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Book enthusiast Jenna is ecstatic to find out a new library is opening in her town. However, she doesn't know two childhood memories are working there. One an old friend, Tabby, and the boy who ruined her life. Davis Lassiter was always a mean boy, never any care for the feelings of others. When he moved from the small town of Colby at the age of thirteen something changed in him and he's determined to show all the ones he hurt how much he's improved, Jenna being the most important. But Jenna doesn't believe this facade and refuses to talk to him, much less look at him. Love is a traitorous thing as this girl finds out when her heart won't forget Davis' good looks and presumably sweet attitude.

Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013



*A/N*Okay, so since A Kiss of Nivea is on hold (thanks to retarded computers and Best Buy taking two weeks to fix things) I am writing another old idea novel in place of it.  This one is much more.. my kind of idea for falling in love to say it simply. I've also included a bit of the first chapter at the bottom ;) *A/N*


Jenna Andrew


Westley *Lea* Andrews -Jennas Twin- (Hehe.. it's the same person, only edited a bit)



Davis Lassiter  -Ah, we all know who this scamp is-



Tabby Jones -The other new library worker, only she's a friend-



Sab Norston -Jenna's best friend-



Tuck Ryder -Sab's boyfriend, Jenna's other best friend-



*A/N= Again guys who were excited about reading A Kiss of Nivea, I'm so sorry my computer had to crash and I hope you will like this one just as much as you hoped to like the other C: *A/N*

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