The war and the recession

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Submitted: October 07, 2008

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Submitted: October 07, 2008



My mom used to be a republican but now she's a Democrat. She was a former republican because republican Presidents didn't start wars. That is no longer true. Now the republican Presidents are the ones who start wars. Barack Obama is the only one who can end this war.

What do George Bush and John McCain have in common? They both have violent tempers, they give tax breaks to the rich. they want the war to continue and neither of them can end this recession.

Many people recently lost their jobs because of this recession. Who will lose their job next? It might be you. How will you support your family if you're unemployed? This could happen if McCain wins.

Do you have loved ones who are in the military or who are planning to join the military? If McCain wins, they may die in the war. I don't want that to happen and neither do you.

Ifwe elect Obama, he'll stop this war that we shouldn't be in. He will also end this recession.

I don't want this damn war to drag on until 2012 or 2016. If McCain wins, the war will last that long.

McCain plans to give the oil companies a several million dollar tax break. Gas prices won't go down when McCain will be lining the oil companies pockets with money. He plans to give tax breaks to many other rich people too.

Barack Obama will stop the war, end this recession and stop gas prices from rising. Obama is the only hope for this country.

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