The Man Who Loved Ava

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A man happily married with a great life is unexpectedly visited by his first love who may be in danger.

Submitted: July 09, 2015

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Submitted: July 09, 2015




She sat for over an hour watching him from afar with his family at the park. Dean, her first love, the first man to have made her a woman, not just sexually but mentally, she associated Dean with her confidence and drive to succeed and to make a difference in the world. And she desperately needed that feeling again, after what she had just gone through. She came to Vancouver, hearing he had married and has two young boys now. She arrived a few days ago, following him. She is a researcher by nature, her work is being a Lisbeth Salender of sports. It has been nine years and he has changed, she wanted to watch him, judge him for herself from a distance, at least at first to see just how much has has changed. 


“Now or never,” she thought as his wife packed the car, she laid cash on her table and left the cafe, walking towards the one man she ever truly trusted. 



Dean was a very happy man, he had a wife he adored who gave him two beautiful children, he worked with his best friend of 9 years, everything was perfect. Then he saw a familiar figure cross the street. “It couldn’t be,” he thought, even feared. But it was. 


“Hi, Dean.” 

It was indeed her. The one person who could possibly take all of this away. 

“Ava, what are you? How are you...?” He stuttered, stammered, nearly dropping his baby. Ava smiled, an innocent smile but Dean also knew that her smile, that specific smile meant she got what she wanted. In this particular case, she caught him by surprise, off guard. His wife stood there acutely aware there was a change in the atmosphere. It was Ava who decided to break the silence and acknowledge the other woman. 

“Hello, I’m an old friend of Deans from back home. You are a beauty, I think the people back home have it mistaken as to who the lucky one is.” 

And with that, Dean’s wife was under her spell which was much to Dean’s dismay. 

His wife smiled and shook Ava’s hand. “Nice to meet you, I’m Gwen, and this little guy in his car seat is Kevin and this one is Ben.” 

“A family that ends with an N, must be meant to be.” 

“What are you doing here?” Dean demanded. 

“Dean!” Scolded Gwen. 

“It’s fine, Gwen. It has nearly been a decade, no word and I just pop up, must be a shock. I have been taking a break from work, well life actually. I went back home for a bit and, I don’t know, I just heard about you and I thought to stop by. Plus, Vancouver is a great city.” 

Dean loosens up, he finally lets go of his son, he becomes relaxed, he becomes the man that Ava remembers.

“I was hoping we could catch up. I would love to get to know you Gwen, get to see a glimpse of Dean’s life. If you don’t mind that is.” 

“I would love that. We are just having a lazy family day but dinner, can you join us? We have a weekly dinner with Frank and his family. Frank is Dean’s coworker and best friend. They’ve known each of other for, what is is honey, a decade?”

“Really? A decade? You don’t say.” She exchanges a look to Dean. “That would be wonderful, thank you Gwen.” 



The whole drive home Dean was yo-yoing between excitement, worry, happy, anger. After exchanging numbers and addresses, Gwen couldn’t stop gushing about how lovely Ava is. She indeed has a magnetic charming quality about her. Its intoxicating, something he remembers all too clearly. He worried, about the real reason why Ava was here, he worried about Gwen and his boys. Attachment was practically inevitable when it came to Ava, what was worse was how easily her detachment from people and places. 



Ava knows many secrets and she knows that those secrets will be damaging not only for immediate people involved but internationally. The pressures of her job were putting a toll on her but seeing Dean and Gwen gave her the hope she needed. But she couldn’t help feel a pang of jealousy towards their life, a life she could have lived with Dean. 


Frank arrived early with his family. Dean couldn’t wait to get alone with him, he confided to Frank more than to anyone else in his life, including Ava. They were finally alone outside with the grill. 

“It’s your first love, it is a big deal for you, for anyone. Of course you are freaked out. Shit, if my ex showed up out of nowhere.” He shudders at the thought. 

“Frank, she’s different.” 

“Course she is, buddy.”

“You don’t understand.” Before he could elaborate, the bell rang. Ava had arrived with dessert. 

“Well looks like I’m about to.” Frank smiles and moves inside. Dean stood frozen until his wife came to him. 



Dinner was pleasant, Ava was always good with new people and children flocked to her. Somehow, she manages to get people to put their guard down, make them realize and get them to do what she wanted them to do in the first place. It was Gwen’s idea for Dean and Ava to go out, have some alone time, catching up. Ava waits in her hotel room, expecting the phone to ring but the door knocks, startling her. 



Dean barely could sleep, how could his own wife be alright with his ex, his first love, his first everything to be alone with him. He was going to demand why she is here, what is her devious plan, why him, why after all these years. He didn’t even realize that in all his rage and worry than he parked, went straight to her room. He could just go back down, pretend he never went up but instead, knocked the door. Despite everything, Ava and him never lied to each other and he didn’t want to start now. She opened the door, wearing jeans and a nice v neck sweater. He felt easier that she wasn’t wearing a dress, that there was more clothes in the way. This made him feeling guilty for thinking that. He never thought of another woman since he met his wife but Ava had something about her and it wasn’t just because they had a history. He saw how Frank looked at her, no matter how happy you are in your relationship, if there was one person who could give you illicit ideas, it was Ava. 


“Dean, I wasn’t expecting you to come up.” When he didn’t reply, she broke the silence, “Dean?”

“May I come in?”

“Sure.” Ava goes to sit on the chair next to the bed while Dean just stands half between the bed and the door, frozen. “Dean, please say something. Or sit down or just do something.”

“Why are you here?”

Ava is puzzled that her sweat Dean can be so blunt. She looks away. 

“Don’t lie to me, Ava. Why did you really come here? Why find me, why come back in my life, not only that but my family, my friends, why?”

“Dean, do you know what I do for a living?”

“I remember you wanted to study journalism.” 

Ava smiles, which relaxes and worries Dean, not for himself but for what is happening to Ava. He sits on the bed next to her.

“I love you Dean, never stopped bit I also wanted to leave our small town bubble. At first it was all I ever imagined. I have gone to over 60 countries, I loved meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, sharing stories. Then I got involved on, well, independently hired investigation.”

“What is that?”

“I was hired to find out what a person’s competitors or possible partners are up to. Over the last couple of years, my client have been on a political international business and what I find, frightens me. There are good guys, Dean, looking out for all of us, more than we realize. But sometimes, the bad guys get the lead and I sometimes lose hope.” Without realizing it, Ava had started to have tears in her eyes and start to shiver. Dean reaches out to her, she has so much knowledge and she can’t do anything about it. He hugs her. “I never wanted to make you uneasy or mad, I never wanted to disrupt your life. I just wanted to see how others live. Normal life, marriage, kids, regular jobs, I wanted to see happiness.” Dean takes her face in his hands. “I wanted this life with you.” 

“I know you did.”

“I love you.” 

“I love you too.” They kiss, it was sweat and loving. They paused, look at each other and then they kissed again, this time with passionate anger of what has been lost. They both knew they should stop but non of it felt wrong. The longer they kissed, the more they lost themselves in reality and the more they felt of what could have been. 



They laid in each others arms under the covers, not sleeping, not awake. 

“Are you happy?” Ava asks. 

Dean smiles, “Yes, time has not changed this between us. It was great.” 

“I mean in your life.”

“Yes, I am happy to that too.” His thumb caresses her bare arm, something she loves that brings her a feeling of safety. But she knew that sooner or later, they had to go their separate ways yet again and the longer they waited, the harder it would be. 

“I should go,” Dean says as if he was reading her mind. He gets up, putting on his clothes, Ava sits up and watches him. He looks at her and her beauty, her magnetism overcame him and it took everything he had not to stay, not to stay and make love to her again, pretending to go back to how they were one more time. 

“So there are good guys?”

She smiles, “Yes.” 

“That’s comforting.” He goes and sits next to her in bed. 

“Do you know what to know what I think?” Ava asks holding his hand. “I think they will win.” Dean leans in and they kiss, a kiss than any couple would give but it is also proof to her that love and safety does exist. 

Dean opens the door and leaves, as the door closes behind him, Ava sinks back under the covers, her hand over where Dean was, she quietly cries. 



This was not an affair, Dean did not feel like he went against his family. He loves his wife and children but he never stopped loving Ava. No love goes away truly. heir lives have changed in dramatically different directions but what Ava needed was hope, safety, to feel love again. She needed to know what life is like in an ordinary setting, weekly dinners with friends, having a family. In turn, with the little information Ava provided, Dean felt safer knowing that she is doing what she can to make sure people will continue to live their safe lives, trusted her experiences and opinion that life will eventually get safer. 

He arrived home and quickly showered, as much as he did not regret anything, he didn’t want his wife to worry. Gwen came home to the sound of the shower. She suddenly had a sense of panic and regret to encourage Dean to go to his ex-girlfriend. She walks into their bedrooms as Dean dries off. 

“Hey, how was your day?”

“It was good. Ava was going through a lot, she needed this trip.”  He gave his wife a kiss and goes to their closet to get ready. She feels comforted even though he is keeping things from her, she knew that whatever happened, their family will continue to be safe.”



Frank kept himself busy for the rest of the week, he didn’t want to be thinking about Ava but she had something about her that wouldn’t leave him. His wife commented on how pleasant Ava was, how Gwen liked her and how curious she was about the relationship Dean and Ava had. Frank nodded on, sort of listening, mostly wanting to know and now know more about Ava, in all the send of the word “know” entailed. 

The car shop was very busy, he never got to talk to Dean. When he finally did almost a week since their dinner with the elusive Ava, Dean was vague. 

“You guys just talked?”

“Yeah, it was nice.” 

“About what?”

“What did you guys talk about?”

“Why do you care? It was mostly about our town. Did you call the Millers about their car?”

“Yeah I did. Is she still here?”

“Mrs. Miller?”
“No, Ava.”
Just then, Mrs. Miller walks into the shop. Dean handles the payment and Frank is left hanging. The phone rings and he picks up.

“Frank speaking.”
“Hi, I am trying to reach Dean. It’s Ava.”

To his surprise, he was sweating. “Ava, hi. Dean is busy at the moment. I thought you left.”

“I did but I actually am here on business this time. Funny story actually but I would like to speak with Dean first.”

Frank knew that it is a half day for him and that Dean would be leaving in an hour but instead of telling her this, he said, “Why don’t you come to the shop, lets say in a few hours?”

“Great. I will be there, thanks.”



Ava walks into the shop, Frank quickly comes out to greet her. “Hi there.”

“Hi Frank!” She gives him a quick hug and he could smell her berry scented shampoo for just a second. “Is Dean here?”

“Uh, it has been so crazy here, I completely forgot that today he leaves early and I close shop. But is there anything I can help you with?”




“There is this pill, some sick fuck invented it, real twisted shit.” Ava sat next to the scientist, taking notes. “This pill, makes your body completely paralized but you can feel everything, hear everything. Sometimes, depending on the person, this pill can slow down your heart rate is so slow that it can almost be undetectable by another.” 

“And what do they use it for?” Ava asks. 

“Imagine the worst kind of people, sick twisted, so called ‘fantasies.’”

“Exactly. These pimps or owners, or whatever they are called will sell their girls, mostly not even actual prostitutes, they are actual sex slaves, they are given this pill so the guy paying can have his necrophiliac fantasies lived, all for an extra cost.” 

“What’s the cost of this fantasies?”

“It ain’t cheap, not by a long shot.”

“Well, that could help narrow the search down. Any idea how they make it? Where?”

“I’ve got a few.”



“So what brings you back in the Vancouver area?” Frank asks, a bit too eagerly. 

“Well, there are a few scientists meeting here this week and I am doing some research on it. I was just wondering about the best way to go around, get familiar with the city.”

“Oh, I can help you with that.”

“I don’t want to get in your way.” 

“Listen, my wife is visiting her family and took the kid with her. Dean’s got two little ones, that’s a handful. Besides it’s a bit boring now for me. I’ld be happy to help.”

“Well if you are sure it wont be a bother.” 



“You agreed to do what?” Dean almost scolding his friend over the phone. Frank called after Ava left. 

“What? Like you can be the only one who can hang out with Ava.” 

Worried that Frank will figure out that Dean and Ava had slept together only a few weeks before, he takes a few deep breaths before speaking. “She’s a very busy person, with serious business. I just don’t know if this is a good idea.” 

“She just needs someone to show her around, in preparation for some sort of meeting or conference, something boring.” From what she hinted towards Dean, he didn’t want Frank in danger one bit. 

“Do what you want, Frank. Listen I gotta go.” Dean quickly called Ava. 

“I thought you might call.”
“Promise me that Frank will be safe.”

“I promise. There is nothing dangerous here. It’s Canada anyway, none of those bad guys I told you about would come here for a meeting.”

“What is going on, Ava?”
“Just some background research.”
“But this has something to do with a bigger plan, isn’t it?”

“Dean, I promise you that this meeting will be nothing to worry you about your family and Franks. Anymore than that, it will be touchy territory.”
“Fine, just be safe Ava, and keep Frank safe.”
“I will.”


“I don’t like this idea at all. Ava is not even a field agent.”

“We are running out of time and this is our best shot at catching these guys.” While speaking, Ava grabs her wrists tightly, hoping for some bruises.
“You have no real back up. One undercover guy who can’t afford to save you if something goes wrong.” 

“It’s worth the risk! Now just fucking man up and hit me!” 



Since speaking with the scientists, different agencies were hounding her for the details. She knew she had to pick wisely. Many government agencies were practically the customers, others would have to go through months if not years of plans before they could take action. She spoke with a friend who worked for MI-6 and became an independent agent. He was certainly passionate about the issue of human trafficking, a form horrific money making tactics that not even war is the reason for it. The pill, known as the “Dead Pill” was being used for the purpose of torture in these cases. Through a few connections, she ended with an undercover operation of one of the highest ranking traffickers. One agent was a gofer for the bosses and they had a need to meet within 12 hours. Ava thought of a plan to go as a prostitute who was given the Dead Pill so that she can stay in the room as the bosses met. The obvious worry is that they figure out she was never working for any of them, break the agents cover and be raped, tortured and then murdered. With all of this, Ava and the agent want to take the the chance as these bosses will never be in the same place for much longer and recording it is no option but having two witnesses are better than none. So Ava and the agents beat her to look like she has been abused for months, the usual look of the women whose clients preferred the Dead Pill. 



The room was dark and the red neon lights could be seen through the cracks in the shudders. Ava lied on the bed, face up, paralyzed, wondering if it was more from fear than from the Dead Pill. She is cold, despite the Bangkok heat, wearing barely any clothes, with no undergarments. Her bruises on her neck and wrists and with the help of a wine bottle, in between her thighs, she looked very much the part, only a bit on the heavier side since most of the women are not fed regularly. Names were mentioned, prices, banks and their locations. Almost everything needed to leak to the press. The rest will take care of themselves. The agent was left behind to take the prostitute back to her room. It took some persuading but she was not touched by the bosses. It was constantly surprising for the agent to see how much they had a sexual devious appetite. He couldn’t wait until they were caught. It wont end human trafficking, it wont even stop the processing of the Dead Pill, not altogether but it would be one step closer in doing the impossible. Caring Ava back downstairs, he asks for a car by one of the other gofers. “If they find out you took one of their girls, you are going to get in a lot of trouble. Just pay for the street girls.” 

“There is something about this one. Come on, they all are busy anyway, leaving so they wont be caught here for too long. They wont notice one of them missing. She’s not even one of the regular girls. Borrowed for the special meeting.”
“Really? I was wondering where this girl came from. She is a real beauty, isn’t she? Who got her? Where?”

“Do I look like I fucking handle the services? I do the shit work. I got bring her back anyway, might as well have some fun.” He felt sick saying this but it will be the only way he could get Ava out of here without suspicion. Usually, borrowed girls went through a process. For such a disgusting way of life, it’s business functions were no different than any other, paper work, scheduling, phone calls. There was always a way to track merchandise, despite that in this case, it was human beings. He got the car and quickly drove off to the safe house. Ava was laid in the bed, covered up with water next to her bed side. The agent left after giving his testimony, he couldn’t stay long to avoid suspicion. A few short hours, the pill wore off and she was thirsty, terrified yet hopeful. She wrote everything she heard and saw. Taking the documents, she put make up on the bruises that would be shown, went to the airport and flew to Hong Kong. From there, she went to every international news corporation headquarters, sharing hers and the agents testimonies. It was time for her to hide. 


Dean and Frank had the work TV on, taking phone calls, speaking with clients and do paperwork. Their lives have been back to normal, average, uneventful. It had been a year since Ava left for the last time. The TV was on the news channel, usually it would be on sports but their secretary always changes it when she can. The guys were so busy that they didn’t mind nor care. Then both heard something about a scientist meeting in Vancouver a year ago. Their attention immediately became solely on the news. Just then, Dean gets an email that just says, “I kept my promise.” He smiles and Frank knew that Ava had something to do with all of this. His head started to hurt thinking of how. “Just smile, that is all we can do now.” Dean said and Frank did what he was told to do. 

© Copyright 2018 Rita K Stevens. All rights reserved.

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