Because I love you...............

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This is story about a young boy Seth spark and his wife Jasmine, they loved each other too much but unfortunately she died and left him alone in the world, the story belong to person who love to read heavenly romance.

Because I know you still live in my heart
“Being parted with me, I know you are showing ‘you are happy’
Just like me
I even know you are telling lie
Just like me”
For someone love is life, for someone love is part of life, for someone its soul and for someone it is part of soul, I didn’t know what was it for me, either life, or part of it, either part of soul or even soul, and I would never know what is it for me, someone find perfect love and for someone imperfect love is perfect and I was one of those people whose imperfect love was a perfect definition of a perfect love
I found it. I felt it. I loved it and at last I lost it (not apparently)
Entire town was morphed into white cotton wool heap, cold whiff of air flowed to every corner of my small town, whole town was hidden in eternal stretch of lovely dark, tiny bulb glittered everywhere like twinkling tiny stars had dropped by god.
Snow was falling everywhere, the most beautiful snow, though it was always beautiful and tempting to me but today it was so soulful, so elastic and so thoughtful, it fell over me and settled at shoulder and caressed tenderly on eyelashes, I walked heavily toward the place where I left my love one year before, holding a beautiful bunch of roses in one hand and most lovable cake in other hand for someone who was the precious thing in the world for me, sprinting slowly and even more slowly toward the frozen grave of Jasmine
Her memory again surfaced in front of me
25th December 2011
Cold morning was as usual misty and cloudy , hands of watch was lurching monotonously, as if dimension of time had been stretching exponentially ,but I waited , I waited for a moment for which as if I waited for century, most adorable thing in the world was going to be mine, I still had too much time, I entered in shop and purchased the thing that she wanted, thing she wanted more than anything, it was white gown for which she dreamt of along with me, I bought shining white wedding gown for her and tux of same texture for myself, suddenly I felt extreme vibration in pocket, I suspected who would be caller
Ahhh, as I thought, I murmured under breath making sure that my smile not let any expression out and so not to be investigated by girl in front of I; but still she fixed her ear nearby, try to hear tiny whiff of our conversation
‘Il est mon fiancé,’ I said in fluent French, red blood had flushed on cheek, she smiled and took out best pack, covered with shining polythene wrapper, crunching sound fairly irritated me but I had managed it smoothly. I darted out.
I was the happiest person in the world, I was the lightest person in the world, I moved rapidly, clattering and scattering snow beneath boot. Everything was so beautiful for me, even crunching of snow under feet felt so harmonious and full of symphony. Cell phone again rang, without losing a fraction of time I received it
Hey honey, where have you been? A beautiful velvety voice continuously and smoothly crawled in eardrum; it felt as if water was plummeting over cliff
It’s nothing, I was bit busy; I spoke whilst cleverly hiding original reason.
Sun was going to set, and moon was going to rise, but it was hidden behind thick layer of white veil, I gazed at faded dark sky above me, I stared at it for few moment and wished it to be cleared but stubborn fog nowhere listened my urge, but one thing was good, snow again started falling all over the town, street became white, and it went into heavenly vista, street light started shining and thrown its dedicated pale light on snow , I started making perception that whole world was celebrating my wedding , how beautiful was it, wasn’t it? I was lost in thought without thinking that mobile earpiece was glued to my ear still; two or three hello sound broke my consciousness,
Ahhh ha, yeah tell me, I stammered
I am on the way , just reaching in ten minute, just in ten minute, I terminated call with the purse of lips , I pressed mouthpiece of mobile between lips and said ‘bye’( I kissed her virtually)
I entered in car and pressed accelerator pedal few inch in, car stomped forward leaving smoke behind, distance were unbearably long and I had to shove pedal again, after fifteen minute of journey I was in front of her.
She was in her own white attire, beautiful as usual and delicate as usual, she gave a gentle stretch at the edge of red lips and a heartbreaking smile appeared, I lifted one foot and then next one and reached to her, I looked at her for a long moment.
Now a greatest moment had just arrived in front of me, people around me were applauding.
Jasmine was escorted by his father, she was bloomed as rose, shining as star and deep as sea. Like a feathery fairy slipped down to me from paradise in white wide stretched wedding gown which I bought didn’t suffice her endless
beauty, I longed at her eyes so deep, so glistening and so deepened in undefined seamless imagination, my friends nudged me from behind and I just smiled and furrowed at them well that was obvious and I was ready for that so erratically I pushed them away mocking short anger on face.
I found her, shaking on high heels, I just felt so much uncomfortable because she was shivering with fear of being stumble and so just major reason I was withered internally, few minute later I was just too near, she moved bit, I could feel her breath.
‘Repeat after me,’ father had said behind me
‘I, Seth Spark, take ‘Jasmine Clearwater’ as to be my wedded wife. With deepest joy I receive you into my life that together we may be one. As is Christ to His body, the church, so I will be to you a loving and faithful husband. Always will I perform my headship over you even as Christ does over me, knowing that His Lordship is one of the holiest desires for my life? I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tederest care. I promise I will live first unto God rather than others or even you. I promise that I will lead our lives into a life of faith and hope in Christ Jesus. Ever honoring God's guidance by His spirit through the Word, And so throughout life, no matter what may lie ahead of us, I pledge to you my life as a loving and faithful husband.’
I recited same with more devotion than the father and same thing repeated by Jasmine. I slipped platinum shining ring diamond embedded in it, in her ring finger, so smooth so soft and so living looked ring on her finger, I had felt shine of her eyes and I could see image my own eyes on her blue crystalline eye behind think eyelashes
I lifted hand and kept over her smooth shoulder, brought face near and nearer, her warm breath engulfed my face, I touched her rosy tender lips with mine and gently pressed, lower lips slipped off her upper lips,
‘Perfect synchronization’
thin crowed clapped behind us but merely we listened them, eyes were closed, only I could listen was her whisper, her beating hear against my heart, her soft hand clutched my shoulder and them she hide her face under my chin and smiled secretly which I could see only.
Nothing had happened so far between us, physical attraction was just a media which have brought us together, never we felt deficiency of ‘love making’ between us, I never felt a desire to go beyond, our love, attraction was sacred and most beautiful ever and that is how when I reached near her in silent, a hassle crawled in me, same thing happen on her side, her gaze was down, she didn’t dare to meet with mine, I moved slowly to her side and lifted her chin up gradually, her eyelashes were still combed together.
I couldn’t mustered courage to bring her much closer but few minute later I rasped my finger over her pursed fragile lips and took it down to me, she was my angle or more than that, my head was resting over her bosom, I could measure her accelerated heartbeat and heat radiated from it, how perfect her face was, immaculate white and perfectly sculpted, first time I saw her so closely and first time I felt her breath in me; locked lips couldn’t allow to pass breath out, our breath had been exchanged with each other, when we became intertwined we didn’t know, I hadn’t got over the shock how perfect delicate and fragile structure she was like and smooth as white marble statue, I was stone for her and she was soft freesia flower in front of me, only a man can describe about it when he supposed to encounter the moment I passed through, heart was throbbing and vein were tightening, her mouth find mine again, carefully I let tip of tongue touch to her glassy lips.
'Bonjour', she hummed near ear
How soon beautiful night passed and chirping morning arrived, her head was rested on my shoulder and my hand was looping her softly, she lifted her pink face which hence embarrassed me, I looked at her slowly and winked eyes and we both smiled again, I clutched her again, I slipped down and kept my own lips to her soft lips, we had been convoluted for an hour.
‘Shall we do it again?’
She blushed and we both shoved in quilt to explore again new kind eternal heavenly feeling, she whispered near my ear about pain just below belly I couldn’t say anything, my face was long because I had hurt her
‘I can bear all the pain of world and it is just inception of our love’
She caressed my bronze hair from one end to other and imprinted a deep kiss on cheek, her golden tinted hair spread all over face like melted gold was brushed, perfectly.
My eyes rolled at an angle to look at ticking watch, it was eight of morning and I had to go office but before that I had to accomplish which was more important than anything.
Buy a car, red color car, most favorite color for her.
I had kept as a secret and wanted to give her big wed gift, though she hadn’t said anything about that but whenever she longed at car, she wished to have it.
As I lifted my torso, she stayed up,
Shall I make coffee for you?
No, no it’s absolutely fine, be there where you are, I will prepare it, later you can do it for me, even every day, I chuckled
Would you like strong or light, I offered choice
As your wish, she responded in soft silky voice (she was great poet and her voice had been morphed as poem, always heavenly and velvety)
Five minute of time and hot brewed coffee was in front of her; she smiled and reached to mug.
Few hours and a long journey, finally leg stepped at office, all staff was stood to with bouquet and their best wishes, all had wished for our fruitful and prosperous life, I couldn’t give them back what they have given me.
Tres bien, Merci, (thank you so much), I said in pressed voice; only people near to me could h hear it.
I passed smiling, ashamed, collogue pulled my coat from behind, "how was the night", they whispered, what I hadn't say anything, any way what else I could say them, obvious thing are obvious you can't be freed of it at least if you are newly married.
As I reached in cabin, I called her and kissed her.
Time passed smoothly and sun was at the veldt of evening and soon it was going to sleep behind thick pine tree afar at snowy hill, I was just about to leave office and to reach the car, ear piece was at very much near the ear, I could feel her vibration so clearly.
Hey, where are you?
I want to say something to you
ok (she heaved)
What exactly you wanna say, I repeated after her?
It’s just nothing but my own creation?
You mean your pen!
Yeah, exactly, she responded.
Please, don't irritate me, I clipped her jokingly.
No, you have to listen?
Okay, just start
Don’t laugh at all; she spoke with bit ashamed voice
"How can I live without you?
How can I breathe without you?
Every cell, every beat is supported by you
You say
How can I live without you?
Again, snow started falling over me
But without you it has no virtue
You say
How can I live without you'
I kept my ear freeze and hand clutched on steering wheel;
her voice really distracted me and retracted in to dept of vague slumber, but still I had managed to drive new bright red car ( I brought it for her wedding present)
Hey, I think you are not listening me, aren’t you?
No, it’s not honey
She was on and apparently I was off, I really didn't want to listen her, when I was traversing traffic, but suddenly my ear broke with terrifying shriek, and rest of the moment silent, silent like nothing, my heart strated beating, a premonition crawled in every cell, every tissue. still I didn't believe what had happened, but soon a call from other mobile had frozen me. Just two words
'If I am not mistaken I am talking to spark.
Yean, same hear, same here, I repeated two times with most shaking and panic stricken voice
Your Girl friend has slight air in her lung; some car had crushed her, Cell phone had dropped from palm, whole body become anesthetized, I had no word to reply, no expression to behave or almost no breath for lung, I pressed leg on accelerator pedal as I could and reached to hospital she hospitalized, I enter in emergency ward, her face was painted with panic and mouth slightly open, lips trembled rapidly with small amplitude, her eyes still slightly opened behind eyelashes.
As I saw her, whole ground underneath slipped all of sudden, almost I fainted, tongue had glued to jaw, and heart paused to breath, as if I had no heart t beat, no blood to warmth, and no eyes to see anybody, a thick dark just rose in front of me
her body covered with red blood, and draped with white color cotton sheet, she looked at me with most gentle eyes, her eyes were filled with tears due to pain, a pain which had drawn my own breath, my own calm and brought tear in my eyes, I reached out to her, took her hand on my hand, and then gently kept palm over her chest, heart beat was consistent and for some moment it paused and next moment it returned, frequency decreased. Doctor said to me to move away, it was unbearable.
Nurse pulled me away and dragged her into ICU ward; I stared at her, until she lost in ICU. My face was hidden by palm, heart beat accelerated moment to moment, I never believed in god but today I longed an eye on painting of Christ above my head and in breath I pleaded.
Few hour later surgeons came out; his long face depicted what I'd imagined.
What happened sir, is she fine
I can't say anything boy, possibility is slight.
Can I see her?
Yeah, sure, but be careful, don't talk her, her heart beat can stop anytime.
In a minute, my body hastened toward her, opened door silently, I knew she was staring at door only. Sit calmly and kissed her cotton banded wrapped forehead, her crystal blue eyes impatiently flattered; she couldn't collect courage to organize her breath.
Sorry, I couldn't listen your sonnet
You know what, I brought new red VOLVO for you, your favorite color, you always wanted that one, may we will have big family, three to four boy kid and three to four girl kid then we all will have great fun, I rumbled and she listen concentrately.I
kept on rumbling about all the thing which were required or even not needed that time, I had become mad and mindless, I didn't know what I had blabbered, just I wanted her to tell something or even move her lips but she went numbed and ceased in her situation. After few another one way conversation I placed key on her hand, tears had rolled down from her cheek and fell over my palm, she clutched her hand tightly and just five second later it opened listlessly and bunch along with red rose fell on ground.
Eyes moved out, vein tended to implode underneath skin, I hadn't had any notion what to do. I cried
please, baby, please, please, open eyes, please just shake of me please look at me, her motionless face and opened eyes was between palm, I cried, I cries as loud as whole room will break din of thud, her body was still motionless and movement less, cold and listless, her hear beat was stopped, I brought my lips near her and locked tightly her closed lips and blew full lung of air in her, yet breath exchanged but heart beat was still frozen.
She was dead, apparently she was dead, is she dead, I couldn't believe on doctor announcement. How could she cheat me so easily without letting me know, how she dare to do that, doctor pulled me away from her slept body but I retracted back and in madness slapped her with full force, finger strip imprinted on her cheek but she still immobile like statue, I couldn't placate myself, I couldn't believe she left my world, she had gone afar to place where no going back option found.
whole world was smiling, my lips were tightly glued to each other, whole world was dancing, I was still, and whole world was celebrating birth of god, but I was mourning for my god, world's god was borne but my god, my life went to eternal slumber, went to infinite period of drowse.
I let her fragile body in wooden oak coffin, surrounded with roses, her face was still soft, fresh and as delicate as rose around her, lips were still retained its texture with adequate moister in it, I kissed her forehead and slowly dipped coffin in earth, I didn't know tear still rolled from eyes if it is not noticed by my friend beside me, he passed handkerchief to wipe, I huffed keeping head on jack shoulder.
Her poem still echoed in my eyes and sliced me entirely
How I am thinking about you, I don't know
Every breath is just supported by you, a desire buried in deepest corner of heart, it couldn't unleashed, life was still persist in body but heart dropped beating.
Night become ceased and day frozen, only a vague wind moved inside to outside alternatively,
Again snow started falling, again I started missing you, every moment I felt as if your eyes asking something and I had no answer..............
On our path, how our destiny disappeared, I would not know.
I was walking slowly, crushing snow and clenching bunch of rose tightly.
I reached out to her graves, snow was falling consistently, time of a year had condensed in a moment, life moved fast, as fast as light,
I looked at her cemented grave where Jasmine was in slumber, I kissed her frozen grave covered with white layer, scrubbed snow from it, and placed snowy red bunch of flower at it gently.
(How perfectly I could see her coming slowly through falling snow).
Jasmine , first time in my life I have no idea what I suppose to do, whether I celebrate because same 25th December you entered in my life and made it colorful or I would mourn because you left my world, making it barren and deserted.
life never stop for anybody and I was not exclusive of that, I know she is not with me physically but I know she is with me, she see me, she laugh at me and even virtually migh she kisses me.
Hey, I know I am happy (I organize emotion and wiped frozen water from face), I have no regret that you don't share my bed, I have no regret that you don't make coffee for me or you don't scold me because you are always with me and will be until I don’t meet in heaven, I know you still live in my heart, my soul and my life forever for you.( I talked her)
Snow had settled on me, and loved eyelashes in most tenderest way, her white moonlit pearly soul was in front of me her smiling lips and sea deep blue eyes again so hypnotizing, I took her soft cloudy palm over shoulder and kept mine at hers, dragged her nearby keeping one hand around her waist, feet moved in synch.
I kissed her forehead followed by a gentle lock of lips; she mingled in white mist and soon vaporized in sky, I fixed eyes until she faded completely.
(Sequeal is coming)
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