Struggling to survive

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Submitted: September 25, 2008

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Submitted: September 25, 2008



Because of George Bush, my parents are struggling to survive. My dad lost his weekly bonus at work and sometimes he's only able to work four days a week because of this recession.

I give my parents some money once a month but they're still stuggling. My mom is having to use the little spending money she has to pay bills. They're barely able to make it.

If things get worse, my dad may be out of a job altogether and he may go under. Bush may have high hopes of getting us out of this recession but I have serious doubts.

Bush got us into this recession and many people like my dad are suffering. I doubt that John McCain can end this recession either.

Bush's dad also got us in a recession and it took a democrat to get us out of it. Republican Presidents tend to get us into recessions. Democrat Presidents don't.

President Hoover was a republican President and he was the President when the Great Depression began. At the moment George Bush is as popular as Hoover and that's not very popular.

I doubt that McCain can do a better job than Bush. On November the 4th Obama is going to be my choice.

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