby DRAGON?!" 

Loralei, knowing she couldn't lie with the evidence in plain sight, had the grace to lower her eyes as she mumbled yes. 

"Get rid of the horrid creature, Loralei, IMMEDIATELY! Maribelle demanded, and quickly spun away to leave. 

At this, Loralei eyes widened in horror. "NO!" she screamed at the top of her lungs startling the sleeping baby out of it's sleep.  The Queen, used to people obeying her, stopped in mid stride. She turned slowly around, and glared at her stubborn, wayward daughter. "Loralei, I am locking this chamber door until further notice. Until I speak with your father, you are to remain here till we summon you down into the library. With that, she slammed shut the door, and Loralei heard the click of the lock as her mother made her a temporary prisoner. 



Pt. 3


,,,,,,,,,,,,,Loralei sat on the edge of her bed, awaiting news of Ashurs fate. She would not give him up, she just wouldn't! Standing up, she placed the dragon in a homemade shoulder sling, and cradled him, safe from harms way. Her father was a kind King, fair, so maybe he would understand. A small knock on her door told her that Emily had come to fetch her to the library. Opening the door, she stepped out with her servant and they both looked at each other with dread. "It will be ok, Miss, you'll see. Your father will decide what's right." Emily assured her. 

Walking down the stairs, they came to the library door and reluctantly Loralei entered. She stood rooted to the spot, and looked up at father just a little defiantly. 

"Ah, Loralei..." he began. "I already see your ready to fight me to the death on this one,"he sighed. A hint of a smile played around his eyes and Loralei felt a great surge of love for her father. "Let me see with  my own eyes what you have done now. What is that you have there in your arms?"

"It's a baby dragon, Father. Our soldiers killed it's mother and it was crying in the woods." She explained, knowing what was coming next..

"The woods? And pray tell WHAT were you doing in the woods? Do you not have rules to follow!? he thundered. "Princesses have no business going into the woods at ALL, much less without supervision...Don't you realize how much danger you could have been in? What if the guards had not been there and the dragon saw you, a lovely little morsel..You would have been it's snack!"

"But father," Loralei interjected. "I am sick to death of this castle! I have nothing to do but sew and play instruments and look pretty! I saw the peasant children playing and laughing and I wanted to do the same thing! I didn't mean to disobey, I didn't!"  She unwrapped Ashur and showed him to her father. "See father? It's just a little baby! It couldn't possibly hurt anyone! Please, oh please may I keep him?"

 images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRNr99bKT9HTAhEgTGdVAQ Her father looked at the little dragon and he had to admit. It was adorable. He felt his heart melt just a little and he looked deep into Loralei's big, blue eyes. "Listen and listen well, daughter. The very first time this creature draws blood or hurts you in any manner. I will kill the creature myself. Is that understood? By the Gods in heaven, I will slay it, as small as it is..."

With those words said, Loralei squealed in delight, and threw herself, unladylike, into her fathers arms...Kissing his bearded cheek, she whispered in his ear. "I knew you'd say yes, father."

"Just heed my words, child," he reminded her. "Safety first. Does this little beast have a name, Lei-lei?" he asked, using her baby nickname.

"Yes, father, his name is Ashur" she answered him. "I named him after the Assyrian god of war." 

He chuckled, called forth the guard, and much to their surprise, told them that no one shall harm the dragon unless the dragon could not be tamed. The queen, beside herself and not in agreeance with his majesty, gave him a withering look before she retired to her chamber. 

b9f13350-20eb-4e5d-8fbb-b7a0837b2d35.jpg  The days passed happily for Loralei and Ashur. He grew quickly, as dragons tend to do, and as if knowing his fate if ever it happened, never did a claw or fang or flame harm the young princess. How he adored the princess! He grew bigger and bigger until Loralei could no longer hold him in her arms. Loralei, too, grew bigger and unlike most Princesses, she was quite talented with a sword and would much rather talk about war strategies then sew a quilt. Her horsemanship skills could outmatch any man in her fathers guard, and it was no strange sight to see Loralei, on her finest steed, and her dragon as they sped across the land. They were the talk of Ravenswood, and people came from far and near to just to see the two of them together. Never had their been such an unlikely friendship. The queen had to admit that since her husband allowed such to happen, her social life had become quite grand. Not to mention the fact that she herself was quite enchanted by the dragon. He was quite intelligent, and he protected her daughter with his life. Loralei grew into quite the beauty, and was the envy of Ravenswood's single young girls.  Queendoms-Horse1.jpg

One day, a currier came from far away to deliver a letter sealed with a wax seal coat of arms from their farthest neighbors. It was from his royal highness, King Jeffery III, who owned the little kingdom near the sea. Excitedly, Queen Maribelle sought out her husband to bring the news the letter announced.


"Husband! Quickly! I've news from King Jeffery!" she told him, her color high from running.

"What is it, my dear, here, sit down next to me and tell me all." he offered. "What could be more exciting then your beauty."

She blushed like a schoolgirl, he could still make her feel that way even after 30 years of marriage. "King Jeffery's son, Prince Jaspar has heard all about Loralei and Ashur, and he has requested a meeting with her!"

"Well!" he answered brightly. "This is wonderful news, indeed! Why, this could mean great things, Maribelle! Prince Jaspar is next in line to inherit a great fortune that his father has built for him. Imagine if we could marry off Loralei how this would affect our whole family! Answer his request straightaway! How many days does his letter say he will arrive?"

"In three day's time!" she anwered in a panic. "Oh dear! We need to prepare! I better tell Cook to gather the servants and get this castle into tip top shape!" She bustled away with a swish of her gown, and ran to find cook, much to her husbands amusement. He thought of how a union between his daughter and Prince 


 Jasper would benefit the future of not only his daughter, but all of Ravenswood, and smiled. Now to convince Loralei.... 

......."NO, NO, NO!" Loralei screamed at her mother as she tried to explain about the arrival of Prince Jasper and their possible union. "I will NOT marry him, mother! You cannot be serious!" She stamped her foot, a trait she never lost from childhood when she was trying to make a point, and even Ashur back away from her fury. 

"Loralei! You WILL meet him, and you will act like a beautiful, young Princess acts! I will not tolerant your insolence on this subject any longer!" her mother fumed. "I want to go upstairs and change into your very best gown IMMEDIATELY!" Her father, watching the exchange, had a feeling his stubborn daughter would react this way. But for once, he too was on the side of his wife. When Loralei looked to him for help, and saw there would be none, she spun on her toes and ran up to her chamber in tears, with Ashur following close behind. The dragon was huge now, and navigating through the castle was becoming more difficult with each passing day. 
In her chamber, Loralei was crying her eyes out. How dare her parents set up this meeting without consulting her first! Married? Her? She knew why they were doing this. In the past several months, Ravenswood had fallen into disrepair and she knew her father was worried about what the future may hold for the little kingdom. But marry a Prince she'd never met? Never! She went to Ashur for comfort, throwing her arms around the large dragon. Sitting in the window, she thought of all the things her parents have done for her over the years. They had indulged her every whim, patient where most would have not been. Would it be so bad? To marry a Prince? Would he be handsome and lovely to behold? Would he be a cruel husband? All these things ran through her mind as she thought about the future. What harm could it do to at least meet this prince, she thought..Yes, she would meet him, he would run away in fright when he saw Ashur, and all would end well for her....With this thought, she hugged her best friend and prepared to meet her fate....Dradon_Love_by_silvergypsie.jpg



The Princess And The Dragon-4

Loralei and Ashur were in the garden. Today was the day that Prince Jaspar would arrive and turn her world upside down."He must be ugly as toad." she mused, "for is there not women within his own castle that he can court? Must he travel this far to find a wife?"  Ashur cocked his head as he seemed to understand her every word. He sensed the distress she was feeling and gently laid his great head in her lap. She stroked his warm, colorful scales, marveling at how beautiful he was. "Your my best friend, Ashur." she confided in him. "Without you to pass the days, I'd probably go insane with boredom!" trans.gif

She had to leave the chaos of the castle, unable to stand one more minute of her mother shouting orders to staff and her constant hovering over her to make sure that her dress was just right, or fixing a strand of hair that sprung loose from it's coif of upswept curls.  Slipping out the servants exit door, her and Ashur had made their way to garden for a breath of fresh, quite air. Looking to see if anyone was observing her, she quietly walked down the path that led to the forest, longing to feel the enchantment of the trees and the woodland creatures that abided there. Ashur, excited at the prospect of a walk, puffed little rings of smoke and spread his great, leathery wings to their full extention. Loralei always marveled that he didn't just fly away and live the life of a dragon. Instead, he chose to be by her side, and her heart swelled with a deep love for him. 

126018-dragons-red-forest-dragon.jpgWhat if Prince Jasper would not except her lifelong friend? Oh, but he must! How could she ever live without him? All these thoughts rushed into her head as she walked deeper into the forest, paying no mind to where she was going. 

What stirred her out of her reverie was something she could not quite put her finger on. When she stopped to look back from where she had just come, it seemed like the forest had just swallowed her and she felt a little disorientated.

"Oh no, Ashur..not again." she moaned. "If I don't get back in time mother will never forgive me!"  

Something was wrong, and even Ashur was aware of it. He crouched down low, pulled the hem of Loralei's gown and made her stop walking. Listening keenly, Loralei noticed that there were no sounds. The usual sounds of birds and bee alike were silent. Her heart beat quickly in response to her sudden fear, and she stood rooted to the spot. Eyes wide and searching, she gazed through the tree's trying to find the source of this sudden forboding. Suddenly, a strange whirring sound and a dull thud made her spin towards Ashur. 

"Ohhh, noooo!"she screamed in dispair, "Ashur! Oh Ashur!  Her best friend lie writhing on the ground in pain, an arrow protruding from his neck. As soon as she screamed, the forest seemed to burst into chaos. A gnarly band of poachers, three of them, came running and screaming in victory at the bounty they took down with one shot. Gathering around Ashur and her prone figure laying over him, a surly looking man grabbed her around her waist and spun her around to face him. Screaming, she pounded his chest with her tiny fists and kicked at his shins. He just tightened his grip, laughing at her futile efforts to free herself.

"Let GO of me! Oh, you beast! What have you done to my friend? Let me go!" she screamed.

The man laughed her distress and tightened his grip. "Look at this, boys," he addressed his men, "Looks like we don't need the beast with this beauty as the prize...The king will give a handsome randsome to get her back!".The men raised their bows high with a cheer, thinking of all the ale they would have tonight.

"There will be no celebrating tonight, boys." Declared a mans voice softly, deep and dangerous one at that. 

As if materializing out of nowhere, the handsomest man Loralei had ever laid eyes on stepped out from behind a tree. Green eyes blazing, sword drawn , he looked ready to either do battle. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest as gazed at him. She knew in her heart he was like no other man she had ever met before. 

Her captors drew their swords as well, not wanting to give up their prize without a fight to this stranger. Shoving Loralei roughly to the ground, she fell in a heap to ground near where her Ashur was. With a snarl of hatred, the leader lept towards the man, only to find himself on the ground in the blink of an eye. He stood quickly, confusion in his eyes as to how he got there. Charging the man again with a shout of anger, he was again thrown to the ground, but this time a with a sword point pricking his throat. 

The man looked opon the humiliated man and with a deft twist of his wrist, he flicked a button off of the poachers dirty shirt. "I want you and your band of men to heed me well." he warned the man. "There's going to be changes around here. A new Prince is in town! My name is Prince Jaspar! Anyone caught poaching in these woods will be set in irons and whipped till the skin fall off your back! If your hungry, come and work for a living! Now leave here. Never let me again catch you harming any living creature in these woods. If I catch you, I will slit your throats and leave you bleeding for the wolves to find!" With that, he lifted the man to his feet by the tip of his sword, leaving a small trickle of blood running down the man's neck. Prince Jaspar watched as they scattered like rats back into the forest..


Princess Loralei could not believe what she had witnessed, and above all, who the man was. This was the prince? HER prince? As she stroked the wounded dragon, her thoughts were running circles in her mind. her heart betrayed her as she watched him sheath his sword and approach her. Her heart, the unloyal thing, beat furiously as he knelt down next to her. 

"Princess Loralei," he said softly. "Are you hurt?"

She swallowed and tried to speak, but for once in her life, words escaped her. "My friend, my dragon." was all she could manage at this point. He leaned over the the dragon and examined his wound, gently manuevering the protruding arrow. Breaking off the end, he gently eased the arrow out the weeping dragons necks, causing him quiver in pain. Loralei examined his beautiful face and looked into his emerald green eyes enthralled by his gentle handling of her friend. He, too, looked in her eyes and he knew then and there it was no mistake to come here. He had found the woman of his dreams, and he instinctively knew they were meant to be together. His future lay in the hands of this exquisite creature and unusual choice for a pet. But Prince Jaspar also had a few secrets of his own. Lifting his head, he gave a sharp whistle, startling Loralei. Not soon after, she heard sound of running hoofbeats, and as if by magic, a startlingly white Unicorn appeared.

enchanted-forest-507.jpgShe gasped in shock as the Unicorn went directly to Prince Jaspar and greeted him, snorting softly adn nudging him gently with her great horned head. What ELSE could this man do? Prince Jaspar whispered something in the stunning creatures ear, and to Loralei's shock, did an amazing thing. Dipping her head low, she laid her ivory horn on the dragons wound, healing it instantly. Loving women, the Unicorn turned to Princess Loralei, huffing softly in her hair, like she was kissing the princess. Then it was over, and the magic of the Unicorn faded as she did into the forest.

Prince Jaspar took Loralei's hand in hers and looked deep into her clear blue eyes."Princess.I've been waiting a long time for you to grow up." he said softly. "When I was a child, a visitor came to see my father. With him, he brought the most beautiful child. I was only a boy of eight yrs. old, but when I saw you, I knew then and there that I was going marry you."

Loralei blushed charmingly and said, "Oh, don't be silly, you were just a boy, how could you know such a thing?"

 He placed her small hand on his heart. "You just know, in here." he told her. 

Ashur, standing now and feeling like his old self, prodded Loralei with his nose until she paid him some mind. She stroked her old friend lovingly and turned to the prince. "What about him?"she asked "Will he be allowed in your castle?"

"Not only will he welcomed," the prince told her, "he will be part of our guard. We can use him to guard our many children."

"Oh really?" she teased. "And how many children will there be?" 

"We will fill the empty castle with them!" he laughed. "Children everywhere!"

Submitted: May 27, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Riss Ryker. All rights reserved.

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