This is short story about Jennifer Hersey who's Husband leave's her.
And with leaving his wife his becomes Homeless .
She find' out she pregnant by her husband.
She thought he didn't Love her,but truth is he's homeless.




Homeless seduction
He left after being her Husband for so many year,s he had been very cruel to her.
When he left her he had no idea she was carrying his baby ,
Jennifer  Hersey  lay in her bed she was crying and remmebering their  love making.
After all he was her husband but he had betrayed her in worst way ever.
She was getting lower abdominal pain and was feeling sick  and ran in the the bathroom.
Jennifer was sick in the sink,   she felt the pain in her stomach and knew that their
was something wrong  with herself.  
She orderded online clear blue test from Amazon , it arrived the next day by prime delivery.
She was nervous and scared the Test was postive and she bursted in to tears.
knowing that she pregnant by the man that had left her. 
she was getting flashback's about her husband amd how they had made Love.
It was pure Love of indulgence  that night she had burned him out .
And she lay acclaim to his child  as seductress .
She went for a walk and found and bumped into homeless man he was her Husband.
She bursted into tear 's when she saw his condition was very bad.
And she was thinking he didn't love her after all he had been sleeping rough for day's.
some time's in life you don't know what the other person's thinking they might stll
Love you.
Life is lesson for all of us , as you learn new thing every day.
If it's True Love then it will find way of to remain in your heart for  ever Lasting Love.
The End
By Rizzy







Submitted: August 27, 2015

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