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A police record of an event that occurred, that has no explanation for what the men saw that day

Submitted: May 29, 2016

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Submitted: May 29, 2016



February 10th, 1968  Municipal Police Records.


At 0800 we received an anonymous tip on whereabouts of the suspect, Thomas H Wilhelm. He was eating at a local diner, The Cup and Saucer on the upper west side of manhattan. Routine patrol car verified suspect at location. After confirmation I, Sgt. Thompson, ordered an Emergency Service Unit to respond to location.

Suspect was wanted evading police on several occasions, without ever having been apprehended. Reports include that of grand theft, grand larceny, and murder of a police officer.

Suspect was followed as he left the diner, all units keeping their distance. I arrived on scene as he entered his apartment building, ESU arriving 6 minutes later.

Suspect lived in apartment building approximately one block north from the diner. ESU confirmed suspect at home in apartment on the fifth floor. I ordered units not to engage until my order, but move into position. ESU we aligned on the stairwell, surrounding suspects door.

Ten officers made their way onto the second floor, positioning themselves on the fire escape, as five more officers  made their way onto the roof as precaution.

I assisted the chief ESU officer up the stairwell, as we aligned the officers and shields to prevent suspects escape. I could here the suspect moving around in the apartment, turning the television on. Suspect did not seemed alerted to our whereabouts.

Dispatched contact me, receiving further information on the subject. Apartment was bought with cash, no leaseholder or owner information. This followed the subjects M.O.

Warrant for suspect's apprehension approved, Officer Watson arrived on scene with warrant in hand, green lighting operation.

At 0830 we breached subject’s apartment, ESU units surrounding suspect as he sat on his couch, officers on fire escape ready for suspect to attempt escape.

However suspect cooperated, yelled for him to freeze and get on his knee’s as I and other officers surrounded him. Suspect got down on the living room floor getting to his knees.

As I started reading the suspect his Miranda rights I asked if he understood them. All he replied with was

“I was framed.”

The other officers and myself were pushed back as some low grade shock wave hit us.


And…..the subject….I apologize for lack of better terms or explanation, all other officers as my witness.

The suspect disappeared.


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