If Al Gore had won

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This article discusses both the 2000 and 2008 elections.

Submitted: September 24, 2008

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Submitted: September 24, 2008



When they were forced to stop recounting Al Gore's votes in the year 2000, George Bush was only ahead by about one hundred votes. If they would've been allowed to continue counting, Gore would've won.

Do you know that Katherine Harris deliberately stopped twenty thousand innocent people from voting? She stopped them from voting just because they had the same or similar names of felons. Half of those voters were black and they most likely would've voted for Gore. What she did was dirty pool and it's my opinion that she should be in jail.

Bush became the 43rd President and now the economy stinks. People are struggling to keep their jobs and gas prices are outrageous. If Al Gore had won, the economy and the environment would be much better.

Al Gore and Barack Obama are good friends and they share the same beliefs. Obama also wants to help the environment and he wants the war to end.

Things will not improve if John McCain wins. The recession will continue,gas prices will continue to rise, the environment won't improve and the war will continue.

George Bush gave the oil companies a tax break that added up to millions of dollars and McCain plans to do the same. This is why the price of gas keeps rising.

If Obama wins, he'll straighten out this mess that George Bush has gotten us into. He will stop the war, improve the environment, lower gas prices and give us a thriving economy.

When Bill Clinton was President, the economy thrived. While we lived under both of the George bush's, the economy suffered. We need a democrat President because we live better under democrats.

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