113 Hours

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YankeesFan68's All Survivors Contest Entry. Enjoy :)

Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



Night One: Video Log, Entry One

Dec. 22, 2012

I turned on my camcorder and looked into the lens shivering, snow was whirling around in the crashed car, not giving us much shelter. "This is night one. Day of crash. We're trapped in the mountains in Colorado. There's no cell service and little food. One of us is injured from the crash."

I turned the camcorder to look at April as she lay in the back seat, her head in Tyler's  lap as she had her hands on her stomach circling the piece of shrapnel coming out from her. I turned the camcorder back to look at me. "We have no way to generate heat and no way to get food. If there's anyone out there looking for us... Please.. Please help us." I tried to think of more to say when Tyler got up and exited the car.

"I'm going to find wood," He said as if it were a casual thing to do. Hours passed and he hadn't returned. April freaked out every time a wolf howled.

"They got him! They've eaten him!" April cried when she heard some wolves fighting. The camcorder was still running.

"Shut up, April! Unless you want them to find you, which would be easy with all that blood all over the place." I turned back to look at the camcorder, seeing a spark of  light out of the corner of my eye.

"Guys! I got the wood to light!" Tyler said. I got and helped April out and walked over to the fire. I put the camcorder up for the night.


Night Two: Video Log, Entry Two

Dec. 23, 2012

I turned the camcorder back on with tears in my eyes. "This is night two, second day of being in the blizzard up in the Colorado mountains. Still no cell service and even less food. One of us is dead..." I looked at tyler as he sat silently, staring at the embers of last nights fire.

"Tyler, we need to go back in the car. The blizzard is just getting worse." He looked at me with glassy eyes.

"Mark... April is dead... My girlfriend..." He sobbed and I got up to help him up.

"I know, Tyler... I know.." I squinted into the snow, trying to find my way back to the car, I could hardly see my feet the blizzard was so bad.

"Where's the car?" Tyler asked.

"I don't know," I started walking with our backs to the wind, Tyler on one side, camcorder in my other hand.


Night Three: Video Log, Entry Three

Dec. 24, 2012

"It's night three, Christmas Eve. I can't feel my feet, or my hands for that matter. Tyler is sill silent from yesterday. The blizzard died down this morning, but it's back up now. Or food is now just a few granola bars, and pack of beef jerky, and a few squeezable apple sauce pouches." I looked at Tyler as he ate a granola bar.

"Make that two granola bars.." I looked around. "We are no where near the car, but we still seem to be on a road. There were wolves close to us last night, we had not been within sight though." I looked at Tyler again. He didn't look right. 

"We're about to go to bed in a lean-to we built. We packed snow up on the sides to hopefully keep in some of our heat." I put put the camcorder by my feet and turned it off.


Night Four: Video Log, Entry Four

Dec. 25, 2012

"Today is December Twenty-fifth, Christmas. My Christmas present was waking up to my dead best friend..." I kept walking, biting my lip to keep from crying. I heard a rumbling noise and looked up to faintly see a helicopter in the dark blizzard clouds.

"Hey!" I shouted, waking my arms in the air, jumping up and down even. I dropped the camcorder to the ground and pulled out the my iPhone, trying to reflect what little light I could. It must have worked because the helicopter started to land.

I picked up my camcorder and ran towards where it looked like it was going to land, a clearing in the trees. "Hey! Help me!" I screamed.

Three men jumped out of the helicopter and ran to me with coats and blankets, the wind from the helicopter blades making the blizzard worse. The men pulled me towards the helicopter and put me in closing the doors behind us.

The second they had me strapped into the seat, I started crying. I cried so hard and looked into the lens of the camcorder. 'This. This is my Christmas present..." I trailed off crying more.

"If you ever go skiing, Don't leave when the news tells you to stay indoors.." I shook my head at the mistake that had caused everything.

I looked at the camcorder. I had been filming for 113 hours. How many days had i been out there? Was it actually four? No.. 113 is four days and seventeen hours. But that didn't matter.. I am saved.. I survived. I'm the only survivor. But I shouldn't be because the crash was my fault.

I fell asleep thinking about everything, giving into the warmth of the blankets.

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