Andaman Islands

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Get to know about Andaman Island in a nutshell from my journey. You will fall in love with the place.

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



Andamans: In quest of the serene blues.
My Journey in a nutshell.

As a traveler the first two basic protocols I generally notice to tag a place as wonderful is of course the beauty and scenic attraction of the place followed by the courtesy of the local people upon how they greet and behave with tourists. There is also a third criteria of the food quality too. As titled, Andaman, the capital being Port Blair is a bliss, not only for me but any tourist irrespective of any part of the globe they visit from. People here are extremely friendly and very calm in nature, this point itself made my entire journey heavenly and the overall food quality is above great.

The Veer Savarkar International airport holds an important location in Port Blair city. It tells you the difference between reaching any other sea beach in India and the arrival of Andaman Islands. When my Boeing SJ-575 gradually halted from the clear blue skies it took me time to realise that the sky had long merged with the horizon and I was actually closer to the other shade of blue, the Oceans, ornamented with glittery silver sands. Plenty of greenery complimented the blues even more. No hustle bustle, no pollution and no traffic en-route to the hotel all of a sudden made me feel disconnected from India. Such a scenario in India is rare, but as a matter of fact I was actually disconnected, not through nationality but the mobile networks seemed to be gone.

In my 8 days trip I visited several Islands either in cruise or in ship as it was the only transport to avail. Seaplanes also provide service but during my visit the services were shut. Talking of the cellular jail, a must visit jail even if you hate visiting those you are bound to fall in love with the light and sound show in the evening. Creativity indeed! Full of rich heritage and the brave stories of some Indian Heroes. Of all the islands I visited, Ross & Smith Island and Havelock island stole my heart. Neil Island was no exception. Crystal clear sea water yet blue at its clearest form, dazzling sunlight, tender white sands and the ocean breeze, as if I am still there, I can’t forget that amazing feeling ever.

As I explored more islands I discovered that the more interior the island is the clearer are the waters and abundance of shrubs, flora and fauna and rivers. Though the trees looked weird yet, they say the Mangrove forests yields a huge economical sector in Andamans. I was surprised to find almost no bird life in the entire Andaman expedition. My last day was booked for all fun activities at the Neil island. In fact activities like snorkeling, sea walking and sea gliding are also reasons why tourists love to visit the Island. The clear waters allow to rest your eyes on some mesmerizing aquatic life and coral reefs. It’s a feast to the human eyes and I personally think it’s a lifetime experience and I consider myself fortunate on experiencing such a serene life below the Ocean waters.

I have traveled to every direction within the Indian territories but my trip to Andamans was something I can never forget a detail of it. People have a myth about Andamans being a good destination for only honeymoons but its not so. Whether you travel solo or with your family or a friends group you are just going to love it hence I highly recommend this place to everyone.

Travel Tips: One can travel to Andaman either by water or by air. Try to be with least luggage as a lot of travelling and frequent change of night stays are involved. Using your DSLR (if you have) in this trip is the wisest thing you can do especially if you love travel photography. Keeping swim suits is safe because you never know when you want to go for a splash. Always ask for life jackets while crossing deep and rough seas in boat for your own safety. Not a very pocket friendly place for Indian natives however you won’t regret a penny later because the journey will give you splendid memories.

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