The Joy Seekers

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The Joy Seekers provides an in-depth discussion about mental illness through symbolism. Mental illness takes the form of a malicious species of creatures, The Joy Seekers. The short story explores the conclusions the mentally ill make that justify why 'this' happened to them?

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



What is the most dangerous creature in society? Some might say politicians, some might say con artists, others may say psychopaths. But the honest answer to that question is the joy seekers.

They are an ancient species. The most dreadful kind. They are malicious and very, very deceiving. Society doesn’t know they exist. All the blame of their actions is placed on environmental factors and genetics.

They make their home in simple, dark places. Most commonly, under children’s beds and in their wardrobes. They sneak out during the darkest hours of the night and feed off the children’s zest for life.

The children are aware of the joy seekers. They do tell their parents. But adults are creatures of denial. Often they scream and cry when their mother refuses to sleep with them. If the child is lucky enough, they may sneak into their parent’s room and find refuge at the foot of the bed. But a majority of the time that isn’t the case.

You cannot see these malevolent creatures. They do not exist to the human eye. They live on another astral plane. The only connection we have with the joy seekers is energy. Our joy and happiness radiating like little bubbles popping through the astral universes. And their energy. Their never ending desire to suck the most cherished memories and happiest thoughts from their victims. The children.

The joy seekers refuse to feed off adults. The happiness of the adults is poisoned. There is no bliss and innocence in the soul of an adult. All there is is an empty basement filled with lust, greed and frustration.

When the hour is at its darkest. And the hunger of the joy seekers is at its maximum, they will creep out from their musty, cold home. Their desire for joy so strong, they will vibrate through the astral planes. As they pass each astral plane, they will become weaker. And hungrier.

When the joy seekers set eye on the children they will experience a laughing fit. It is not something you wish to hear. Each breath that escapes from their lungs sounds as if it is stuck to a net of mucous, preventing the breaths freedom and resulting in a series of wheezing. If you happen to get to close to a joy seeker during its laughing fit you may receive a splat of saliva on your face. It is best to assume it is a gift from the joy seekers. They do not have a tendency to leave their victims unscarred.

Once their laughing fit has ceased they will prepare to feast. Now these joy seekers may be cunning and evil but they are religion orientated and will say grace to their leader before they begin their meal. Their leader goes by the name of God.

In order to consume the zest from a child’s soul they must open their own. However this leaves them vulnerable. If any sadness or sorrow happens to enter their soul, their insides will bubble and boil and they will melt away. They are of odd construction. Only happiness keeps them alive, yet they are evil by nature.

If sadness is not present they will proceed to suck the joy from the child’s soul.

They joy of a child varies in physical form. It is a unique thing. Sometimes the joy is bursting with colours and glitter. Other times it is plain white. It can be round or square of triangular. It can look like bubbles or rainbows or unicorns. It can be musical or silent. It can be big or small. No joy is alike.

The joy will float through the air. It is so full of energy it will vibrate at the speed of light through the astral plain and into the souls of the joy seekers. Once the joy has left the child’s soul it cannot be returned. It is lost forever. The child will wake up in the morning as usual. But he or she will not be complete. He or she will feel something missing, almost slightly empty. 90% of the time the child will conclude that slight emptiness to hunger. But breakfast does not fill the emptiness.

Slight emptiness may not seem like a chaotic issue. Which is correct. As it is not the emptiness that is the issue. It is the connection between the joy seekers soul and the child’s that is the foundation of the real problem.

Joy is a powerful thing. It can bring to people together, it can create a memory that binds people together no matter what the distance. Once a joy seeker has fed from a child’s soul the two are connected. So each night, when the darkest hour creeps in, no matter how far apart the child or the joy seeker are, the joy seeker will be sustained once again with some more joy from the child’s soul. This process continues until the joy seekers victims dies of whatever the cause may be. It is important to understand that the joy seekers are not murderers. They are far, far worse than that.

The child will grow up accordingly. No physical damage will have taken place. The only real difference is the soul. The soul with be withered and drained. It will lack the warmth, the radiating glow and the joy it once obtained. And out of all the parts of your being that you could lose, your joy is the worst.

By the time the child reaches late adolescence he or she will have had an average 2 different occupations. All of which they will have been fired from. They will have had about 4 partners. 3 of which will have dumped them. And there will have been an approximate of 1 death in the family. The late adolescent will ask themselves why they are so useless. Why they are always abandoned and why everything the touch crumbles to pieces and dies.

They will make a list of possible reasons. The first reason will be a sin they have committed in their past life. The second reason will be bad luck. The third reason will be everything happens for a reason. And so on it goes. However, the joy seekers will never make an appearance on the list. By the time the child has entered the boundry of adulthood they will have been heartbroken and betrayed so many times they will have forgotten their childhood. And the innocence that accompanied it. They will be consumed by annoyances, stress, greed and irritation.

The adolescent will then advance to a series of psychotic attacks, elevated and depressed moods, anxiety, self harm, delusions and unexplained anger and sadness. They may even claim they are possessed by demons. They will turn to shock treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy and an assortment of medications to free them from their own individual, personal hell. However, none of those treatments will work. They will continue on with life hating, crying, stressing and destroying. They will get to a stage where they will evolve to a human hybrid joy seeker. Every where they go, everyone they pass will be drained of happiness and bliss. They despair and destruction has no choice but to continue.

To date, 45% of the population are victims of the joy seekers.

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