Brain Manipulation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A collection of poetry vaguely connected, telling stories about closer examinations on relationships, things taken for granted, and lies we believe as truths. Also, though this is under poetry, they are song lyrics for an instrumental band, accompanying music by an upcoming instrumental/progressive rock band called Hemingway:

Submitted: January 06, 2013

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Submitted: January 06, 2013



1. Preface

Must tolerate, be berated

Crawl along the obfuscated

Man in the mask at the pen by the stable

An arm at bay and an eyeball unable

Slit in the vein of the asphalt

Crawling alone life drains and melts

Slit in the figure of a man in the mask

By the Magdalene

There's a disciple of life-long trembling

Drunk from the wells of decent assembling

Wither the weather, an infrequent storm

Man in the mask on the stage with no audience

Baby unborn with a limp in his eye

A hole in his stomach, his neck to the sky

Decapitated mistress, confiscated rule

Alone with a man, man in the mirror

It grows and it goes

A figure remains, of nothing he came

And everything he takes

There's a man in the mask and he whispers death

Out, insisting, alone

Memories recalled, all gone

2. Centripetal Acceleration

68-95-edify and observe standard deviation spit or depart swallow Lamppost want the dark go for infinity, infinite limit them damn hypocrites don't know shit there's a proximity, and the purview's all mine, mine, mine

I have made you, and I will take you

And I remember you, you were always...

3. Purity

Sipping, sighing, slipping

Slowly dying, sleeping

Can you breathe alone, alive?

A life derived and compromised

Unidentified castles of sand in the snow

Are you glorified by gory show?

I long to be with you, breathe in air so pure

But you want the emptiness to consume you

As you devour this little fire with ease...

Unclassified breeze amongst the willows

Are you petrified by the stones in the pillow?

I long to keep you safe, make you heir to my...

Indifferent emptiness, feeding me your conscience

Are you feigning ignorance?

Darling, what do you hold precious?

4. Windmills Tilt

Feet in the soil, stuck to the ground

Windmill frozen, shattered, time spun around

A scale-covered tower

His ivory dream

A sky colored crimson

His eyes have been seamed

Lightning's omnipotent but how is that?

All that it strikes he can no longer see

A mirror shows reflection but how is that?

Everytime he looks there's nothing there

Quixotic, memory of a love gone stale

The golden ring was love, but he sees a circle

A glance at the mirror reveals

An eagle flying freely, he feels Lightning strike him blindly

And there's no frame

And there's a man in the mask drinking from the pond

The water vanishes, disappears, into the crimson sky

And the windmill tilts

5. Dormant

Inconsistent you are

Hypocrite you are

Coughing blood you are

Sacrificial you are

Sheep in wolf's clothing you are

Counting a pattern, calculator goes

Count crossly cough calmly

Genuflect, let the waters dance across your chest

Inconsistent you are

Smile suddenly sigh softly

Is it pride, is it right?

Hypocrite you are

Walk wearily, wondering why

Diverse dividend, \"we are of mice and men\"

Theater playing his favorite god

Live lovingly, laugh loudly

March and makeshift temporary time

Temporary gods

6. The Vacant

Standing on a vacant lot

Staring at a lonesome face

Winter weather, worn and wondering

What I'd look like when you see me again

Distant smoke as the sun falls down

Empty stage where we used to drown

When you stood right behind

Now it's red and the curtain is drawn In my memory

Try to meditate but you just medicate

Not a soul around and now I'm the audience

The curtain is drawn but it heaves a sigh

And I relive it all

Do you remember now?

But you're gone, now you're gone

Left wondering, who you were, and why

7. Naked Singularity

I could never stay focused on one idea

Everything to nothing

Dizzy subpoena, paean of truth

Growl in my mind as a flower wilts underground

Vacant Elias-judged,

Hermes has quit

Linger throughout, an eyeball unable

Alarm, silence, crack

A split is loose

I could never separate, thought from feeling

My motions abstract and my memories fleeting

7 times 666 are the numbers

They lied.

Nothing came from everything

I've gone to the end through a cavern of flesh

A lake of the fluids from Gaia's last birth

Saw the child without a mouth and left him alone

There was food in his mind and thoughts on his plate

I could never recall what I did

And the things I hid from the man in the mask

The man in the mask in the mirror

Now I'm nowhere, but I'll find my way back

And the man in the mask: where'd he go?

8. Canterbury Sails

Dysfunctional regard, sleeping in the vineyard

Alone, shackled in grey; tormented mental way

Tempest in mind, he leaves behind

The possible requisites and all honest etiquette

A race to waves, that won't push him back

Headlong with the wind, memories attack

But they won't push him back

This dysfunctional fear he never tried to adhere

Now he suffers in solitude: an illness with altitude

A storm in the ocean

Electricity crying leaves his vessel to drown

There's not a word to be found--justa posture of a man gone stale

He stood the best he could

Firmly grasping the wind...

9. And is a placeholder

And when I dropped your story off at a blissful lake, the sky shimmered and sang back

And when I glowed the sigh by your lovely eyes, the ground burned--we laughed

And when I drank the poison from the numb appendage, it sprung to life--wouldn't drown

And when I ran the carcass beneath the burning ground, I saw you standing and you slept

And when I rang your door knell to hear a lifeworm crawl,a parasite changed us and disappeared

And I return to your shell through a deathly, noxious smell

I relive the time and remember why you left

And it keeps me in check

But I don't

10. 63 points

I'd rather see you than walk away

I'd rather live through this charade

Than pry open this curious state

I'd rather be here, live here in place

I'd rather live through your smiling face

Than bask in our, our disgrace

But if you choose to walk away

Let me wallow in disarray

Give it time, watch it be okay

I'd rather see you, than have you walk away

Don't walk away

I'll protect you from all we see

Sans constellations we won't be free

Eloquent though our desires be

Don't walk away

11. Stagger

We stare at the staggering one

When we can't quite find what is wrong

And I know something's wrong

Take me towards the tower

Towards the tumbling tower

Don't leave me there

Leave us there

We stare at the missing pieces

Clutching onto the ashes when we can't fix what's wrong

Because there's something here that's gone

Ignorant in our longing

To discover we're not alone

Watch me pull it down and show you

We're just alone; there's no need to worry

We stare out the door

Watch each other leave

And the cross divides us, excommunication

Excommunicating, crossing truth and our desires

I'm incredulous when it comes to us

Incredulous when it comes to trust

Let it away

Shy away

I stare towards the dead direction

Time will make the correction

12. Drift, Detach

You were in my way when I died.

Detach me from torpor

Grow stories in your garden

Disperse the seeds

Gently, let them go, and then

Relieve me of solitude

Hold on to your scrutiny

Keep observing from your altitude

Watch them grow in me

Liberate me from reason

I'll follow, fall over

Attach to these stories

Retell them all over

Isolate me from tragedy

Soon because I...

I stand by and wilt

I'm one of your stories.

13. To an Escaping Thought

You are a destroyer of innocence

A seeker of knowledge

Of visage determined

Lost you might have been

Lost you may be

Lost you most likely will be

Yet you are unafraid

There are parts of you

That were once parts of me

You are the challenger of false hope

The harbinger of truth

And the essence of immortality

Lost though you are

Lost as you are endless

Lost like the others

You continue to inspire

The atoms in my brain

Are now the atoms in a sigh

But you are the founder of reality

The desire to construct

The unbent champion

Anything can be taken from us and time

Yet you escape of your own will

Why is the phenomena left undermined?

If you would return, I could discover

Why I too, am lost.

Should you return, I could discover it all.

Instead, I march idly by, the atoms all blank.

For the world could not see

Euthyphro's piety

But the burden shames his back

For the world could see he was undefined

From this we have learned

That our thoughts, childish though they might be

Come ill-equipped

From this we have learned

That our truth is not theirs

Nor is our justice just--not to them

Yet I will not ignore you

You do not deserve as such

You deserve to be defined

Because you are a thought

And you are mine.

14. Missing People We Never Met

Like war drums at a parish

A delusion of waves

Comes crashing on the shoreline

That I call my mind

Like drowning by choice

The gulf between us

Swallows memories

I had in mind

Like pariahs storm uncharted lands

We cast aside illusion

And learn for ourselves

About the people we yearn for

And those we have yet to encounter

Despite the detriment of difficulties faced--

Living in the shadows of ghosts

(Striving for goals abstract and memories fleeting)

We have stood

And still we stand

© Copyright 2020 Riuku. All rights reserved.

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