Your Story.

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All credits go to my cousin, Jacqueline Tugade. She is an awesome author and I hope that you'd like her work :)

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012




Olivia entered Video Ezy Rental Store to take shelter from a sudden rain that had erupted outside. After she brushed the water off her clothes, she started looking around the store. There were many movies that she had wanted to watch at the cinema, and Olivia started looking for a few of them. Suddenly she heard two women talking in the science-fiction section.


“It’s a series. There are ten in total. You are supposed to watch them in order.”
Your Story? What’s it about?”

“Don’t even ask. I rented the first one and turned it off after ten seconds.”


“It’s creepy. I don’t want to say anything else about it.”

When the women walked away, Olivia approached the aisle where they were standing. She searched for the tape on the shelf. On the left side, at the very bottom of the shelf, there was a series of videos ordered from 1 to 10. Olivia picked up the first one and brushed off the dust with her fingers. The white letters on the black cover read “Your Story.” Underneath the title there was a small byline “Do you really want to know?” Olivia walked to the counter to sign out the video. She passed the video to the clerk who tried to scan it.


“Where is the barcode?” he asked, looking at all sides of the video. “Your Story? Where did you get this from?” 
“From the science-fiction section.”
“Well, I’ve never seen this video,” he said, checking through the computer. “Just give me two dollars for it.” He put the money into his pocket. 

“When do I have to return it?”
“Whenever you want. We don’t even have any record of it.”

By the time Olivia left the store, it had stopped raining.


At home, while the kettle was boiling, Olivia pushed the tape into the video player and went to the kitchen to make the coffee. She returned and sat on the couch with a cup of coffee, wondering why the screen was still dark. Olivia thought there was something wrong with the tape and tried to approach the video player, when suddenly a bright light appeared on the screen. Olivia squinted and soon she saw a woman holding a baby. There was a man beside the woman. They were smiling and calling the baby ‘Olivia’. Olivia approached the TV and saw the name on the baby’s clothes: Olivia Rose!

Olivia dropped her cup. While the coffee soaked into the carpet, she grabbed the cover of the video to check where it came from. There was no information except the byline: 'Do you really want to know?' She was mystified. The video was still going on. Olivia became more curious about the video. She continued to watch, seeing her first birthday, her first words spoken, and the time she learned to walk. By the end of the video, she had seen her life up until the age of five.


The next day, on her way home from work, she rented the second, third, and fourth video. She wondered if she should continue watching the video, but gave in to her curiosity. The second video showed the rest of her childhood; the third one showed when she was a high school student. While she was watching the videos, she slowly lost her fear of them and started enjoying this review of her past. But when Olivia turned on the fourth one, it was different – it was like a mirror. She was sitting on the couch in front of the TV in the video. Olivia could not move. It was as if she had turned to stone. Neither was the character in the video moving. Olivia looked down at the coffee stain. When she moved her hand to touch it, she saw her movements mimicked by the girl in the video. Olivia once again became paralysed. There was only silence left, except for the clock ticking away. Olivia tried to calm her nerves. She slowly looked around her home. She felt like someone was watching her. She was petrified. About ten minutes later the video showed a warning label that stated: The following sequences may influence your life. From that point the video moved into the future, showing Olivia going to sleep that night. When the video was over, Olivia decided not to watch the remaining videos and went to sleep.


The next day at work, Olivia’s boyfriend, John, asked her to have dinner with him the next night. Olivia could not help it but be drawn back to the video store to get the rest of the videos. But there was no eighth video. It had been rented out. Olivia took the rest out anyway.

At home, she turned on the fifth video and saw the following scene: Olivia and John were having dinner. John was wearing a black suit that he had never worn before. It looked pretty strange to Olivia at first, but he did look nice. When they started eating ice cream for dessert, Olivia felt something hard in her mouth. She thought it was a piece of ice and tried to crush it with her teeth, but she could not crush it. She pulled out a diamond ring.


“Ouch! What is this? Why is there a ring in my ice cream? I almost swallowed it.”

“What? You put the ring in my ice cream?”

Suddenly, John pulled out a bunch of flowers that were hidden underneath the table and said, “Olivia, will you marry me?” Olivia hugged him and wept tears of joy. That was the end of the video. Olivia was so excited that she did not sleep that night. 


The next day, when Olivia arrived at the restaurant, John was wearing the black suit that he was wearing in the video. While they were having dinner, Olivia dropped her fork intentionally to check if there were the flowers under the table. When she tried to bend down, John ran over to her and picked up the fork for her. She tried to stretch her legs to reach to the flowers under the table, but she could not get there. After having dinner, John ordered ice cream for Olivia. She became suddenly excited. When the waiter served the ice cream to Olivia, she stirred her ice cream with her spoon and suddenly shouted.

“Oh, my gosh! There is the ring! I knew it!”
“What? How did you know that a ring would be there?” John looked surprised and disappointed at the same time. 
“Oh, I just guessed,” Olivia said hesitantly.
“But you didn’t expect that I prepared a bunch of flowers for you, Ta-dah!” John took out the flowers from under the table and gave them to Olivia.
“You almost ruined the secret when you bent to pick up the fork!” 


Olivia accepted the flowers and collected her thoughts. “Oh my god, I didn’t expect you would prepare all these things for me. Thank you, John. I love you,” she said, and hugged him while shedding a few tears.


When Olivia went back home, she excitedly turned on the sixth video. It showed a room that she had never seen. A wedding picture of Olivia and John was hung on the wall. It was morning. Olivia was at the stove, frying bacon and eggs. John came up to Olivia and cuddled her from the back. They were having a happy newlywed life. However, at the end of the video, Olivia found that John kissed another woman. Next, Olivia was leaving a courtroom, final divorce papers in hand. After Olivia finished watching the video, she was angry. She ran to John’s house and threw the ring back at him.


“What’s wrong?” John asked.
“Don’t talk to me, you cheater!”
“Cheater? What are you talking about? I’ve never been with anyone else in my life!”

“Maybe not!” Olivia exclaimed. “But you will be! And I don’t want to be your wife when that happens!”

When she got back home, she turned on the seventh video right away. In the video, she was living as she was before. She was not married in the video. Olivia and John were not a couple anymore. John was with a different girlfriend. On one hand, she was sad that John was not her boyfriend anymore. On the other hand, she was exhilarated that she could change her future for the better. She kept watching the video. She turned on the ninth video without watching the eighth video. Olivia found herself in a prison. She had no idea why she was there. She was still in prison when the video ended.


Finally, she turned on the last video. She was still in the prison at the end of the video. She was seized with panic. Olivia wanted to watch the eighth video that she missed and find out the reason that she was in prison so she could prevent that incident from occurring. She ran to the video store. However, the video was still out. She approached the clerk and asked him for the video.

“Tell me who signed out the video.” 

“I can’t tell you that.”
“I need to see it now! Call whoever rented the video and tell the person to bring it right now!”
“That’s none of your business,” he said chewing gum audibly.

Olivia could not just wait until the person brought the video back. She expected it might never be returned since there was no barcode. That night, Olivia waited outside of the video store with a hammer until the clerk shut the store. When the clerk left, she broke the door with the hammer and entered the store. An alarm sounded. She didn't care. She went through the computer and finally found the address of the person who rented the eighth video. She grabbed a piece of paper on the table and wrote down the address quickly and ran out of the store. 


When she came back home, she locked the door. She was running out of breath. She unfolded the crumpled paper and started looking up the address on a map. She arrived at the home quickly, and a cranky old lady opened the door, looking irritated by Olivia’s appearance.

“Sorry for interrupting you. Can I please have the video ‘Your Story?’”
“What a nerve! Don’t you think its rude banging on someone’s door at this hour?” 
“I know. I am really sorry. Can I please have the video?” 


The old lady scoffed and tried to close the door. At that moment, Olivia pulled open the door and pushed the lady down brusquely. She entered the home and quickly saw that the video was playing on the TV. In the video, the old lady was dying with her head bleeding beside the front door. Then, Olivia tried to get out of the home but the police had already arrived at the front door, and soon they were arresting Olivia. That was the end of the video. Olivia was in a panic. She took the tape out from the video player, and turned to see the woman was bleeding after having hit her head on the corner of the coffee table. Olivia thought about trying to help her, but then realized that the woman would be dead just like in the video, and there was nothing for Olivia to do but try to escape. But as she stepped over the body and tried to leave through the front door, a policeman stopped her and, after seeing the body, he put her in handcuffs. Olivia was charged with murder and never got a chance to change her future. 

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